Scared Enough Yet???

Get out of town with the God Particle! Escape from Planet Trump Today!!!

If you’re NOT scared to death, you’re not paying attention.

The President of the United States has just called for the prosecution AND DEATH of several political rivals including a number of FBI people, DoJ Heads and other high-ranking investigators responsible for the Mueller Report, and this was only one day after launching a campaign to arrest, prosecute AND EXECUTE any journalists or publishers who use ANY LEVEL of classified material knowingly OR UNKNOWLINGLY, and THAT’S after a week-long verbal persecution of the now-demonized “DEMS”, and the withdrawal of ANY AND ALL support for minorities, and a month-long STONEWALL of Congress, thus creating a war against ANY and ALL investigations and oversight.

And on top of that, Trump has declared War on Women, and is preparing to declare war on Iran — dictators must have wars, to misdirect attention away from their shortcomings.

Well, heck-darn. Might as well just send Congress home — without oversight and finance functions or committees, they won’t have anything to do. Gosh, does this give you any sense of deja-vu, or were you as yet unborn in the Age of Hitler? Continue reading

New Offerings For TrumpWorld Voyagers

Just passing through? Even if you’re only here for a lifetime or two, you’ll enjoy playing the Trump Level a LOT more with the proper equipment.

Just reviewed my copy of The Goddess  v. TRUMP — it’s a brand-new, just-released today Oz Fritz Studio recording. This CD sounds incredible, and features Julia on vocals, T on drums, Dan on keyboard, Claude on bass, and I’m on rhythm guitar & backup vocals. Wait ’til you hear it — you’ll want to send a copy to a thousand people, and you can — I’ll tell you how at this morning’s ICW meeting!

READY FROM MY STUDIO is the amazing “PIECE OF GOD” Charm, which contains an enormous level, all contained in a tiny bundle of pure emitted energy, activated by the radio waves emanating from your heart, which is a low-energy transmitter, tempered by the radio-waves coming directly to Earth from the Big Bang and Stage 3 Stars.

It’s truly amazing. You’d ordinarily wear it on a silver chain if you’re an official PLS Practitioner, but you’ll already be wearing our Bardo Healer uniform:

School Uniform Women's Relaxed Cotton Mock Turtleneck
Women’s School Uniform Super-T Mock Turtleneck
School Uniform Men's Super-T Mock Turtleneck
School Uniform Men’s Super-T Mock Turtleneck
School Uniform Men's Sweatpants
School Uniform Men’s Sweatpants

Socks are black, unless you can’t wear black socks, plus a pair of black runners, your choice of makers & style.

To top it all off, you’ll be wearing a “Piece of God Charm”, which is our equivalent of a “Crucifix”, which is, in case you aren’t familiar with them, and lots of folks around the world have no idea what this might be.

The black top & pants sweatsuit will run about $70 for both, and less than that if you happen to get them on their frequent 40% sales.

The PoG Charm is $69.95 retail — you pay only $35 per unit, so you can resell them to your congregation. There isn’t any way to get the quality but to pay for what you get.


I mean it. God is within easy reach, when you have a God Particle dangling around your chest.

Touch it for luck, for extra power, extra energy, emergency help, panic or fear, just as you would a crucifix or a star of David or a Hand of Fatima or a Figa Horn Charm.


I make them and ship them in groups of three, at which you get a small extra discount, so you get 3 units for $100, and I pay the shipping anywhere in the U.S.A.!!!

Have you been wondering what your mission on Earth actually might be? Here’s your answer.


You’re charged with “Self-Remembering” and “Self Consciousness”, which means that you’re a working LRS and/or PLS Practitioner. You wear the black outfit when performing this task.


You belong to a Soul Group, a Pack of Green — cooperation, not competition. You all work to learn to tolerate and even appreciate differentness.


The Purpose is obvious. Save the Planet and Serve the Work.

See You At The Top!!!






CARVED WOOD GILDED FRAME — gallery tagged $1250 in original museum exhibit frame.

This is priced for RESELLERS at only $650 in a fabulous frame — this is $250 BELOW COST. The provenance of the print is from legendary print dealer Pamela Hattay-Stratton and is unconditionally guaranteed to be in perfect condition and state. Absolutely amazing framing job, was on display in local museum — this is the only way to get an affordable Gainesborough!

I don’t happen to have a shot of the frame, but take my word for it, it’s a $600+ framing job, and worth every cent.

Artist: Sir Thomas Gainsborough (English, baptised 1727 – 1788)
Title: The Watering Place
Medium: Antique etching on thick laid paper after the original oil on canvas by master etcher Richard Samuel Chattock (British, 1825 – 1906).
Year: 1875
Signature: Signed in the plate.
Condition: Excellent
Dimensions: Image Size 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches.  This not a modern print. The impression was hand pulled from the copper plate more than 140 years ago. The strike is crisp and the lines are sharp. The original oil on canvas is housed in The National Gallery.

