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Transcending Trump

Sumerian “Magic Eyes” Maternity Top Only $51.99!!!

I have in my “possession” — you should pardon the expression — a stack of 450 year old drawings that I did a while back. They were stashed away in a box that I knew would get to me when I arrived in this century, and sure enough, it did. I have the box in hand, and much thanks to the person who found it for me and sent it to me.

I’ve had the images scanned in, and I’ve massaged EACH of the images into a set of about a dozen different sizes and shapes, that fit into various items in the CAFEPRESS pantheon of wondrous goodies on my various shops on said website.

It’s been over five hours since I started a page — the first of many Dutch landscape pages — with ONE image, which requires 12 variants of the same image in order to properly fit all the items offered by CAFEPRESS, all of which are made by different manufacturers with totally differing standards of measure.

I don’t always perform all the operations to make an image fit exactly. If it looks wrong, and you really want it, I’ll try to fix it, but that’s an hour or more out of my busy schedule, and I have a LOT of Healing Operations to conduct every day. Continue reading

Transcending Political Shit

LeslieAnn at the Crisis Healing Center in the Ashram.

When the shit piles up too high to walk over it, and the piles of shit are too close together to walk between them, you’re in seriously deep shit. What’s happening out there is NOT about politics. It’s NOT about religion, and it’s definitely NOT about health care or women’s issues.

It’s simply time for the peasants to prove that they are revolting, always have been and always will be revolting. Why can’t the downtrodden just stay down? That’s the Smerconish Response — just shut up and take it on the jaw — liberals should lie down & die.

I’m not a leftist, nor a rightist. This isn’t even my goddam planet, monkey descendant. Frankly, I think you’re all fucking nuts, and I’m not at all happy to be living here among you, watching you squabble and fight over crumbs, while the fat ones glut themselves on your food, and drink your wine, while you writhe in hunger and the pain of betrayal.

Other than that, I could give a shit what happens here.

Suffering and pain is easy to repair. Misery and heartache and guilt and recrimination and fear and horror and disgust are harder to deal with, but manageable. It’s the marketing angles I can’t figure out, and I’m looking for some help here.

I’m here to finish a history project. As an alcohol-intolerant, I’m damned if I can figure out just how the hell I’m supposed to determine exactly which bar was the location of the fist-fight that ended history, I don’t know, but here I am to tell the tale.

I’m supposed to leave notes that can be found and dug up back in the 37th century, but I have to be careful not to leave them where there’s too much radiation, and I can’t remember where the airbursts went off, or that is, are going to go off, in the Western states, although I do remember that I was surprised at the cities that were hit. Continue reading

How to Set Up Your Charging Chamber SuperBeacon Layout

Charging Chamber Dome & Base on a SuperBeacon.

The incense bowl goes just ahead of the SuperBeacon, with the two grippers spread apart as shown. The double Rock Salt candle holders would be to the left and right of the SuperBeacon. Continue reading

High Spirit Lifetime Goals

You can Remote Operate your body in another dimension without harm or fear, thanks to GODD®.

Here are the specific TAGS for the various and sundry life-goals that must be accomplished in each and every gaming level:

  1. AMMY [5]– First and foremost your most important spirit work tool.
  2. SUPERBEACON [114] — Marks your location in the universe.
  3. MATRIX [557] — Controls the SuperBeacon through Briggs Field distortions.
  4. INFINITE MEMORY [53] — Expanded spiritual footprint over many lifetimes.
  5. PORTAL [51/52] — In order to use a Portal, you need to be NEAR a Portal.
  6. LEVEL [31-37] — Achievements add up to build the level of your character.
  7. MOJO BAG [1012] — Absolutely necessary to traverse dangerous spaces.
  8. KWAN-YIN CHARM [2] — Not required but very helpful in certain areas.
  9. TREASURES [1002] — Various spiritual gifts drop abundantly or rarely.
  10. SECRETS [1001] — Secrets can be discovered and mastered.
  11. MAGIC FIND [303] — Percentage of probability that you will find magic items.
  12. CHARM FIND [308]  — Percentage of probability that you will find charms.
  13. AMMY FIND [309] — Percentage of probability determines ammy drops.
  14. BOOK FIND [310] — Percentage of probability determines which book drops.
  15. POWDERS [311] — Percentage of probability determines which powders drop.
  16. INCENSE FIND [392] — Percentage of probability determines which incense.
  17. OUT OF BODY [1004] — This key unlocks the Soul for Out of Body Travel.
  18. ABD [555] — Arms the Voyager with ABD data as needed for the situation.
  19. PORTAL AMMY [556] — Opens the Way to the target destination.
  20. TAROT READING [304] — An essential to the beginning of any Voyage.
  21. BLESSINGS [200] — Protects the Voyager during the journey.
  22. LOOTBOXES [554] — Various treasures and life potions will drop from these.


  • WHAT HAPPENED? [1010] — Several variations on this question will trigger.
  • WHAT DID YOU NOTICE THIS TIME? [1110] — Several variations will occur.
  • HOW DOES IT SEEM TO YOU NOW? [1210] — Several variations will occur.
  • OKAY [1020] — Several variations will be offered automatically.
  • PLEASE ANSWER ME [1030] — If no answer is typed, this prompt occurs.
  • PROCEED TO NEXT CHECKPOINT [1220] — When answer is given, go ahead.


