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Click on Upper Right “Share” Button! Okay, so on my way to breakfast at the moment. Actually, I just happened to stop by my desk to put up a mini-blog about claudio on my instagram page. It is my practice to post an InstaGram at about the same time every morning, so check it out, share it, repost it, get it out there, pass it on and study it to see how to incorporate the hashtag in complete sentence form, as you’ll see there on #IG.

If you’ve survived the first video, I guess you can take it on the chin another time, so here’s yet another vid — we made about fifteen videos and I danced and/or sang for five hours, just for the sheer fun of it.

Okay, I’ll push it one more time — this is another video from yesterday’s #VideoBinge with my friends on youtube. You’ll find these videos posted there, but there are many more on the way, and I’ll be doing a LOT of karaoke singing for a few video sessions at the very least, and if you like ’em, I’ll post more. I’ve been holding back, because nobody asked me, but I figure, maybe you don’t know that I’m willing to do them, so enjoy:

Okay, well, now I’m over the limit, gotta run out da door quick, stow down some chow, and get back out here for the morning meeting, in about half an hour — that’d be 6:30 a.m. — over on the “Livestream” channel. See you there. And I’ll also:

See You At The Top!!!


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Be Yourself

Did you live in ancient Lesbos? Is that lifetime affecting you now? Would you like to know more about it?

I’m not going to make it easy, with a hotlink. You have to take the time and trouble to contact me, message me, find some way to tell me that you REALLY want to know if you have lived before this life — and you have.

I can tell you where, when and what happened, and I have the spiritual tools to actually educe that out of you.

You have all the memories, but they’re locked up away from you. It’s SAFE and EASY to bring those memories back to life, so you will KNOW that you are an immortal being — it’s not just about belief and faith!

I can PROVE to you that you lived many times before! Better yet, YOU can prove it TO YOURSELF, using my incredible Spiritual Work Tools and Software to unlock the Secrets of Your Ancient Past! Continue reading

One Post a Day

I could be posting on InstaGram all day long — my creative writing skills don’t crash into writer’s block, because I know the secret of fighting writer’s block.

What is the remedy for writer’s block? Poverty.

Actually, even though that might be funny, it’s very true. Necessity is the Mother of All Evil — maybe I don’t have that Old Wise Saying exactly right, but the truth is in there somewhere.

The simple fact is that there is a really great secret to breaking writer’s block, and it involves the PLS Technique.

You simply put a graphic in front of you, and write some compelling copy with its inspiration. That’s all there is to it. Just write to the picture.

You want to write wonderful stories and amazing and astounding fantasies and mythologies? Forget about descriptive dialogue, narrative passages and fanciful delusionary visions, because nobody has the time for a novel anymore, unless it’s spoken word, and even then, you can expect them to go for the Classic Comic version.

First of all, they MIGHT listen to an audio book, but it’d be on their mobile device, and that limits what they’re doing and where they are. In short, the Age of the Novel is long gone.

So What Next?

“History is prologue”, as my friend Willie Shakespeare once said just as the Spanish fleet was sailing up the Thames and the queen was striking a deal with Montmorency.

So what the f*ck happened to movies when television arrived? What happened to radio when television arrived? What happened to all of that when the smartphone arrived?

Everything is simplified now, right down to the cellphone, the smartphone, the mobile device.

Does that make it easier to deal with life and cope with the necessities of the day? Far from it — the cell phone and social media make things a lot tougher than they have to be.

Radio started out uplifting and educational, and within a couple of MONTHS from the first commercial radio broadcast ever, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, on Election Day, November 2, 1920, when the first ever Presidential race results were announced over the air, Warren G. Harding over James M. Cox.

Interestingly, Harding totally ignored Cox and went right after Wilson, calling for a “Return to Normalcy”, which will be the battlecry once again in this coming 2020 election.

Well, never you mind the millions of dead. I’ll go into the kitchen and put up a nice kettle of boiling hot water for the tea.

The Age of the Novel is long gone, say I — and nevermore to return. Information is in slugs and bits and chunks and bytes.

Newsbytes. Fake News. Headline News. Snap. Crackle. Pop.

Make mine a chocolate malted, tarbender. Say, ossifer, how about seeing your way clear to not giving me a traffic ticket? Why, I’ve bought and sold more judges than you could violate the civil rights of citizens in a single day.

Go figure that one out.

So what you’re faced with on InstaGram and FaceBook and all them social media frenzy guys is that you have to come up with — not a compelling story, but a compelling HEADLINE.

A single word, two words, maybe three, that tells the whole story in a nutshell, grabs the attention, whets the appetite and lures the reader onward toward the “follow” button, which is the whole point.

Why be on InstaGram at all?

The only reason you could possibly endure the miserable conditions and restrictions that you’ll find on InstaGram is that you want something.

Maybe not for yourself, but you want something.

I’m trying to build a base of “followers” on InstaGram because you’re not visible on IG unless you have 10,000 followers.

Why stop there?

How about a million followers? The upside is very clear — with a million followers, you have a voice, you reach a lot of folks, and the percentage of response will yield a sufficient number to get things done.

