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Escape From Planet Trump

Tired of the old runaround? Don’t want to be directly under the nukes when they go off in your hometown? Have an aversion to being roasted alive by a mob of fear-crazed zombies? Maybe it’s time to take another look at your escape route off of Planet Trump.

I know, I know — I said “no more Trump shit”, and I meant it then and mean it now, but…you have to have some idea of what to do while you’re waiting to be taken away to the nearest labor camp “to save your life, and give you food, medicine, shelter and protection”.

From then on, you work until you die.

Watch as one by one, your freedoms are taken away. Coins and dollar bills will be the first to go, as all currency is controlled through the cloud, through computers that first determine your exact present location and identity, then pass the transaction through.

There will be many blocks, many obstacles, many obstructions on the path to liberation, but there always are, and sometimes they are so in-your-face that they can’t be ignored.

I can afford to ignore Donald Trump forever, but you can’t, and in all conscience, I can’t remain silent, much as I would prefer  to. Continue reading

Metal Embossing Made Easy

Handmade by Local Artisan, only $3 bucks each, come and get it!!!
Handmade Metal Embossings by Local Artisan! Only $3 bucks apiece!!! Look Here!

“Hi, I need some cash fast, and I’m on the street selling these things for which I usually ask fifty bucks, but like I said, I need some cash, so I’m selling them for only $3 bucks apiece, metal ebmossings mounted in a coin flip, like you see here. Can you help me out? How many would you like?”

Metal Embossing? It’s cheap, and it’s a total cinch to make ’em, and a total cinch to sell ’em, when you know a few tricks of the trade. Metal embossing is a terrific way for a new artist of ANY age and persuasion to get out there with their artwork, and it’s a great way to get your art into multimedia without a lot of fuss and horrible expenses.

For an established artist, it’s a no-brainer. It puts your art into an affordable category for an original work of art. Usually it’ll be a signed and numbered multiple, which this isn’t. It’s a total original, and an established artist can ask the moon for these things.

Doubt it? Imagine what the price would be for a coin-sized embossed metal piece if you could PROVE that it was made and signed by Picasso? How about Rosenquist, or Lichtenstein, or Warhol, or Basquiat?

I think you get the picture. Continue reading

What is the Nature of a Game?

Faces of War original pastel by ej gold

Try to imagine what it’s like to be in the Void. There is no passage of time, no way to mark the passage of time. There is no space. No objects, no particles of matter, no energy, no nothing. It’s not necessary to imagine the state of the Void; you can enter it any time you wish to delve into the Void.

The Void has no properties. No height, no width, no depth, no color, no form, no shape, and in fact anything you can think of, just put a “no” in front of it, and that’s a good description of the indescribable Void.

In the Relative World, there is Life, and Life is Pain.

Sure, life hurts, and it hurts bad. It has its ups and downs, its good times, and its bad times, and life is pain, so it’s no wonder that anyone would want to crawl out of there, get off the wheel, and have a pain-free eternal existence in the Land of Pure Bliss.

So you spend thousands of lifetimes fighting, clawing your way out of Samsaric Illusion, and finally, you find yourself “Off the Wheel”, free at last, free at last!

You have achieved the Eternal Bliss of the Void. Wow. What a relief, like taking a huge dump after hours and hours of sweat, anxiety, and discomfort. Here it is, The Void.

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You owe it to yourself to give yourself the Gift of Many Lifetimes, a Bardo Station Run.

Congratulations! You have won a Personal Bardo Game Experience with E.J. Gold, when you attend ANY Bardo Workshop. The Bardo Game lasts about two hours and is coached by E.J., aka “Gorby” from within the online game environment. You are part of an eight-avatar team which includes six student grade avatars, going together into the virtual Between-Lives State of the Third Bardo. Continue reading

JAL Chapter 5 — How to Turn a Gold Mine into a Goldmine

Prosperity MIne 2014
Prosperity Mine 2014 — Paydirt area on the lower small stream — there are two on the 40 acre property.

First of all, you have to have a gold mine somewhere. This is a photo of the Prosperity Mining Claim in Nevada County, California. Note that it’s a nondescript general photo of the small stream on the property. There are no identifiable reference points in the photo — that’s because I don’t intend to give away the location of the mine, because I don’t want swarms of city folks blasting away at the bedrock out of sheer greed.

If you’re taking minerals out, notably gold, lead, silver and iron pyrites, along with several of the heavier gemstones such as garnet, which is used to make carborundum polishing compounds, you have two basic choices, once you’ve located an outcropping or gold ledge — go with heavy equipment and blasting powder, or take a little at a time.

Here’s the thing — gold mining by itself never pays more than survival and a tiny bit extra for sex, booze and camp supplies.

Oh, yes, when you mine full-time, you live there, either in a tent or an expensive home built right on the claim site. Of course, if you give up the claim, you lose the house, unless the claim is patented, and that’s a whole ball of wax right there. I’ll explain: Continue reading


A Warning Sign Takes you Back Home if you lose your nerve or want to try a different level or both.

It’s all iron-reinforced concrete forms into the sky and back again for the casual traveler on the first and easiest level, which is the the SuperBeacon & Matrix to the far left as you come into the World of Skywalking in GoDD®. You can experience this thrilling and challenging virtual world on your Android smartphone and on Pads and Tabs, too. Continue reading



Why download Second Life? Why select an Avatar? Why bother to get into Second Life with your new Avatar? Why develop your Avatar? Why learn the MoveAct Code? Why bother to go to the Ashram at all? Why should you spend your valuable spare time at the Ashram anyhow? Why work at the Ashram if you not only don’t get paid, you have to pay to work there??? Why support the Ashram? Why help make the Ashram grow by bringing new folks to the Ashram???

Fair questions. I’ll tell you why:

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The Crystal People



















Something about crystals fascinates and attracts people. You probably know this already, and crystals do have an attraction for you, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts you don’t know why. It’s no secret unless you don’t happen to know it or grow up around folks who do know the secret of crystals. Secrets remain secret only until they’re published on Facebook. It is a Big Secret only because The Secret Keeps Itself, but hey — I’ll be only too happy to reveal it to you forthwith:

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Heed My Admonition


Heed My Admonition, to wit:

It’s All In The Marketing.

I’ll explain briefly, then elaborate at this morning’s 6:30 live forum… In a word, merely showing up at the Ashram is enough to elevate the soul at least a little, out of the hole it’s in. That having been said, there’s lots of room for improvement at that level of participation.

You’re on the Bodhisattva Path. Okay, what exactly does that mean? Think Mother Theresa, and you’ll have only one tenth the answer. It takes more than being a wandering healer to make a Bodhisattva, but the Root Idea, the Fundamental Principle, is the same — first you have to find someone who needs and wants healing. The “and wants” part is the thing that most allopathic doctors are trained to ignore. My doctor is a rare exception to this generalization, and I hope you’ve found one like that yourself.

Being on the Bodhisattva Path, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s not for your benefit. That’s actually a definition of the Bodhisattva Path. So you need to retrain yourself to find folks that need The Work and deserve to get into it, have the will to complete the training and the heart to apply it. That’d be a good definition of you, if you’ve read down this far.

You clearly don’t lack the heart or the will, but you might yet lack the skills to actually do the job, to get folks coming to the Ashram for healing, deep meditation, reincarnation awareness and shamanic skills training, movement classes, and directed prayer training clinics and Advanced Learning Retreats (ALRs), especially those involving advanced acrobatic flight…and of course, the InterDimensional Excursions and Familiarity Runs in L315a and other similar AEs (Advanced Environments).

Enough said. More at today’s 6:30 morning work session.

See You At The Top!!!