Running Out a Hot Orb

You’re feeling punk and tired and discouraged and thoroughly miserable, and you want to crawl right back into bed, but you don’t — you get out your INFLUENCE DECK and find the nearest table.

Okay, now you’ve laid out a ten-card reading of your INFLUENCE DECK, and the HOTKEY¬† comes out “Lesbos” — so what do you want to do now?

At least crawling back under the covers is not the foremost thing on your mind at the moment — you’re staring at the LESBOS card.

So, LESBOS is your “Hot Card”, and there you are — you’re sitting there at your Daily Reading, and wondering what’s going on, what kind of influence is this, coming from your own past life in Lesbos?

Is this why you have a strange pain in your right side? Maybe it’s the root cause of your depression? It might be that feeling of guilt and inadequacy you’ve been binging on for the past few weeks. Continue reading

Making Things Go Right, with Quantum Magic

This is a little dissertation on the subject of Quantum Magic, which is magic that, through technology, has become science, and that includes Telepathy, PK, and most esoteric phenomena, and what’s more, I can prove their existence under laboratory conditions — my collaboration with Drs. John C. Lilly, M.D. and Herschel Toomim, M.D. are a matter of public record.

With my help, they were able to design a device that could help people achieve Alpha and Theta brainwave functions at very high levels, that of superconsiousness and cosmic consciousness.

Don’t thank me, it’s just my job.

I’m here to put tools into your hands. I can’t do the work for you, but I CAN give you the means by which to accomplish your work goals and higher spiritual purposes.

At the same time, I can help you make a buck and earn a living with your left foot, leaving you somewhat more free than you are now, to pursue your higher interests without fear of ending up broke again this month. Continue reading

Case Histories — Part Two

Jimmy Morristein

Jimmy was one of those “betrayed kids” whose parents continually lied to him, offered treats and fun and then capriciously withdrew it, and more kinds of “kid-torture” that some parents seem to favor.

Mean-spirited people make up the majority of what you encounter on any street in any city or town on the planet.

Once in a while, you’ll see an honest person return a lost wallet, with the cash still intact, but that’s the sort of thing that, on Planet Earth, definitely makes the nightly news.

Of course, on Planet Trump, nobody trusts the nightly news — and quite rightly.

So what kind of Orb should someone who has been betrayed all their lives want to run? At first, nothing came to mind, but then inspiration struck — I wrote the “Trust” Orb to handle Jimmy’s problem.

Any and every problem can be resolved down to a single “wrongness” that is the most obviously in need of handling, and that’s what we concentrate on as a coach.

The way the Orb helps you regain power over the habit of DISTRUST is to run the Orb, learning to treat TRUST as a substance which, like any other substance, can be handled and therefore mastered — BUT — you have be able to SEE it, recognize it as a substance, and be willing and able to actually handle and manipulate it.

Okay, so how to manipulate “Trust” safely, without getting hurt? Continue reading

Gorebagg’s Orbs — Real Case Histories

“Fringe Science”, huh??? That’s what the headline on the newspaper said about my work, and boy, are they right! It is totally fringe, and the mainstream is just as befuddled as before!

It’s okay, I’ve been called a “crank” before — but the thing is, the article is very positive, and they featured interviews with people who have actually TRIED the SuperBeacon and the Orbs, and got GREAT responses from the article — but let’s talk turkey, about the Quantum Effects that can be triggered and delivered with the ORBS.

What is an Orb?

REAL WORLD QUANTUM EFFECTS can be created by specific sequential actions taken within the DIGITAL REALM, a world at the electronic level which exists next door to this universe. It is possible to reach that realm and to taken actions there which cause effects in this dimension and on this planet.

Within the Orb are contained a number of powerful Quantum Effects that automatically correspond to what you call “The Real World” — the world within which you happen to live, along with your organic body and brain.

Instead of standing still and enacting a ceremony or ritual, you run through the Orb, triggering off a specific and precise set of events similar to those events in a standing-still ceremony or ritual.