Extra Information:
A herd of cattle with two goats drinking at the side of a pool set in woods, the herdsman behind and a group resting at left, a cottage at the foot of a hill seen through the trees in the distance.

Artist Biography:
Thomas Gainsborough was an English portrait and landscape painter, draftsman and printmaker

. He surpassed his rival Sir Joshua Reynolds to become the dominant British portraitist of the second half of the 18th century. He painted quickly, and the works of his maturity are characterised by a light palette and easy strokes.

He preferred landscapes to portraits and, along with Wilson, is credited as the originator of the 18th-century British landscape school.

Gainsborough was a founding member of the Royal Academy.

You will not find a better fine art piece anywhere in the world, and it comes at a time when the art market and stock market are at an all-time high. BUY THIS TO TURN IT — sell it right off your wall!

The only thing you’ll have to do is educate your customer — who the hell is Gainesborough anyway, one of those Beatles guys?

See You At The Top!!!


Need Help Paying Bills?

available on redbubble right now, this a-line dress is amazing.

Do you need help paying bills? Are you just barely able to keep the wolf from the door? Are you at the end of your financial rope? Are you struggling to make ends meet? Are you having to work twice as hard to keep food on the table? Well, cheer up, bunkie — the solution is simple.

You merely need more money.

Okay, that’s probably obvious right from the get-go, so — why not just go out and get some?

The answer is built right into the question — “go out” is the operant phrase here. When you remain in your standard daily box, the box within which you conduct your daily stuff, your income is what it is, and your expenses are what they are, period.

It’s only if you GO OUTSIDE the box that something in that equation will change.

Years ago, I used to help people to create their “dream jobs”, meaning that we found something that they were ABLE to do, and really WANTED to do, but that would also create a livelihood that would hopefully last through the retirement years.

But what if you were one of the millions of middle-class citizens who were stripped of their retirement by the Wall Street Banker Scandals and other such manipulations of stocks and bonds?

How about if you just don’t happen to have it and find yourself right at the door to hopelessness and despair?

If you’re driven to desperation, you’re the one I want to talk to, not the one who thinks there’s still plenty of time to waste.

So here’s what you need to do, right now — you can just fill out this form and send it back to me, but DO IT NOW — don’t put this off again, it just makes it worse.

Spanish Inquisition? No, Just a Casual Chat.

I want to know just enough about you to help you find a path, but don’t put anything on there that you don’t want read out loud in public, because if your case is interesting enough — meaning a lot of other folks are in similar economic circumstances or live in similar neighborhoods  or work at similar jobs or have similar skills — I’ll want to include your situation in one of the broadcast workshops, so be careful what you say.

Okay, here’s what I need to know in order to be able to help you analyze and evaluate your circumstances and potential opportunities to break out of the aforementioned “box”.

  1. YOUR NAME — It sounds dumb, but actually many people submit questions and fail to give me a way to contact them. A name helps me to “brand” you, which when you’re marketing, ya gotta have, and if you can’t give a name to a stranger, don’t expect a handshake back.
  2. YOUR AGE. It can be approximate, but please don’t lie more than ten years’ worth, thank you.
  3. YOUR BIRTHPLACE — Up to you how specific you want to be, but don’t include any info that could be used by evil online entities. All I want is some sort of idea of where you started your most recent Earth journey.
  4. WHERE WERE YOU RAISED? — What I’m looking for here is, what sort of childhood environment was it? Downtown Cleveland, or the fringes of the Sahara? I need to get a handle on your background and exposure to people, ethnicities and cultures.
  5. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN LATELY? — What I mean here is, where do you live now, where do you work, where do you shop, bowl and otherwise spend your time?
  6. WHAT ARE YOUR BEST SKILLS? — What do you do for a living, and what other skills, related or not to your profession, might you put to use?
  7. WHAT DO YOU KNOW? — Do you have any knowledge that might be of use? What sorts of things do you know — such as classic philosophy, geology, stamp collecting, raising amphibians, or perhaps you speak 17 languages and 43 dialects — things like that.
  8. WHO DO YOU KNOW? — This could mean “what celebrities do you know personally and well enough to call them on the phone”, or it could mean “do you ever bump into anyone else during the course of an average workday?” or it could mean “are you online and hooked up?”. Only you can answer those questions, and you should. If you happen to know wealthy people of means who have a lot of  money, golly whiz, have we got goodies for them — they can collect and donate art and get a healthy benefit from it — they can gain local fame by donating an incredible collection to a local museum, university or library, and world-fame by donating our Donner Collection or our Jurassic Dinosaur Collection to a major museum.
  9. WHERE DO YOU GO? — Do you ever leave the cycle of “home-car-work-car-food shopping-car-home-collapse and rest so you can do it again tomorrow”? If you do happen to run into folks on the way through your daily cycle, do you speak, nod or otherwise acknowledge each other?
  10. WITH WHOM DO YOU SHARE? — This is a simple and short list of those with whom you share your thoughts from time to time, possibly with whom you play table games, online games, maybe do a tarot reading or binge-watch Gilligan’s Island.
  11. WHAT TURNS YOU ON? — What’s exciting to you about the Work Ideas, and what would you like to share with others?
  12. WHAT IS YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE? — This will be determined by your level of tolerance — the internet is a definite imposition on your personal privacy, so be careful how you interact online. That having been said, you should make a chart or list of what your online presence looks like now, and find out how to change that for the better, which might not mean “more” or “faster” or “bigger” — sometimes the way to “better” is “less” or “different”. Learn what’s there before you make changes.
  13. SMOOTH IT OUT — Okay, you’re worth $36,543.16, but when you smooth it all out, how much have you actually got in cash?” asks Bud Abbott of his comedy partner, Lou Costello. “A dime,” he responds, digging into his pocket for the coin, but he pulls out a piece of paper — an I.O.U. for “one dime” from a neighborhood craps game. Just roughly, are you short every month, are you okay with your present bills, or are you somewhat flush with a little extra from time to time? I don’t want any of it — I’m trying to find out if you can jump out of the box by greasing it with a little cash, and if you’re constantly short of your needs, we can look at more drastic measures, such as busking, street sales, fairs, countertop “trunk show” space, and more

