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Portable Portal “Stargating” Makes a Great Mall Kiosk Attraction!!!

Ashram mockup of a typical "See in 3 Dimensions" mall setup.
Ashram mockup of a typical “See in 3 Dimensions” mall setup.

How hard would it be to set up a portable portal in your hometown, and notify the press that your StarGate, set up on a known Vortex Power Point, would be available for viewing from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on such-and-such a date???

Here’s a fantastic way to earn some Bodhisattva Merit!

You walk into a mall and persuade the mall people to let you set up your Portable Portal somewhere in the mall. Of course, viewing is free, and the folks are allowed to take — but are not handed — a flyer about the Atlantean-Society. Continue reading

I Have Your Retreat Building Solution Totally Solved — L@@K!!!

These are Tuff Sheds. They are NOT “tin sheds”, but actual 2×4 stud-built houses, some of which can be made very liveable for VERY little money, and I mean VERY VERY LITTLE money.

This cute little weekender shack can be placed on a property for less than $2,000 finished as you see it here. Interior treatments and finish work would be extra, of course, but would be amazingly little.

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Portals, Gateways & Stargates, a Holiday Workshop

Third Eye Empowerment makes it easy to receive Higher Spirit Communications.

One of the primary uses of any ancient ceremony or ritual item was to provide direct contact with a higher intelligence, celestial being, star-being, angelic power, diety or intercessor between them and God for the purpose of getting what they wanted. The list included:

  • WATER — All civilizations are centered on water. Anywhere that people settle has to have some source of water, some source of salt, and a feeling of general safety and good security from invasion or tribal raids.
  • FOOD — Good harvest, fine crops, plentiful and bountiful, lots of good things to eat, drink and savor, including the occasional treat, the nature of which varies from civilization to civilization and from culture to culture.
  • DRINK — Birds and small furry woodland creatures will flock to a crop of fermented fruits and other vegetable matter, because fermentation means alcohol, and alcohol means drunk. The sight of predators gobbling up drunken pigeons comes immediately to mind. Any ancient or medieval person who was able to make a pint of beer that didn’t cause immediate organic rejection and expulsion could become very rich, very famous and very powerful, the vague and impotent wish of almost all humans.
  • SHELTER — Having a roof over your head wasn’t always considered a fait accompli. Homeless meant something far more deadly and far more dangerous than it is today, and today it’s deadly enough. Caves were fine if you didn’t want to eat and had an affinity for silence and the great outdoors. A house means something in which to find refuge from the violence of the outside world, but it also means a place to defend, because in the ancient and recent past, there were no civilian police, only soldiers and, under those circumstances, you couldn’t expect your home to be defended by anyone else not in your direct pay or a member of your family. Leaving home for any length of time and expecting to return to an intact structure upon returning was dependent upon the guards you left in the house.
  • SECURITY — Every settlement had to have its own army, and quite often a small army was composed of nothing but cousins, brothers, sisters and other family members. As a matter of fact, family groups were the government of the time for most people in the ancient world. You could expect to wake up in the middle of the night anytime during your life, to discover that your settlement or encampment was under attack.
  • SEX — Actually, sex is a major driving force in all civilizations, but it’s used differently and viewed differently from one culture to the next. Sex is considered quite apart from childbearing and family, for reasons that anyone reading the Kinsey Report can easily determine.
  • FAMILY — Every human has the idea of achieving immortality through progeny, and for a few years, it does seem to work, but given the enormity of history, even a few dozen years are enough to wipe out the memory of even the most important human beings, with the exception of the insane criminals who occasionally decide to rule the Earth by conquest. Fertility and Fecundity are the essential ingredients here — does the female have the stamina to produce many healthy children? Does the male have the stamina to provide for them and protect them?
  • SPIRITUAL CONTACT — Without Spiritual Contact, people would be lost little robots. They need contact to reaffirm the spiritual path, to reassure themselves that they are connected to the Higher Powers.
  • ENLIGHTENMENT — Not a popular goal, but one worthy of mentioning in brief. It helps to get a better spiritual perspective if you clearly understand how the universe was made, what it really is about, and what it’s designed to accomplish.
  • WELLNESS — Without health, what have you got? Imagine yourself to be the King or Queen of the Planet, with all the riches and fame and glory and thousands of workers all dedicated to your comfort and safety, and then in the end, you die in spite of all that stuff. Wellness is important and can be achieved or improved by the use of powered prayer.

All of these important human goals match the goals set by the Universal Constant, Blessed Be Her Name, but there are other less clear goals, and all of this is predicated upon the understanding that direct contact with the Higher is not only possible, but the method by which DIRECT contact can be made is well-known and easily mastered, once begun. Continue reading

What’s Going On Here, Anyway???