What things done? Okay, be precise about your IG goals, and be specific and on-subject. What exactly do you want to accomplish on InstaGram?

If you have no specific purpose other than personal, you’re not using IG in a work way — no shame there, it’s just a fact.

My purpose for being on IG is simply to get a Godd™ Particle Pendant around the neck of every man, woman, child and pet on this sad little mudball, with the idea in mind of reducing the suffering.

Wearing the Godd™ Particle has a profound effect, but you’ll never convince someone of that until they’ve worn one.

Getting a Godd™ Particle on someone through the internet is going to be a bit tough until the 3D printers are up to the task, about a week and a half from now.

My purpose also includes getting a Bardo Band SlapBand Bracelet around the wrist and/or ankle of everyone inclined to use AND WEAR the American Book of the Dead, putting you in constant communication in the Bardos and beyond.

The idea behind the “followers” button is that it turns on a buzzfeed from my IG page to their front page, thus conveying a powerful Blessing every day, as they receive my daily IG posts.

It also keeps us in touch. Got a question? You know where to get hold of me. Ask me anything on-subject, ie; The Work, Social Media Marketing, Community Building.

Brick & Mortar

Please note that if you were selling donuts, you’d have to sell hundreds a day, and that means attracting hundreds of people into your bakery EVERY SINGLE DAY for the rest of your life.

You’ll be standing there waiting for cake and cookie customers until you drop. What a prospect.

It could be a whole lot more productive than that.

If you have a store, you stand around and wait for customers to come through the door, right?


You should be spending every hour in the shop online marketing things through a variety of online outlets, depending on the goods.

You could also be working to expand your IG population with DM chats, posts and searches.

One great hustle — I mean strategy — is to follow anyone suggested by The Machine as worthy of note, then click onto their page and COMMENT on something they’ve posted.

Chances are they’ll return the “follow” with a “follow” of their own on your page, see?

Another great strategy is to tell your followers to go to my page and hit the “follow” button, but tell them why.

Note that I’ve asked for an ACTION STEP — follow me on InstaGram.

What do you get for following me?

I’m offering a FREE PRIZE — One Genuine Daily Blessing — which comes to them every day in the form of one of my posts.

As long as they don’t “unfollow” me, they receive those Blessings. I don’t advise stopping, but hey, it’s your choice.

It’s all very transactional, but remember that I do have a reputation in the Gestalt community related to transpersonal psychology when I was director at Cowichan in 1972-73, but that’s another story.

EJ Gold and Claudio Naranjo in private discussion, 1974.

I note that my friend and ally Claudio Naranjo has passed. He is in the company of a number of his Tibetan friends.

He’s doing just fine, and is well on his way to his next task. Your readings and prayers are very appreciated and add to the force of the already proceeding prayers and guidings, although for Claudio, it’s not about guidance — he knows the way.

So Blessings one day, then Healing the next, but then what???

Every day I gotta come up with a new graphic and a new backstory, all in 125 words or less, replete with hashtags and supporting data.

That’s a daunting task even for the greatest advertising copywriter of them all — Daryl Stevens over at McMann & Tate Advertising Marketing, Design & Sales.

Sure, that’s them characters from the television series “Bewitched”, but it’s also very real. There are advertising agencies out there just like McMann & Tate, and I worked for a bunch of them.

As an account executive, I dealt with the most singularly stupid creature on the face of the Earth — the Network Vice President.

First of all, there are about fifty “Vice Presidents” — that’s doubletalk for “Management Trainee”, and they’re totally scared witless out of their socks by every little puff of wind.

If you can get a decent script past them, you’re unique — it’s never been done, but forget about scripts, forget about story, forget about attention span.

It’s all about No attention span, and that means social media.

If you really miss your JUNIOR year at high school, you’re going to love social media. It has all the attraction and romance of a night at a bus or railway station, and the clash and clamor can drive you nuts if you’re the slightest bit psychic-sensitive.

Ouch, right?

But that IS where everyone has gone. They’re not on eBay, this I can promise you. I was a premium “Platinum Seller” on eBay until everybody ditched eBay and went over to social media, notably FaceBook at first.

Now, of course, FaceBook is predictably “almost dead”, and InstaGram has taken the lead, but it is soon to drop to second place as Snapchat comes out of fourth place into the front position.

They’re at the far turn now, and we’ll see how it all comes out when they reach the Finish Line, which won’t be in the too distant future.

In short, hold onto your hat, and wear your hat at home.

Always be ready to bug out, especially if there’s a knock at the door. It used to be that we’d go over to the door and open it to see which friendly neighbor is there, but now, we step to one side and demand, “Who goes there?”.

Make sure that they show you some ID before you agree to open the door. Oh, you probably need a door peeker device so you can see through the door.

If you’re expecting ICE, I’d move to another state, and fast. If you’re a citizen, there’s no guarantee you’ll be safe from rousting, unless you happen to be, well, you know — white.