Now it’s time to create a daily log or diary of how well it’s going, and each of these items will give us an idea of how to make it work for YOU in YOUR life.

What works in someone else’s life may not work at all in your situation, and every single lifetime pathway has to be skillfully planned out, like architecture and city planning.

There is a definite path, but you have to have all the information before you can lay it all out there, so if there’s anything you think you ought to add into the info packet about yourself and your condition or situation, please do so now, but again, don’t put anything down that you wouldn’t want read aloud in public.

You can tune in to the ICW tomorrow and when you indicate that you are on with us, I’ll read your responses to my questions and give you a “reading”, which will be some sort of indication of ways you might proceed, which options might be open to you.

I’ll be conducting a “Buskers Only” Workshop sometime soon — will work out the details with the Powers That Be, and get back to you on that. If you need money today to pay last month’s rent, you’re probably ready for the Buskers Only Workshop.

I might have some further questions for you about your circumstances when we’re workshopping, but you have your homework clearly set out before you.

By the way, if you want to actually BE SEEN at the Top, you might learn to activate and use a CONDUIT. You can find out all about Conduits as soon as I know more about them — I’m looking into a variety of possibilities for casings and wearables, and when I get the catalogs in my hands, I’ll make a decision.

These “Conduits” are kinda like Pocket Relic Shrines, if you’re familiar with Tibetan gear, and they DO work, they ARE guaranteed to work as direct linkage to Norton Street, near the second bookcase, through the BOOK PICKUP at that juncture in the Causal Plane.

You can also use them as DIRECT LINKAGE to Cosmo, Ench02, Gemini and other Terminal Junctions in the BardoTown Layout.

You get a VISIBLE linkage to the target space, meaning that you can be seen and heard in the Causal Plane Space called “norton”, which is at the apex of the n-loop — you are trying to work your way toward the “l” loop, if you’ve forgotten, and I think you’re gonna make it, maybe just by the skin of your teeth.

Sorry, that requires a bit of thought — teeth have no skin.

See You At The Top!!!


It’s Here, and you can get it NOW!!!

Yes, you can get it now, right now, this very second, if you wish — it’s up on ejgoldguru on youtube, can’t miss it, and you might be lucky just clicking on this thing here to see if it takes you there.

There is a KEY.

The secret to the KY is activation, and I’ll be only too happy to explain:

When you have an active character or avatar running about inside a space, whether it be organic or electronic, your hands and fingers are esconced upon the mouse and keyboard, and that’s your interaction — you need no other.

But — what if it’s NOT a videogame? What if it’s a video?

Well, there you had me for a while, but I’ve got a poker hand that beats it. All you need do is complete the cycle , hook up, connect the dots, and this you can do by simply acknowledging every statement that comes out at you from the in-game chatbot coaches.

In short, if a voice says, “You read the book of Sekhmet,” you can nod in agreement, smile in acknowledgement and THEN nod in agreement, verbally repeat the statement as coming from you, such as “Yes, I read the book of Sekhmet”, even though you didn’t actually read it in your awareness, but rest assured, your avatar DID read the requisite chapter.

The real power of affirmation is acknowledgement.