  1. DISPERSING TRIAD [221] — Disperses and radiates.
  2. BOOMERANG TRIAD [1280] — Brings things back to the player.
  3. BLASTING TRIAD [241] — Acts like a bomb or grenade, with parabolic physics.
  4. IRON BOLT TRIAD [1100] — Straight & true, like a crossbow bolt.
  5. PYRO TRIAD [237] — Clears an area quickly for fast, fast, fast relief.
  6. GRAPPLE TRIAD [1222] — Grapples onto any wall and draws the player to it.
  7. AIR MISSILE TRIAD [1223] — Acts like a rocket launcher or BFG.
  8. HEALING TRIAD [1225] — Healing actions can be taken on team mates.
  9. RAPID FIRE TRIAD [12120] — Acts very much like an UZI SMG.

These TAGS can be attached to any Wall, Object or Region. A box that is tagged will operate on the top surface typically unless other indicators are used, such as naming the box and using F6 to edit the appearance.

The problem for the Voyager is that is is often hard to see these milestones without the help of the gaming engine, so familiarity is the remedy, making sure that the Voyager takes for granted the various things that will occur in the Between-Lives State and other dimensional voyages that one might find oneself on with or without previous warning.

In short, anything can happen, and the Compleat Voyager will surely cover all the bases without shorting anything or skimping and saving time, energy, money or dedication.  This means you.

Okay, so how do we achieve results? We build the level as close to the real thing as we are able, then set the various goal points in place along the gaming route, determined largely by the locks and keys that allow or don’t permit passage.

Remember that TAGGING and TRIGGER TARGETS are all about the NUMBERS and LETTERS, just like the Cabalistic Notations you learned in grade school, unless you attended public school — possibly even PS 61 in New York City — in which case, you never heard about this and aren’t sure you’re hearing it even now.

See You At The Top!!!





MetaProgramming the Human Biocomputer

EMO DEVICES such as GUIDE RINGS, GUIDE BRACELETS, GUIDE EARRINGS & GUIDE NECKLACES are only useful as GUIDES to BLUE SPACE when they are activated by the Movements.

The Movements can be viewed as a series of postures connected by specific transitions. They can be linked together into Kathas, or Forms, creating chains or strings of powerful invocational “passes” or moves.

This can in turn be linked to space-time, creating a Causal Plane Effect, if the system is turned on.

Turning on the system requires triggering actions, which are initiated by wearing the specific amulet, EMO gear, within a radius of 9 meters or less from the SuperBeacon & Matrix Altar Area. Continue reading

Be It Ever So Humble…


Here it is…Home Sweet Home, YoyoDyne Industries — that’s me, standing by the far lamppost; my associate, Gnaro the Assumak, is on the left side of the photo. You can find our website here. We’re going through a transitional growth phase at the moment, expanding our manufacturing plant, putting in a number of labor-saving bots on the assembly line, and in general cleaning up our act; we even have a brand-new shipping department that can handle freight from almost any nearby galaxy, nebula or cluster, except of course, the Danebian System. We refuse to trade with any Danebian offworlders, and we all know the reason why. I’ll be posting a walkthrough of YoyoDyne soon, with all sorts of opportunities to examine the products we manufacture here in the 8th Dimension.

See You At The Top!!!


Matrix-SuperBeacon Array Layout — Here it is!!!

I could easily have just taken a photo of my Galaxy desk; it’s the one my Dad Horace used when editing Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine from 1950 through 1959. Instead, what I decided to do was to use the replica desk I made back about 15 years ago in a special Orb called “BardoTown”, which is about to be re-issued as a Prosperity Path level. So here are a few snapshots of my desk as it is presently; fitted out with a Matrix Cube on the left, fast-processing desktop computer in the center, Buddha and candle on the right. Along with the SuperBeacon on the right of the computer, I’ve placed the original model of the very first Dunwoody  Crystal Receiver I ever built, back in 1949. You’ll note on the desk copies of the American Book of the Dead, BlueLiner Manual and, of course, the computer is fully loaded with Prosperity Path Orbs, Levels and Rewards.

Continue reading

New Super Computer

I’m just logging onto my new supercomputer for the first time. Claude installed it and got it running, and I’m in the GODD editor making a terrific and high-impacting level for you reincarnation buffs! I’ll be meeting folks in-game for reincarnation training all this week. This is an Afterlife Adventure I’ve been working on. You can download it. I’ll be personally hosting the Bardo Run on Saturday. See you there.

L@@K!!! Reincarnation Awareness Levels

These are just a few actual gameplay screenshots of some of 1100 different levels that we can go through together, during which you learn the correct responses to many difficult bardo situations, gather shamanic force, learn basic magic and learn the art of Magic-Find and Amulet Crafting.

You can use your Matrix and SuperBeacon to power your online journeys! Safaris leave the dock every day! Find out more! Don’t click here! Use the power of your mind to find out how YOU can participate in this incredible Real-Life online adventure! You can get the music at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/faxl