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Mystical Voyaging Helps You Learn How To Escape From Planet Trump

On the Black Falcon, ready to board ten passengers for a Mystical Voyage.

Mystical Voyaging Helps You Learn How to Escape From Planet Trump, FAST!!!

One way to get off the planet real fast without any prior training or recollection of your Atlantean Self is to take repeated Mystical Voyages, which you can do in the Ashram without ever having to learn the basics of visualization.

In Mystical Voyaging, you learn to FEEL your way. You get used to passing through PORTALS until it becomes second nature to you.

As a matter of fact, using the Ashram’s Mystical Voyaging as a tool for transformation is as simple as singing or playing guitar for five minutes every day. It sort of transfers to the higher centrums, more or less by osmosis.

It’s a painless way to learn. You do, and do, and do, and after a while, it just does itself. Please allow me to explain how you can apply this in your daily life: Continue reading

My Flight to Solaria

aboard the transdimensional airline Flight L315a bound for Solaria.
Here I am, aboard the transdimensional airline Flight L315a bound for Solaria.

Gosh, it’s all so exciting, having trans-dimensional privileges and a travel pass all at once like this. So I got on board the transdimensional airliner Flight L315a, bound for Solaria, and we got to a gigantic island out in the middle, and it was too dark to take anything but a selfie, so okay, here it is anyway. Continue reading

I Have Your Retreat Building Solution Totally Solved — L@@K!!!

These are Tuff Sheds. They are NOT “tin sheds”, but actual 2×4 stud-built houses, some of which can be made very liveable for VERY little money, and I mean VERY VERY LITTLE money.

This cute little weekender shack can be placed on a property for less than $2,000 finished as you see it here. Interior treatments and finish work would be extra, of course, but would be amazingly little.

Continue reading

Fall Lineup for Marketing Ashram Products

Here are the preliminary labels for some of the Ashram products I have in mind for public circulation:


These are just the beginning — I intend to release as much from our Magic Kitchen as I can possibly arrange and figure out how to package and ship them safely. Continue reading

Wear Your Ashram Healing Gold Now


Have a Panning Party and collect gold for your Ashram Healing Gold Locket today and every day!!!

The Ashram Gold gleaned from the Ashram Sacred Soil by hand-panning at the Offertory Shrine or by Spiral Wheel of Karma can be mounted in a 14kgf or 14k simple or fancy locket of your choice, sized anywhere from a mini — about the size of a dime — all the way to a dollar-sized handmade real rope bezel, if you like and are willing to pay for it.

I have solid 14k gold lockets in all sizes and in many different styles, all of which come with a bail ring for your own gold chain. I do not sell gold chains — you can’t predict which ones customers will want, and nobody really wants to pay for gold chains these days, so you might consider a gold-filled chain or mounting your gold amulet on a beaded necklace.

The cost of an Ashram Gold Nugget Locket depends on the size, weight of the gold, plus the “coolness” of the nugget or nuggets in the locket. The very best Ashram Sacred Soil Healing Gold would be the gold that YOU glean from your daily panning practice. Continue reading

Official Ashram Planning Commission Report

Official City Planning Commission (that’s me) has laid out the streets of the Annex & Annex South.

The official word is this: KEEP WHATEVER YOU WANT TO KEEP on the 3250 meters level. This level will not be taken down. It will function as an advanced student area and you can put your shrine, temple or home at the 3250 meters level. What you’re seeing in the screenshot above is the GROUND LEVEL street layout. You are expected to build there, and to take note of the layout and the fact that it’s a community and not a free-for-all battleground of contrasting tastes and values. That’s strictly for the ape-descendents.

So what about all the other stuff on your parcel???

This is the New Greenwich Village, which I’ve extended with more shops along MacDougal & Bleeker Streets.


You have only so many prims to spend. Prims are like your Net Worth, your bank account plus everything else you have. When you run out of Prims, you need a larger space or you must cut back what you’ve put up, which I’ve done hundreds of times, wiping out thousands of hours of previous work in order to make the improvements my advancing skills will allow.

I’ll cover all the details in this morning’s broadcast at 6:30 am PST, but basically there IS A PLAN and you need to find out what the plan is and make your parcel conform with the plan as soon as you’re able. There’s plenty of room for self-expression in the plan, but you MUST take the plan into account when taking action on your parcel!!!

See You At The Top!!!



All in a Night’s Work

New Rome in the New Year, 2015

Last night I spent about seven solid hours rebuilding Rome, making it a walking experience, giving it some body & depth, and I got lucky with my building, so you can see it today, right now, in the Ashram. The major changes are on the ground floor, meaning along the River of Time. There are a lot of finishing touches that will be added as the year goes on, and Target Destinations will be my next short-term goal to get up and running.

See You At The Top!!!


Christmas is Coming. I know, right?

LeslieAnn is building in the Ashram again…what now???

LeslieAnn just put another seven hours in last night, and five more hours since the morning show and she’s very happy with the results so far, but there’s a long way to go before she’s satisfied, if such a thing is possible. Check out the Cloister Recording “Enterview” to get the predictions about our virtual ashram made over 40 years ago, before virtual ashrams were even possible. Listen and be amazed!

See You At The Top!!!


Ashram Etiquette Rundown

Nobody seems interested in this subject, but the hell with it, I’m putting down my thoughts on Ashram Etiquette, and here it is, like it or not, interested or not, and keep in mind that I do NOT admin the Institute, not at all. It is run by the Cloister & Board with advisors. I make NONE of the day to day operating decisions, and none of this stuff is up to me; I insisted that it be set up that way, so I have no voting or actual power and, thanks to Daniel Ennis, Esq., it was set up that way.

What is Ashram Etiquette? It’s good manners expressed in the Ashram context, and that includes personal interactions and all the usages one makes of the Ashram, both Virtual and Brick & Mortar. Continue reading



You’re in Prosperity Virtual Ashram in Second Life, and you’re on your way to some event, but problem is, you don’t know where that event is. Or, alternately, you’re in the Ashram and you want to find all the cool places to go. As you’ll soon see, I’ve been extraordinarily busy in the Ashram since The Shift. No problem locating them; I have a solution for you — merely go into Second Life and follow the links given below. You can copy & paste them into your Second Life address line, if you know how to find the address line at the top of the page. If you need help with this, ask for help. If you can’t ask for help, overcome ego. Continue reading