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Paint All Over Me Update


Yes, it’s true — I’ve posted over 2,000 items on PAOM over the past three days, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. My basic aim — strategy, if you will — is to organize my designs into groupings of single items, such as “Cotton Bathrobe” or “Gold Movements Performance Costume” or “Foggy Day Trenchcoat”, then I show typically either 8 across in two rows with a total of three pages to cover all 24 print patterns.


There are mitigating circumstances where I emphatically don’t do that — examples are the Sumerian grouping, which is basically everything they offer, with a single pattern on all of them. There are 16 pages of this stuff, each page is full of things, so it’s hundreds of items in all, with a common theme, the same print design on all of them. This gives you a chance to compare the silhouettes of all the items they offer — I don’t expect to actually sell from this grouping, but you never know. Continue reading

I Am A Post Office, It’s Your Call!!!

The other day, Claude mentioned that probably the best chance we have of high-level marketing and merchandising success in this marketplace would be my leggings, and I’m working tonight to get something together for a sales crew.

I’ve also gotten a large number of U.S. Postage Stamps up, but we can expect about a week’s delay in getting them approved by the Post Office — they review every stamp that comes through, and may or may not approve mine, based on I’m not sure what standards, except for the obvious. Continue reading

Wex Is Not Always Wex

2dor.com Tudor Village is for sale, including the entire village, tavern and Globe Theatre!

You could organize a play group to perform at the Globe Theatre in Sl’s London Park, if you dared, and there are dozens of other angles you can come up with about this website, 2dor.com, which is actually a FOUR CHARACTER DOT-COM, and don’t you forget it. That short name is worth plenty¬† just by itself, and the fact that it also makes some parcel of SENSE gives it even more value.

My estimate of the value of that website, once developed, could easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars, and with a break such as backing with the Sharks, hundreds of thousands of dollars in commercial value.

Also keep in mind that the website is not new — it’s decades old, and on google searches, that does count for something, along with the fact that there’s a proven track-record of traffic to that site, meaning that every day, there are potential sales to customers who, in effect, “walked in the door”. Continue reading

Give me a fulcrum and a place to stand and I will move the Earth

Bike Wheels & Crutches, sculpture by ej gold Otis Gallery, 1967.
Bike Wheels & Crutches, sculpture by ej gold Otis Gallery, 1967.

It was Archimedes who said, “Give me a fulcrum and a place to stand, and I will move the Earth”, but everybody focused on the fulcrum instead of the place to stand, which was a big mistake that hasn’t been corrected since the Empire fell — you know which one I mean.

All of them. They all fall down & go boom after a while, just as every dominant species gives way to a new adaptation sooner or later, and in the case of organic life, it’s generally sooner rather than later.

A fulcrum is something steady, something that doesn’t move, and that allows a lever to be applied in order to reduce the amount of torque you need to apply in order to move the targeted heavy thing, such as a giant rock or a planet.

A lever allows you to place the fulcrum so that the amount of force needed is no more than you’d want to put in, taking into account how long it might take to move the thing, meaning that there must be a balance achieved between the fulcrum and the lever handle.

Gosh, it sounds so complicated, but one simple hands-on demo would show you what I mean. The closer the fulcrum point is to the object, the easier it will be to move it with the lever, while the farther away it is, the wider the movement of the object for the given force … oh, heck, I’ll do a demo in the upcoming workshop to show you how it works — most folks never inquire or discover anything about fulcrums and levers, so you might find it interesting and educational.

Keep in mind, however, that the lever and fulcrum are the least important in the scheme of things — it’s “a place to stand” that really makes the difference, and that goes double for sales and marketing, and that goes triple for promotions that introduce work ideas to the public. Continue reading

How to make a million in metal embossing

Make an angel step-by-step.
Make an angel step-by-step — it’s easy if you do it one step at a time — don’t rush it.

It’s really simple to make “1 Million Bucks” in metal embossing. Start with a 1 1/2″ circle of metal, on which you make an outer circle about four to five millimeters from the edge, then a close-by inner circle to create a thin one to two millimeter “barrier strip” between the outer band and the inner band, which become your “capture bands” for the interior illustration.

