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The God Frequency & the Quantum Antenna

Yes, Virginia, there really is a God Frequency. It’s a cycle of energetics existing upward of space-time constituents, exclusive of matter and raw energies. All frequencies refer to the number of times something happens per cycle of timeline. What that means is that vibration causes sound and sound causes vibration. Cause & Effect Are One & The Same.

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Matrix-SuperBeacon Array Layout — Here it is!!!

I could easily have just taken a photo of my Galaxy desk; it’s the one my Dad Horace used when editing Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine from 1950 through 1959. Instead, what I decided to do was to use the replica desk I made back about 15 years ago in a special Orb called “BardoTown”, which is about to be re-issued as a Prosperity Path level. So here are a few snapshots of my desk as it is presently; fitted out with a Matrix Cube on the left, fast-processing desktop computer in the center, Buddha and candle on the right. Along with the SuperBeacon on the right of the computer, I’ve placed the original model of the very first Dunwoody┬á Crystal Receiver I ever built, back in 1949. You’ll note on the desk copies of the American Book of the Dead, BlueLiner Manual and, of course, the computer is fully loaded with Prosperity Path Orbs, Levels and Rewards.

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