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Attention Drummers & Others

I’m posting this for those interested in any form of drumming, whether kit or hand percussion. The points they make are for anyone who makes music, and some who don’t. I’ll be teaching lots of music stuff every day for as long as I can maintain it. Meanwhile, take the time to watch and listen to these guys — they really do know what they’re talkin’ about, and you would do well to take heed.

See You At The Top!!!


Meet the Tools

In each and every Orb are a large number of invocational tools, most of which will already be familiar to any meditator; candles, bundles of incense, incense burners, candle holders, zafu cushions, beads, statues, prayer flags & banners, singing bowls, malas, hand gongs, damaru and other ritual drums, drum brocades, bronze dorjes & phurbas, chimes, string bells, prayer wheels, altar bells, gold figurines, magic mirrors, light-catchers, shakers, rattles, windchimes, dreamcatchers, boxes, gourds, chests…

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Reincarnation Games You Can Play

There are a variety of reincarnation games that really do work wonders to Get You In Touch With Your Former Selves… We’ll be exploring some of them in the next workshop, which will be during the Summer Solstice Festival the weekend of June 22nd through the 25th, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you stay over, you’ll be included in the breakfast crowd on Monday. Some of the reincarnation games are no-brainers — you played Cowboys & Indians or Old Settler or perhaps Hermann Goering in your high school drama department’s production of The Producers, thus:


You Asked, I’m Answering. “What’s the Next Workshop???”

Movements "Passing Trans-Dimensional Portal"

What’s the next workshop??? Hmmm… Fair enough question. Here’s my written plan for the Summer Solstice Festival, scheduled to begin at 5:30 pm, June 22nd, through until 12:00 noon on Sunday, June the 24th:

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Get HANG Tones With a HAPI!!! Secrets of a Jazz Musician Revealed!!!

I posted a tutorial on subway busking with HAPI drums. My HAPI drum stage setup now consists of an array of a total of 6 HAPI drums, a D Minor, a C Akebono, a UFO in C Major, an E Integral (pygmy & akebono) and a D Integral, which delivers all the HANG tones you could want, plus a stunning F# Minor thin guy — it really knocks ’em out in concert!!!

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How to Choose a Didgeridoo

The video is a demo of a remarkable piece of playable sculpture. I propose to buy them unpainted and paint, carve, wood-burn and decorate with a variety of beads, feathers and textiles, and then sell on the open market.

Herein is the kind of data I try to give you every day in my blogs — to save you time, energy, money and most of all, dead ends. It’s not at all tricky to find good didges, but selecting one with which to ACTUALLY BOND is like choosing a mate, mate.

What should you be looking for in a didge, especially if you know nothing about them but want one anyway??? Continue reading for more info…

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On the Way to Festival of Ishtar

Introducing Youn Sun Nah — she is ‘way much more than just your average Bear. Here she is, performing a cover of Tom Waits’ “Jockey Full of Bourbon”.¬† Our Chief MixMan Oz Fritz won two grammies for his work with Tom Waits!!! You will surely want to know more about the wonderful and beautiful Youn Sun Nah, and there’s plenty of video teasers up on youtube.

And you might also appreciate¬†Gritos De Guerra performing Arrinconamela from Tony Gatlif’s “Vengo”..

Okay, that’s it for now — I’m off to breakfast, then I’ll be at the Festival of Ishtar. If you don’t know how to join us there online, go to http://www.justin.tv/gorebaggtv to find out more…