In the virtual world, anything is possible, and so you’ll be using unobtainable rarities for the purpose of making magic — real magic — in your life. Continue reading

Brane-Power Mind Control

Yep, we’ve got our own brand of Mind Control, and it has nothing to do with controlling others — it’s about how powerfully you can interface with this dimension. Any other benefit is strictly collateral improvement, such as healing, pacification and other Mind Control Effects which I will outline here and now.

What happens when someone comes into your Brane-Control Center for mental-power training?

They will learn to manifest electricity in midair, to make an object move without touching it, to communicate successfully and provably with the dead, to levitate another person or object, to levitate a sphere, to link solid metal through solid metal, to send an object into another universe.

At some point in their training as a coach, they will learn how to safety extend the right hand and arm through a wormhole directly into another dimension, and while it’s in there, they will grasp something on the Other Side, squeeze it gently, and let it go, then withdraw the arm back into this dimension. That’s by far the weirdest sensation you will ever experience in this lifetime — believe it. Doubt is the Enemy. Continue reading

Rolling Affirmations

Adding some detail makes this Orb come to life.

Think of an Affirmation as a series of actions that you take while standing more or less in one spot, and a Rolling Affirmation as a series of actions that are unlocked by your avatar’s passage through the Orb, sort of a forward-rolling from beginning to end.

The act of running through the Orb produces the Affirmation Effect.

Instead of picking up a book and reading it, you pick up a book and read it, see? And instead of waving a magic wand around, you pick it up at a dead run and it waves itself around as you run, get it???

If you stood still and lit some incense, would it be any different than if you do the same thing on the run? Actually, you do stop and light the incense, but couldn’t resist the attempt at a little humor.

When you pick up the incense, it makes a “lighting” noise. This increases slightly the Immersion Effect of the Orb, along with all the other reinforcements we can bring to bear, and you’ll be responsible to add your own two-cents’ worth in the form of incense, candle, ammy and other atmospheric preparations you’ve made for the journey.

Keep in mind that, although it looks quite like an ordinary video game, you are actually peering directly into another dimension, an alternate reality which really does exist.

Your Avatar has its own life in its own world. You see only a small portion of that life by looking through the Orb-O-Scope into that other world, The World Next Door. Distance is not an obstacle, however — we can look anywhere. Continue reading

Practical Self-Metaprogramming

everything in the Orb corresponds to something in the Real World.

As any self-respecting witch, warlock or wizard will tell you, the KEY to it all is to reach across the SINISTER BARRIER that lies between YOU and the DEEPEST LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, which is why most people need a psychologist or hypnotist to get past the blockage between the Daily Consciousness and the Deep Levels of the Metaconscious and the Meta-Physical.

When you manipulate objects that are BONDED to each other, the TARGET OBJECT moves according to the movements you make with the correspondings. Some would say, “It’s all in the BONDING”, and they’d be right.

The real trick is LINKAGE, which consists of getting the various OUTER ELEMENTS attached to the INTERNAL ELEMENTS, and in the case of videogame environment ORBS, it’s a matter of attaching the INTERNAL VIDEOGAME ELEMENTS to the INTERNAL CONSCIOUSNESS of YOU.

It took years to work out which thing corresponds to what internal thing, which videogame object connects up to what, which thing — when you tug it — does what??? This was a long learning process for the game development team, but it was worth the wait.

We now can place exact models of magical and empowered items into a videogame space and MAKE THEM WORK, just as if they were physically present in the space of the operator.

In short, anything that can be accomplished in a PHYSICAL RITUAL can be duplicated in one of my MAGICALLY EMPOWERED ORBS, and the end-result will be exactly the same as if it had been carried out in the organic world of the body and brain.

I know this is a tough concept, but since ALL my videogaming levels are built on this principle — and depend on it for their effectiveness in the Real World — I’ll be happy to explain in some detail, so get ready for the aforementioned “great detail” — here goes:

There is a barrier between you and your subconscious — we agree on that, right? When you wake up in the morning or the middle of the night or from an afternoon nap, and you have a vague memory of a stirring dream, you can’t quite get at the details, can you???