Then in the inside circle, draw “1 Million Bucks”, with the standard Gorby Balloon Lettering you learned from my book, “The Art of Fine-Art Scrapbooking”, which is now available as a full-color electronic version you can download and print out for your lettering and compositional guidance. Continue reading

Is “The Cult of the Skull” Mainstream Enough for the Washington Post???

gorby at his sales desk, Andromeda Sector Shoppe
gorby at his sales desk, Andromeda Sector Shoppe

There are skulls everywhere, and skull novelty items and decorative devices abound in abundance, as it were. It’s not just skulls, of course. There are also full and partial skeletons, and very life-like plastic reproductions of incredibly grisly body parts and even full alien and human bodies.

It seems that on every block, there’s a body shop that specializes in skulls. Well, whom are weem to disagreem???

I thought and thought about a name for the thing, and “Cult of the Skull” seemed the most mainstream, the least offensive and the most likely to agree with current events and popular prejudices.

In short, I may have made a slight tactical error by choosing “Cult of the Skull” as a typical Earthian/Human mainstream marketing concept you might find anywhere on eBay, Amazon or G-G-Google and his goo-goo googly eyes.

You might not be anywhere near old enough for that to be funny. Continue reading

eBay as a daily spiritual practice

A retail location can be doubly occupied with eBay sellers online with fast connections.
A retail location can be an ideal location for  eBay sellers & fast online connections.

Having a retail space gives you immediate credibility with buyers, but it adds a tremendous amount of expense and personal commitment of time and energy to run one successfully. You need to have a real knack for working with people to go face-to-face like this. Online, it’s different. You HAVE no face, not really, just faceBOOK and a seller’s homepage, which is a sea of anonymity in a seemingly transparent envelope.

When you log onto eBay as a seller, it’s a different experience entirely than the one you had as an end-user buyer. As a buyer, you needed to know nothing — you had to depend on the seller to know what they had and what it’s worth, and mostly that was dead wrong, if you go back and look at it closely. Continue reading

Astrology For The Dozens

I sold 14 Victorian Pocket Missions at $10 bucks over 3 decades.

Years ago, my friend Mel Powers — an incredible marketing genius who was also the publisher of the famous “For the Millions” book series — said that if I ever wrote a book on Astrology, he would title it “Astrology For The Dozens”.

Continue reading

Androids On The March!!!

They make it SOOOO easy to click into a new life program that might not go away.

“Get Firefox for Android,” the ad in the center of your newly invoked browser will announce, and if you’re like most people, you’ll brainlessly enter your phone number and click on the button that says “Send me the link”, and Firefox will send the link to your phone instantly by text message. SMS & data rates may apply, you’re advised, but since nobody knows that SMS means “Short Message Service”, and data rates are about baud rate (one character at a time) or bit rate, one bit at a time — characters are generally 8 bits, or one byte, if my history class memory about the 21st century serves me rightly. I’ve been wrong before, which is why I carry a 2.4 average back home, in an unbroken record of scholastic defeats.

My point about the graphic above is that everyone’s doing it, which is the classic concept for sales & marketing. It’s being made “dropped in the lap” easy to click your way around the internet and load up your smartphone with stuff you’ll never use, just like you do with your closets, drawers and any other storage space you have. Stuff seems to accumulate even when you can’t remember taking it in.

Until an Android videogame can be loaded in just as easily from a phone-friendly browser, my new Android games won’t see the dawn of the New Age of Gaming. Continue reading

A Quick Update

Hotter than a pistol, I’m building my ass off in the Ashram!!!

This urban disaster area is just one of my latest building efforts to provide a background for the PLS adventures on which you’ll be going in the near future. I can assemble a complete city with all the trimmings and extras, but more than that, I’m able to build a world that can’t exist in this time-space but does exist in another one just beside this one.

You’ll note that there’s new My Life as a Boy material that’s been posted, and more to come. The respite was strictly temporary, because there was a lot of work needed in the Ashram. You will note that the number of working shops, stores and food services in the Ashram are growing at the rate of between one and three business places per day, with plenty of new shops featuring the L$25 price tag for all items in the shop, making learning how to dress oneself, buy clothing and other accessories and handle objects somewhat easier.

Please note that we’re talking baby talk here — dressing yourself is a major issue in Second Life, as you’ll discover upon undertaking the task of removing one item of clothing and replacing it with another, or taking something off and putting something else on.

Even more confusing and disorienting is the process whereby one changes one’s avatar entirely. This can cause bizarre disruptions in reality.

Then there’s the question of WHY??? Why buy electronic fashions, binary cosmetics and digital jeans?

It’s not the thing itself, it’s what you learn by doing it.

See You At The Top!!!