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Trump’s Presidential Reality Show

Portals are everywhere, if you need to leave Earth rather unexpectedly.

Why do I endanger myself by speaking out? Believe me, it’s far more dangerous to remain silent in the face of tyranny than it is to stand up and be counted, and that’s what you should be doing today, marching in Washington.

My whole family decided to march with the pro-environment people today. They’re planning to join the Peoples Climate Movement’s March on Washington and even now, as I write this, they’re only four miles out of Seattle!

If you think back on it, there hasn’t been a single day — actually, not a single HOUR — during which Donald Trump dominated the news and created breaking news his own self. His whole purpose seems to be to stay at the top of the news, and he manages to do just that, if with nothing else, his zanier and stupider tweets.

There’s nothing like a puffed-up bigot making more complaining noises than a garbage truck on a formerly quiet suburban street, at five o’clock in the morning.

In Russia, the sentiment is “Enough Trump!”

Even THEY are tired of seeing his little squinty eyes and puckered mouth shouting stupidities and struggling with real and imaginary enemies on all sides, plus top & bottom.

Poor Donald says he “misses his old life” and finds being President “harder than he expected.” He in fact thought it would be as easy as his reality show, and frequently returns to his campaign mode in a pathetic attempt to gain “ratings”, the only means by which he measures his success.

The real problem is not with Trump — he’s a victim of his own chat-bot programming and can’t help what he says, does, thinks or feels.

If you’re looking for something other than a chat-bot in Donald Trump, you’ll be wasting your time and effort. The little red switch on the back of his head tells the story. Continue reading

Using a Gaming Orb to Trigger Magical Effects

Gorby’s Place is a feature on my quantum version of Nikolskaya Street in Moscow.

One of the most unusual of times is that in which computers exist and games are tolerated, which happens all too seldom, what with the wide variety of repressive governments in place all over the galaxy, but at least for the moment, we can make Orbs and you’re allowed to download and install them, although for how long that will be is anybody’s guess.

Of course, “approved” games will always be available, but you won’t want to play them, and besides, my “games” are not really games at all — they merely rely on a gaming engine to deliver them and make them useful to you. Continue reading


My Trump Model behaves pretty much as the original does, including “KMB” poses.


At one end of the Ballroom, you’ll note a small closet, within which is tucked a skeleton. How proverbial is that? Can you think of another word for “Thesaurus”? What if there were no rhetorical questions? If a cat and a banana traveled East on a train from Chicago to New York at an average of 90 mph in a stiff wind, how many chickens were left at the end of the run?

And that’s the kind of polite chatter you’d be likely to expect from the Washington crowd, most of whom are lawyers without a practice. You can’t come across a band of worse thugs than that, and when they get together, it’s called “Congress” — aptly named, I think, for the kind of thing they do to the country.

The Ballroom is very valuable as a venue for speakers, poets, protest songsters and theater and dance presentations, all of which are Spiritual Enlightenment Technology directed at the leader and leadership of this once-great nation.

If you didn’t used to be, but now you are ashamed to be an American, it’s time to take some positive action, and this is it. Get into the Ashram and start pushing those vibes out at the Washington politicians who aren’t listening on any other level. Continue reading


At the airfield on the way to the White House for lunch and meditation.


The Oval Office Project is a non-political, non-sectarian effort to raise the consciousness of the entire staff of the White House, the President’s consciousness and the consciousness of any visitors who happen to wander through on the White House Tour, which won’t be so easy to get on these days, I suspect.

By now, even the most hardened Right-Wing Republican who finds himself to the far right of John Birchers has seen the evidence — President Trump is downright crazy, totally out of control, completely off his rocker, and he has his finger on the nuclear trigger.

Technically speaking, he’s a Classic NPD — Narcissistic Personality Disorder — with a colossal ego inflation and a blustering low-life crudity that makes even the sturdiest supporter cringe now and again. He’s a spoiled brat with his finger on the nuclear trigger.

I said this effort is Non-political, and it is. It has nothing to do with the beliefs, attitudes and party convictions of the current inhabitants of the White House. The reason that this becomes possible is that Trump’s behavior is arrogant, spiteful, childish and on the verge of an uncontrollable tantrum. Bear with me, if you’re a Trump fan, I’m merely establishing the groundwork against which one can measure success. I’ll explain further. Continue reading

Android Can Do & Can’t Do

View of BardoTown on the Android Phone App

We’re at the end of the very first week of our new Android Godd Engine and in our third decade in the GODD Engine. The Android engine, which I have dubbed “AndyGoDD” has accepted BardoTown without groaning too much, so I’m ready to prepare a map for release, and the very first map we’re trying to bring out into the Android app store is BardoTown, my largest and most complex map. Why the toughest, most demanding and most likely map to go wrong, for our very first Android effort? Think about it.

