Goji Berry Crystals from the Cloister Kitchen

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Well, the Cloister Kitchen is off to a power start with today’s offering, Goji Berry Crystals. Sounds interesting, right? Well, it should be. I made Goji Berry Crystals in my Tibetan Monastery back in 1411, along with a sugarless and thoroughly brandable Chen-Rig’s Famous Elderberry Jam and an equally salable Chen-Rig’s Famous Kumquat Preserve, both of which I shall shortly prepare for shipping.

The secret of the Goji Berry Crystals is…The Goji Berries are picked & dried by monks of the Gelugspa Order, long forgotten now, but heck, that’s not the secret. The Goji Berries are just the magical organics into which the magic can be deployed by turning them into bright, sparkly crystals.

But why speculate on why these tasty and spicy and ULTRA SWEET Goji Crystals are SO good for you, good for the soul and good for the tastebuds? You can conduct the Ultimate Goji Berry Crystal Experiment and find out for yourself!

A packet of Chen-Rig’s Famous Goji Berry Crystals costs only $12.50 per pack at present trade prices, but this could change without notice. Goji Berries are expensive. You can see this at any health food store — it runs about $25 a bag, and that’s for whole berries.

That bag of whole Goji Berries translates down into a little tiny pouch of crystals, a SMALL pouch, just barely enough to make it worthwhile, but so magical, there’s no doubt that it’s worth the effort.

It’s a long involved process to get the Goji Berries from the bush to ultra-sweet, ultra-tasty crunchy crystals that resemble sugar crystals, but are so different that you’ll know they are from a different world, a different plane, a different time and space.

Those crystals last a long, long time, if you use them properly, just a little sprinkle on the top of a sweet treat, such as a mound of Rice Dream, Ice Cream or Coconut Bliss. They crunch when you bite them, and they’ve got a taste that is literally out of this world.

Angels eat them. Can you ask for a better recommendation?

YOU CANNOT EAT TOO MANY OF THESE!!! There is an automatic safety mechanism that prevents you from eating too many Goji Crystals. If you eat too much at one sitting, you will feel the pinch in your wallet.

I will impart to you the secret method by which you can determine for yourself what magic these incredible and anciently appreciated berries can deliver:

Order a mini-pack at only $12.50, and try it, get hooked on Goji Berries. Bet you can’t eat just one. Don’t take my word for it. Don’t take my word for anything. Conduct your own personal taste-test and see for yourself.

You have my personal guarantee:

Chen-Rig’s Famous Goji Berry Crystals are literally and figuratively Out of This World.

See You At The Top!!!