MAGA — Make America White Again. I never knew the “G” was pronounced like a “W”. Best way to get votes is to give away “free” hats — hats that cost about a dollar to make overseas, and that work as a walking “sandwich board” advertisement that people are willing to wear on their heads, haw, haw, haw!!!

Well, marketing and branding ARE the New Reality. Learn or Die. Wither thou goest, I shall also wither.

Shot Heard Round the World will ring the doorbell once again, and soon!

Ben Franklin said it best!

Waste not, want not. Penny saved is a penny earned. He that lies down with dogs shall wake up with fleas.

Gosh, I hope that doesn’t happen to all those Republicans and toadies who got in bed with Trump. That’s a lot of flea powder.

May I recommend a Fancy Flea Collar for Trump Associates?

I have one in mind — well, not actually a flea COLLAR, but how about a cat collar tag or dog collar tag, or a horse collar tag?

I make “Healthy Pet” collar tag flash drives for your dog, cat or other pet — each collar tag contains an entire QUANTUM PET WORLD full of healing and protection prayers and blessings, and quantum magic effects to help your pet feel wonderful and wanted — keeps you in CONSTANT CONTACT with your pet when you wear your Wavelength Matching Godd™ Particle Pendant in its beautiful brushed metal case — it is a work of art!

Okay, we’re almost at breakfast time, just enough to maybe hang an IG post for today!

See You At The Top!!!



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Want to Take a Selfie in Atlantis?

You can do it right now, if you’re a member of our Prosperity Path Ashram, but there’s no hotlink to it from here — you’ll have to actually ASK someone, interact socially, in order to find out more about it, or you can try to do some research online in the blogs and things.

You’d do better to just ask, and that’s entirely my point. Social media allows you to ask me ANYTHING, and you’ll probably get an answer.

More than that, following me on IG puts you in my radar for Blessings and Protection, and in this day of ICE Raids and Children Locked Up in Cages and Crooked Politicians, and Lying Attorneys General, and Race Riots and Anti-Semitism and White Supremacy and Criminal Injustices and Border Crises, and all those other Trump-Engendered threats, you’re going to need Protection and lots of it.

I have several protection “Trump Neutralizer” pendants available now, but the very best protection from Trump and Trumpies and the Trump Gestapo ICE Squads is the Godd™ Particle Pendant and the Bardo Band Slapband wrist bracelet with the Four Lines in gold on the band, and a powerful flash drive containing the 49 Days Orb, the LRS Orb, the Clear Light Orb and the entire American Book of the Dead, with all graphics and prayers, and a few extra bonuses as well.

Those two things are the best protection you can get on Planet Earth.

In this Age of Trump, you need all the help, and magic and protection you can get. Follow me on IG for an additional Blessings boost! Continue reading

Tap Here For Instant Blessings

Compelling Copy.

I’m going to reveal some more secrets of marketing, as told to me by my Marketing Angel, Zadkiel.

I know these work, because I had experience with Vance Johnson Ad Agency in L.A. back in 1964-65 when I was also in art school.

In order for the gimmick to work in this case, I need a Genuine Spiritual Celebrity who is willing to take the flak that comes with any public exposure, and in this particular case, on behalf of IDHHB, I guess I’m it.

I’m not the kind of celebrity that people chase after for autographs, but I am well known and recognized in the world of New Thought and New Age Physics.

So if you tap on my photo and go to my IG page and tap on “follow”, you’ll receive Blessings in the form of a news feed, every day from then on, until you “unfollow”, in which case, be prepared for disaster — just kidding.

My Blessings improve upon but don’t take the place of natural karma. Continue reading

Bring Me More Followers!!!

Do you like this item? It’s a 3.0 64GB brushed aluminum Drive in Maple Box.

The Zen Box is Here!!!

This is the most exciting gift idea that ever happened anywhere — there is nothing like in in the world! Nobody has these! Go to Hammacher-Schlemmer and sell them on this! It is a total exclusive, and mind-blowing!

You can put this flash drive into your USB port and FROM THE DRIVE ITSELF you can do a walkthrough or an exercise in cyberspace, and LEAVE YOUR AVATAR THERE to continue doing it while you go to work, drive or do whatever you need to do to keep yourself going.

It is absolutely the most incredible meditation tool ever invented.

Look at this incredible deal — it’s an incredibly fast custom flash drive containing incredible new software that makes this the most fabulous and powerful shamanic tool ever introduced.

It may well be the Best Invention Since the Wheel.

Frankly, I don’t care if you order one or not. I plan to order as many of these as I can afford. Continue reading

How to Become an Influencer

My friend Bill Shatner is a powerful influencer who uses it to sell product.

What is an “Influencer” and why does it matter to me?

If you’ve ever tried to reach an audience online, you know already that you can’t. You don’t have the audience to catch enough interested people to statistically or practically make a difference in your monthly income.

In short, advertising sucks.

You get about 5 people to reluctantly take a peek at your postings now and again, but nobody really notices you standing there tap-dancing your heart out, hoping for the Big Break.

Big Breaks don’t happen for folks like us — you have to make your own Big Break, and here’s how to do it: Continue reading