We need to know what parts break down first, if any, and I have to know for sure that most of the folks who download it will be able to use it on their Android smartphone. Continue reading

New Orbs Ready for Prime Time

Okay, this is what I’ve been sweating out for the past few weeks — Dick’s engine now supports passengers on rafts and box-boats. Single driver only on the fancy speedboats and such. If there’s room to stand, you can carry passengers in multiplayer mode. Here’s the lineup, as soon as they can be tested:


1.   Love Boat — A dreamy passage into the Timeless Tunnel of Love. There’s a nifty conference room 3/4 of the way through the tunnel, or 1/4 of the way through, if you go the other way.


2.   Sea Raft — Wide open seas, dotted with islands, some big and some small, with mountains, hills, valleys and more. Lake houses abound.


3.   Venice — See Venice and die, right? No, that’s Paris. Well, there’s got to be something about Venice that’s worthwhile, or they wouldn’t have moved it to Las Vegas, would they have???


4.   Canal Zone — Right out of a James Bond movie, this canal zone is just like the original Team Fortress Level that Claude & I built back in the day when Quake, Doom, Wolftenstein and Duke Nukem were the only games on the market. You’re a SMOGOPS operative and you get a wicked special ops boat to run about in.


5.   Boatride — Exactly what it sounds like. It’s a great little stress-buster that you will enjoy for hours and hours at a time, or just chill out for a few minutes on the pleasant waterways…


6.   River World I — Not for amateur riverboat pilots, this full-sized riverboat can carry up to 100 passengers. You can disembark, explore, chat, gather, circle-dance or picnic, then reboard the riverboat and continue on your way. The entire journey lasts anywhere from 1/2 hour to several hours with stops along the way.


7.   River Rafting — A long journey, designed for super-chilling; in fact, as a stress-buster, I find it actually quite therapeutic. It gets you slowed down and observant, with a sense of peace, safeness and relaxation. A very powerful counter to life-drama and acting-outness.


8.   Shire Raft — A fun variant on the river rafting event. You’ll note that the bridges in the Shire are made of mossy wood & stone. You will find some interesting and wonderful Shire Vistas as you travel around.


9.   Rebirth — This is WarfTown® as she was meant to be experienced. You start out in the water, coming out of a Bardo Blackout. The first thing you see is the array of docks at the southeastern tip of WarfTown®.

I’m also working a bit at a time on MAYA and TESLA III — they’re going to be really hard to get through, so I’m planning to make an Easy challenge level as well, but that’s a few months away from completion, with thousands of hours already in them. It goes slowly when you put in a lot of detail and adding particle effects and such just adds more hours onto the job.

Don’t expect these to all hit at once. Grishy still has to bundle them up one at a time, and each one must be thoroughly tested before we post it for download on payloads — nobody wants to have to download a bug-fix to run an orb, so we make sure it’s PLAYER-TESTED before release, not just game-designer tested with no lag on a $45,000 game machine, as the Big Guys do. It’s no wonder their stuff is laggy and painfully punishing.

If you still haven’t tried one of my work-orbs, you owe it to yourself to download one and try it. I guarantee that, like thousands of happy users, you’ll like it and want to use the orbs again and again.

Adding to that mix a bit of SuperBeacon work or ZoneBox Inductions will help you get a better hold on your work, and give you boundless energy, like you haven’t had since you were a kid. Why? Spirit Energy is superior to, and above, the organic body. It comes from within, and makes you glow and feel good not just to yourself, but to others. That inner glow is Shakti. That is, in a nutshell, my so-called Big Secret, and if you’re able to use it, you’re completely welcome to it.

Well, now it’s time to off-load all those orbs onto Grishy’s thumb-drive, and let her get to the bundling & testing part. I tried to get into Sl again earlier, managed to stay in for a couple minutes, then blipped back out again, and it’s not even Tuesday (their rollover day).  If you’re looking for me on D2 and/or TF2, it hasn’t been happening because of my wonky net connection, which goes in and out intermittently and unpredictably.

Anyhow, I’ll keep trying, and Claude’s trying to figure out how to beat the problem. I’ll be working for the remainder of the night on trading cards. Don’t forget that we have very little time to prepare for the upcoming Ishtar Workshop, which I’m conducting in a manner that will be very supportive to the Canadian Ashram Project as well as to the Prosperity Virtual Ashram, which is our International Community Contact Point.

