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Android Can Do & Can’t Do

View of BardoTown on the Android Phone App

We’re at the end of the very first week of our new Android Godd Engine and in our third decade in the GODD Engine. The Android engine, which I have dubbed “AndyGoDD” has accepted BardoTown without groaning too much, so I’m ready to prepare a map for release, and the very first map we’re trying to bring out into the Android app store is BardoTown, my largest and most complex map. Why the toughest, most demanding and most likely map to go wrong, for our very first Android effort? Think about it.

We need to know what parts break down first, if any, and I have to know for sure that most of the folks who download it will be able to use it on their Android smartphone. Continue reading

Hier ist das neues gesellschaftengekreitsfarben fur des Androiden Gephonenekeitzetzetsengeschrift

Actual Screenshot of my first Android virtual world, January 27, 2015

Finally, I have in my possession our very own Android app Godworld in my Pocket, enabling you to carry in pocket or purse an entire world — well, not the world itself, but a powerful Quantum Connection to your target Alternate World or Dimension. Here’s how it works:

Remember the Two Great Laws of Magic?

Well, it’s not just “magic” anymore. Science now recognizes what is called “Quantum Entanglement”, which simply means that two things that have been in contact are forever in contact unless that contact is consciously broken. The Second Law of Quantum Entanglement says that something that is exactly like something else is in Quantum Contact with that other thing. Move one thing one way, and its quantum twin moves equally but oppositely, a mirror of the other.

Knowing how this works gives you the power to alter virtually anything in the universe, but it’s a skill, an art, to predict the counterspin, and that’s the job of a programmer. You’re here to view and to pass energies two ways, a tool for the Great Programmer In The Sky to see the changes. Continue reading

On the Horizon…


I’m juggling several dozen projects all at once here. Number One on my priority list is to get the games running on mobile devices. I will predict here that within the next year, 90% of all internet shopping will be via smartphone, not desktop. It’s almost that, now. We need to get there, and we are all working toward that end. I’ve just completed an all-night project, “Silence”. It’s a game without words and without sound. Why? Because a Mime is a Terrible Thing to Waste.

See You At The Top!!!


Breakthrough Tonight!

Wow! What a night! What a breakthrough! You can use your ammies, matrix and superbeacon to exponentially expand the quantum effect, but you can also use it as a plain app on a smartphone. If you don’t have a smartphone yet, you can play it from this page on your cellphone’s browser. Many cellphones don’t browse the internet very well, which is why this must be issued as an app.

Here is this week’s Matrix Modification:


Judith Spellcaster spellcraft app for iphone android iPod & more

It’s here at last! My Judith Spellcaster spellcrafting lessons are now available in a smartphone app. You can select which spell you want to learn and dance through a world of spellcrafting! The tradition invoked here is basically wiccan with a touch of sumerian and babylonian magic, kabbalistic magic and of course just a pinch of old-fashioned goofer dust, van-van wash and dragon’s blood mixed with a touch of black john the conqueror and 3-kings oil on a red-coated jumbo candle…

The principles utilized in spellcasting are very basic, and relate to their foundational base, which is, of course, the magic practiced in the distant past. What secrets did the ancients possess???

Continue reading

ABD reading app by ej gold soon available

Yep, you read it right. Over the past few months, I’ve gotten swamped by requests for some sort of iPhone iPad Android Blackberry & other sorts of smartphone apps, and mostly what’s wanted are readings, prayers, invocations, help sections for crises, healing readings, that sort of thing…Up until now, I didn’t have the means of delivery, nor did I have the time to devote to mastering a new set of Laws of Physics, Chemistry and Math, as it were. I’ve posted a sample vid of one possible release; the final release may or may not look exactly like the example, but it’ll be something close to it.