Own it, get it, be it, cop to it, grok it, embrace it. The more you take responsibility, the less hypnotic and post-hypnotic suggestions can overwhelm you and take you down.

Why a video?

Because technology won’t slow down, not now, not ever, not as long as money drives the market, and that’s a long, long time.

So, bracing for a future in which there are no PCs, no MACs and no “other”, a future which will be dominated by the cellphone, you can rest assured that whatever works today, won’t necessarily work tomorrow.

That’s why video.

Claude pointed out that cellphone technology changes on the average of once a week, and you have to have the technical staff to anticipate that there will be some people who can’t see or hear what you’re putting out there in a game environment.

On a cellphone, the outcome is even more strained by the fact that there are several companies involved in making those changes in the operating systems of a number of branded cellphone types.

What will inevitably happen is that at some point, we just won’t be able to keep up.

It’s at that point that the video technology will take over. We will have transferred our Orb runs over to high definition video by that time, and that’s how they’ll be run, as videos.

Again, the key is agreement.

You can nod, as I said earlier. Nodding is fine. Saying “Yeah,” or “Okay”, or “All Right”, or “Right on”, or any variant of agreement will work just fine, but make sure you agree on every action in the run — it’s all gotta be in there, every element.

If by some strange vagary of chance it happens that you don’t quite catch the phrase, can’t see it clearly enough or can’t make it out any which way, don’t panic — just nod in agreement to whatever the hell it was.

I don’t mean to abdicate your attention — what I mean is, don’t get hung up on details. Now, if it’s every phrase that causes you trouble, you can remedy that by switching to an actual game and run it on a laptop or PC and forget the video.

But if you NEED it on a cellphone, gotta have it on a cellphone, and don’t mind the loss of both video and audio quality and the lack of control, here it is, ready to use today, no game engine, no download, nothing but a cellphone and a sense of where to find this video.

Will there be more of these? Yep. I’ll be making more — I have several planned for movie making and will notify you when they’re available, hopefully in the next few days, but we’re just a few days until the Ishtar/Easter workshop.

Whew — it’s a lotta work, but worth it if it works for you!!!

See You At The Top!!!





Elements of Quantum Magic — PART TWO

Sometimes you can’t tell if you’re coming or going in the quantum world.

Making your Orb Run more powerful can be accomplished by the simple process of making an exact copy of the item or action in your mind.

COPY THAT — It’s as simple as that.

In the GODD® Engine, it’s accomplished by simple AGREEMENT that you actually did pick up the item, or use the item, or do the action as described by your in-game guide and the text message on the upper left of your video screen.

The whole idea is to MAKE IT REAL FOR YOURSELF.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the details you’ll encounter when running an Orb. Continue reading

Elements of Quantum Magic PART ONE

Chen-Rig IV Temple, built in the GODD® Game Engine, but it’s not a game.

Let’s start with the basics. You’re feeling pain right now, present-life pain — it can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or other, but no matter what the immediate cause, there is pain right now.

Well, naturally, the body goes through its medicine cabinet of repair options, but did you realize that the Essential Self, the Being, also goes through the same procedure?

What the Being does is, it brings forward to present time ALL PAST CASES of that same pain, or a similar pain or a pain that isn’t similar but it happened in the same place, such as the small of the back, or the side on which you always seem to sleep.

So with all the present-time pain, there is added ALL the past life pain that you happened to accumulate along your never-ending journey among the native organic population.

Well, now, you’re expecting to use Quantum Magic to get rid of all that extra baggage, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do, step by step. Continue reading

This is the Proverbial “It”

It was suggested by some angel friends that I might construct an “Angelic Invoker” Orb, and I have duly done so.

What it does is, it makes the invocation process automatic and self-triggered by the runner — that’s you — as you pass through the Orb — the process is pretty straightforward, and you get text and verbal hints all along the way. Continue reading

Save 20 Years of Struggle

You no longer have to master the skills of visualization and remote viewing, plus all the rigorous training of ritual and ceremony — merely sit down in front of your desktop or laptop PC and plug into Gorebagg’s World — the miniature world of quantum mechanics and cyberspace superexistence.

Everything’s done for you inside the computer space — all the elements are in place and ready to operate at your command, creating a synergistic complex affirmation that takes prayer to a whole new level. Continue reading

Make Things Go Right with Quantum Magic

Make Things Go Right with Quantum Magic

Wishing Candle & Power Base work well with the Influence Deck & Orbs.

It’s easy if you try. Imagine spending 15 or 20 years learning the various aspects of magical invocation — everything from visualization to thought-form handling and everything in between.

With my Orbs, you don’t need to achieve any special skills.

Just conjure up the Orb on the screen, and start running. The Orb takes care of all the rest — but what are you trying to accomplish? Continue reading