Well, that’s the effect of the barrier, called “Third Stage Delta” in brain language, that prevents you from accessing anything outside the ordinary consciousness and reality.

The same thing happens when you try to recall something in your past — you can get the gist of it, but the details will elude you.

There’s a barrier between YOU and your memory of having lived other lives, in other times, other bodies and even other dimensions.

There seems to be a WALL between you and your DEEPEST levels of programming and meta-programming, and it seems impassible, which upon examination, proves correct — it is impassible, but you can reach right THROUGH it, if you know how. Continue reading

A Short Photo-History of Atlantis

Atlantis was the foundation of the later Egyptian & Mesopotamian cultures.

Who was I?

To which Family and Clan did I belong? What was my favorite Cult in ancient times, and who my favorite God or Goddess?

What was my livelihood? What did I achieve in ancient lives? Where did I live? What did I wear? What did I eat? How did I care for my young? What education existed then? What sports? What games? What drugs? What sex was I and what did I do with it? How many children and grandkids did I have, and in which lifetime?

Can I trace my steps through 24,000 years of the Atlantean Civilization?

Take a Moment —

You’re at a psychic fair or Celtic Festival or craft fair — possibly even in the sense of “Fair of the Wise” — and you see this booth, which proclaims it as “Atlantean-Society”, so you walk over, and you’re shown how to trace your ancestry and existence in Atlantis, over 14,600 years ago.

You can find out about your lifetimes, your multi-lives genealogy, and you can see your own life-charts across the great civilizations of the distant past.

You can regain your ancient skills and knowledge, and with the help of a Past-Lives Coach, you will be able to study and evaluate your contributions and your achievements within the framework of the Atlantean Kingdom from about 40,000 B.C. until the Second Great Deluge in 12,443 B.C.

What was the chronology?

The Atlantean Kingdom became the Global Atlantean Empire, which was lost during The Great Flood — the world-drowning flood recorded in the cuneiform brick libraries of the Sumerians, leaving people back in the stone age, culturally speaking.

This early time period was, of course, the root-beginnings of the first oral tradition Creation Story Myths, stories kept alive from one generation to the next through verbal transmission.

This was the first raw beginnings of what later was collected from a variety of original sources and, when bound together in a single volume or set of scrolls, became known as “The Old Testament” — as opposed to the testaments that appeared around the time of Jesus, most of which were dumped out by the Second Council of Nicea because they were downright embarrassing and denied their right to rule and dominate and control all nice believers — okay they made a slight error in judgment. Make one lousy little mistake, like blotting out the sun, and they never let you forget. Continue reading

Original Art Scrapbooks

Cedar Bar New York School celebrities showed up at my Cedar Bar Art Shows.

Depressed and discouraged?

Can’t find a way to make an honest living in Trumpland?

Nobody can. But you can turn your life around with a simple and basic understanding of the following Truth:

“It’s just as easy to make a million-dollar sale as it is to make a two-buck transaction.”

Hard to believe? For most folks, determined to be end-user suckers, it’s downright impossible to believe that it’s the same effort regardless of the money involved, but boy, is it ever true, and with a few simple $35,000 art sales under your belt, you’ll maybe come to believe.

It can take a lifetime to really learn that it isn’t the money, and most folks remain ignorant of this fact, and when they do happen to hear it, they simply don’t believe it, but it’s true, and some people have made millions knowing how to take advantage of this fact. Continue reading

New Orbs Alert

For those fans of The Orbs, I have something a little new and different for your consideration — I’ve remade and redesigned the BardoTown Map, which now includes dozens of interiors, all of which you now STRAP TO¬† instead of taking a TELE.

The effect is a short pause between maps, but it’s worth the wait, because in each area, I can isolate and magnify the effects — each map has the potential for its very own set of physics, math and probability, and I fully take advantage of that fact.

Accordingly, I’ve separated the interiors from the giant exterior OVERWORLD that is the BardoTown map, so the store interiors are now OUTBOARD ORBS, which is to say, something on the order of “sub-orbs” to which you can strap from the OVERWORLD map through a variety of doors, windows and other fenestrations of the architecture. Continue reading