I have ordered the Native American Spirit Flutes from Odell, as I’ve been planning for several years now; Oz is due back from Israel today, and hopefully by tomorrow we’ll be recording some Spirit Flute Virtual Sound Environments for you, as well as making backing tracks for my orbs with them.

They’re tuned to the didges — I got help from Odell on which thingies go with what, and we’ll soon see how close we came to guessing right on the possible tunings.

See You At The Top!!!


An Art Show Every Month!!!


In the Organic World, an artist is lucky to have four shows a year, period. One gallery might show your work every year, others will have you wait three or four years between shows, not to eat up the market with overflow. In Prosperity Virtual Ashram, there’s no reason you can’t put up a new show every month, and if you’re totally beyond bizarre, a new art show every single day. Why not? You’re your own boss on your parcel! And speaking about parcels, don’t forget to learn how to promote your shop, gallery, hangout, club, showroom, chapel or whatever! You can find out more about this at this upcoming weekend’s WORK RELATIONSHIPS workshop. Don’t miss it if you can!!! We’ll be having live auctions inworld for items that are out of this world!

See You At The Top!!!


How To Experience Astral Projection Right Now!


Say, there, Bunky…

Having trouble getting Out of Body??? Organic miseries haunting you??? Blocked by Karma and Attachment to the Body??? No problem. Here’s an exercise using our Second Life Virtual Ashram to get the point across and make the experience a happening full-immersion deal. The solution is simple. Once you “feel” the OOBIE (Out of Body Instant Experience) you’ll never forget it, and you’ll be easily able to dupe (Master Builder for “duplicate”, the basic move in cyber-building) the experience and thus master the out of body technique.

I’ll be giving the exercise at the ICW (Interactive Community Workshop) this Saturday morning, beginning at 6:30 AM Pacific Time. Don’t be late. We’ll all do the technique together right then, during the ICW, at around starting time, so we’ll have a subject of discussion to work with afterward.

If you still haven’t gotten into Second Life and gotten yourself into the Ashram, the whole thing will be a rather empty and intellectual event, with no experiential data personally experienced, which is what happens when you get all THEORY (only 3 credits) and no PRACTICAL (4 additional Course Credits).

In short, make sure you get there for the 4 credit LAB, or be left out in the cold once again, wondering where everyone went to, and why they seem to understand something that’s still eluding you. It’s not a cryptic thing; you need to learn to participate.

Hey, it’s very easy to join us at the virtual ashram. If you have a problem, just call. If you don’t know it by now, I’m here to help.

See You At The Top!!!


FREE Yacht Party Next Weekend — Bring a Friend


Leslie Ann at the Upper Crust Yacht Club during building session June 3, 2013.

Yep, it’s bulldozing and building time once again here at the Virtual Ashram. What I’ve done so far is to simplify and reduce the number of things encountered on the main level, placing them instead in skyboxes and platforms, available through teleport. What else I’ve done is to create a multiple-level terrain with water features. You should be able to walk the length and breadth of the ground level quite easily, although there may be a water break in there yet somewhere or other. If you find a problem, note the x/y/z coordinates and let me know about it, and I’ll handle it right away. Still ahead, adding buildings and some height via mountaintops in addition to what’s there already. You’ll find a variety of vehicle and boat rezzers all about the place; feel free to use them to your heart’s content.

Continue reading

Amazing ThingsTo See…


Little Jenny from BardoTown visits Prosperity Ashram, May 21, 2013, photo by EJ Gold.

Today, I’m going to break my rule — no nudity on my blog — to bring you an amazing video of a ritual dance, performed to a fascinating violin interpretation of deFalla’s Ritual Dance of Fire. Well, she’s not actually nude…with more careful observation, I note a wispy, almost ethereal, thong and pasties. Okay, that’s beach-wear these days, so I’ll ignore the butt-cheeks and the full-frontal pulchritude. Here it is, then — after which I’ll show you a few incredible things that some very imaginative folks have done within the context of the sim worlds, notably Second Life. If you know your exotic dancing, you’ll note that there are very few repeats in her dance, with very few notable exceptions. Vanessa Mae was the artist for the soundtrack; the video was created and performed by Slappy Doobie. It was performed live at Ellie’s Burlesque Club in-world. Look for Virtual Burlesque for more.

And now, let’s look at some perhaps even more amazing performers on Second Life! Keep in mind that you’re not expected to watch the entire video — just enough to get the idea.

Continue reading