This blog started out on the subject of How to use your Brane-Power Ammy Induction Apps — merely wear the Ammy of choice, download and run the corresponding Ammy Induction from your iPhone or Android, but then, in the middle of it, came The Announcement about SpaceBuddhaa’s resignation from the Cloister, on facebook, and I’m including some commentary on it. Relax, it’s nothing to get hung about. Read on. Continue reading

Come & Get It!!!


This is a VERY informal chat about some of the famous CELEBRITY ARTISTS works on paper and canvas that I’ll be offering at the MemFest Fine Art Charity Auction this coming weekend. Most of the prices realized will in fact be far into the wholesale. I don’t expect any of it to sell at retail or gallery prices, and to raise money for our Ashram, it doesn’t have to. We own these pieces and the full price goes to charity, not a penny lost. However, there is a Government Catch 22 — the tax folks will take the current market value off your donation numbers, unless you make more than $22 Million per year, in which case, everything you do is tax-free.


MARC CHAGALL — THE TRAP — M355 (Mourlot catalog raisonne #355). Cover for Derriere le Miroir no. 132, Paris, June 1962, format 11 1/32″ x 14 15/16″. Hand-printed on lithographic stone before lettering. 75 copies were printed on Arches, with full wide margins, pencil-numbered & signed by the artist. There were also a few artist’s proofs. Maeght, Publisher.

Estimate: $600-$800.

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How To Experience Astral Projection Right Now!


Say, there, Bunky…

Having trouble getting Out of Body??? Organic miseries haunting you??? Blocked by Karma and Attachment to the Body??? No problem. Here’s an exercise using our Second Life Virtual Ashram to get the point across and make the experience a happening full-immersion deal. The solution is simple. Once you “feel” the OOBIE (Out of Body Instant Experience) you’ll never forget it, and you’ll be easily able to dupe (Master Builder for “duplicate”, the basic move in cyber-building) the experience and thus master the out of body technique.

I’ll be giving the exercise at the ICW (Interactive Community Workshop) this Saturday morning, beginning at 6:30 AM Pacific Time. Don’t be late. We’ll all do the technique together right then, during the ICW, at around starting time, so we’ll have a subject of discussion to work with afterward.

If you still haven’t gotten into Second Life and gotten yourself into the Ashram, the whole thing will be a rather empty and intellectual event, with no experiential data personally experienced, which is what happens when you get all THEORY (only 3 credits) and no PRACTICAL (4 additional Course Credits).

In short, make sure you get there for the 4 credit LAB, or be left out in the cold once again, wondering where everyone went to, and why they seem to understand something that’s still eluding you. It’s not a cryptic thing; you need to learn to participate.

Hey, it’s very easy to join us at the virtual ashram. If you have a problem, just call. If you don’t know it by now, I’m here to help.

See You At The Top!!!


Road-Kill Cafe Open for Business…



Finally, after many many hours of intense labor, it’s ready for Prime Time! Each item in the build is hand-crafted out of ordinary prims. There are no sculpties, no mesh, nothing to get hung about.

Everything in the build is totally separable. Want one grape? Just copy the grape cluster and unlink the copy. Same with the burgers and anything else you want to examine or use differently.

After a while working with this, you’ll be able to craft up virtually anything with just simple prims!

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A Viral Video For Your Thoughts…


Viral Video department…how can i help you???

Oh, you want to know, without taking up your precious time and exerting all that effort and trouble to find out which are the most popular blues-rock and straight blues songs of the past 50 years?

Hey, i got nothin’ to do for the next 22 hours…. Hang loose, i’ll be right back…oops, this is the 21st century, isn’t it? So what i meant was, “brb”.

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Live-in-Person Music All Day Long???


Gorby’s Place — Live Music All Day Long — In the Ashram Tower — The address is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prosperity%20Ashram/127/173/178

There will be a lot of new folks visiting the Ashram today, so I thought a short tour of some of the high points might be in order… Click the thingy to read more about it…

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Beta Version of House & Tree

Every object in this orb is moveable by you, with the singular exception of the bridge, which would be impossible to reposition and has no other function or place in the orb. You merely shrink the object with the “smallify” ray, put it in your knapsack and carry it to where you want it to be; you then toss it out onto the ground, water it and watch it grow. I just wanted to do a visual sweep of the scenario at this time. I’ll demo the smallify ray and the planting and watering effects in a while, possibly during the workshop, which starts officially tomorrow morning.

See You At The Top!!!