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Beam Me Up!!!

Want to live in a higher plane? Here’s a chance to get high and stay high. Instead of wishing for it in a futile manner, how about actually taking an action step to make it happen? Use my Orb “Beam Me Up!!!” to get yourself transported to a higher dimension. Sure, they all look exactly alike, but they aren’t. See for yourself how much better it is At The Top!!! Of course, you slide downscale after the Beam Initialization, but you can always beam up again!

See You At The Top!!!


Making Spiritual Work Pay

Sounds funny, right? But the government here and in most places around the world are not interested in subsidizing the spiritual lives of those renunciates who reject all material things including making a livelihood. There are some circumstances which allow individuals to retire from the world and engage fully and completely in spiritual activities. Those circumstances generally involve a lot of money raised by others to allow this to happen. The only way to make your way anymore is to somehow make your spiritual work pay off both in spirit and by putting food on the table, roof over head. Sure, you can be a bum, but there’s an honest “Hobo” way to do it — chop wood, carry water. I’ll be talking about this at the ICW.

History + Coins + Children = Winner

Tie History to Coinage and Kids, and you’ve got a winner. Nothing gets a kid’s attention more than an interesting physical object, and if it has definite “street value”, such as a bright, shiny penny, so much the better. In order to teach a child anything, you HAVE TO have his or her attention first, or whatever you think you put into that kid’s brain will NOT BE THERE when you check the contents with a spot-quiz or a verbal test. I can tell you how to teach history and make it stick. Check this out….

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Buy Me!!!

How would you like to buy 100+ hours of my unbroken & undivided attention? It suddenly occurred to me as I was working on a Lincoln Memorial set that you might not realize that I have hand-searched every personally searched collection I send out, and that this involves at least a hundred hours of highly focused attention with the additional overlay of my coinology experience and grading skills. I sell my Lincoln Memorial collections on eBay — they typically will go between $300-$400 apiece for the 144 coin set with 1960 and 1960D small dates plus the 1970s small date. Naturally all the 82 series is there as well. Continue reading

Joan of Arc is on the way

Joan of Arc appears from a mystical cloud of plasma — the usual Trans-Dimensional sort of thing you’d expect from a Multi-Dimensional Being Blessed with Sainthood by the local population. She’s available at your beck & call! She’s on the way, in testing right now!!! Oracles can be used to help you sort out issues that are currently blocking you. I’ve been kept abreast (you should pardon the expression) of the work that circle members are doing to propagate Prosperity Path. Wowsers! Keep it up!!!

See You At The Top!!!


Do You Like Surprises?

Jose Ferrer (background) David Carradine and Bethel Leslie 1969 — Photo by EJ Gold

Do you like surprises? If you do, you’ll enjoy my plan. Most of the very wealthy people I know, including my mother and step-dad who had many millions of dollars, are both bored and boring. What I was looking for was something interesting that transcended all classes and economic levels, something that’s fun for the very rich and yet is accessible to anyone rich or poor. It should also provide an opportunity for the poor to become rich, to satisfy my requirements for a great Work Tool. Read on…

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Dreaming Coins

Dreaming Coins can be used both as dream-catchers and within a dreamcatcher array. You can charge up your Dreaming Coin by placing it on the Dreamcatcher Charger while running the appropriate Chargeup Orb. A fully charged Dreaming Coin in a sealed electrostatic acrylic capsule can be placed under the pillow or where that isn’t possible, it can be placed nearby on a small bedside table. Dream Targets can be by date or by association; Laws of Contact & Similarity really apply here! I’ll post a list sometime later today of the Dreaming Coins available.

See You At The Top!!!


Using Coins as a Buyer’s Premium

Photo of E.J. Gold by Leon Ames, circa 1972

My friend Leon Ames owned Leon Ames Ford in Los Angeles. His manager, Ralph Williams, bought the dealership and then sold it to his manager, Cal Worthington. I knew them all, and all three of them said the same thing: “Offer a huge stuffed teddy bear and they can’t refuse the deal.”

I have such an item for you; the teddy bear doesn’t work when selling art, but coins will work, because the same people who collect art are aware of the value of coins in a legacy collection. The collection must be very interesting to cause someone to want to buy it. My History Gift Sets are the perfect solution to a Gift Problem! Continue reading

Introducing “Quantum Contact Coin” Sets

Most folks don’t have coins minted in their honor. I wanted to offer an opportunity to acquire coins of interest to spirit mediums and anyone using the Prosperity Path Oracles or Seances. These coins are associated magically with the individuals by a variety of connections and coupling factors, the most obvious of which is the date of the coin.

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