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Coinology Hints

Zombie Family Coin-Search Party earlier this evening.

Here are a bunch of personal notes expanded from a short stack of Post-It notes by my coin-searching pad. I hope you can use this information to gain a better understanding of the technique and liberating technology of Soul-Searching and Sweep-Searching under the 3 Aspects of Coinology which together form the triple-faced Goddess of Coinology, Solaria.

If, on the other hand, you have a favorite god-form, don’t hesitate to assume it for your searches. So, with a lot more further ado than you might like to see, here are the aforesaid previously mentioned “personal notes”, which are, as I’ve already indicated, expanded from much shorter notes written on sticky note paper and plastered by the side of my coin search table and adequate Soft-White lighting.

The biggest hurdle in coin-searching is knowing exactly what you’re looking for, and that really is hindered by studying photos. They simply don’t convey the “feel” of the coin, and once you’ve had an example of that particular error coin in your hand, you’ll not likely forget it, and you can and will SEE the error, thus giving yourself the confidence needed that you WILL RECOGNIZE that coin when it comes up in a search. No doubt about it. Continue reading

Wild New Earring Ideas

Have an old-fashioned Holiday Embossing Party!

If they’re cheap enough, earrings can be bought at the rate of a pair a day, and some folks will do exactly that — buy a pair a day or more. With Gender Fluidity becoming all the rage among youngsters, there’s a good chance that everyone will have piercings galore, which indicates that there will be more than enough piercings on the average teenage body to accommodate dozens of earrings at a time, so don’t stop at the ears!

With my Teeny Copper and Teeny Brass Earring Kits, you can make thousands of earrings an hour, and they’re so cheap, quick and easy to make! Okay, maybe not THOUSANDS of earrings an hour, but certainly dozens.

Actually, the earrings will cost on the average of less than a dollar to make, and for another half a buck, you can successfully and wonderfully package them for easy retail sales.

Yes, I said “easy sale”, because there’s nothing easier than selling someone their own name or their Zodiac sign or their pet’s name etched in copper or brass, and that’s just the NAME variety of earrings or medallions — but there are so many more things you can do with this amazing medium, beyond just names and Zodiac signs.

You see, a craft circle is a CRAFT circle, meaning that the folks are engaged in learning how to make a special and very unusual handmade item in a Paleo way. Continue reading

Turn Your Art Into Cash Today!!!

Gorby with two well-known friends at a nearby UFO spaceport, July 16, 2016. On the right is Murray Schwartz, the Director of Incoming UFO Traffic at Montez Spacefield.

When we exhibited the museum installation “Ancient Faces” at the JAL — Jewels of Ancient Lands — show in Rancho Cordova, it took over the better part of half an acre of commercial space, and drew a crowd in the thousands, but where did they all end up? You’re right, the gift shop, and in the gift shop, this is what they’d see and buy.

Famous Faces Fascinate Folks Ferociously. Not just local fame, like Elvis and the Beatles, but everlasting fame, as in Goddess faces. The Goddess Solaria is the Mother Goddess of Mother Goddesses.

She can be any God, Goddess, Buddha or Ascended Master you care to name her. The face above has, literally, billions upon billions of variations, most of them slight, most variations would not readily be discernible by the unpracticed eye. Continue reading

Top Searchwords on eBay for Art & Artists

Graphite Drawing 1949, available as a 24″ x 36″ — spectacular fine art print on watercolor paper retail $950, new signed VERY limited edition of only 22 copies.

Read it and weep — we’re going to wade through a bit of negative news first, but I assure you that there’s GOOD NEWS at the end of the trail — here is a list of the top 14 eBay searchwords for ART, listed in the order of their relative importance, most-popular searchword in the first place, least popular searchword in last place, thus:

  1. Poster
  2. Wall Art
  3. Mondo
  4. Mondo Poster
  5. Antique Oil Painting
  6. Canvas Art
  7. Original Oil Painting
  8. Oil
  9. Canvas Painting
  10. Sculpture
  11. Etching
  12. Watercolor
  13. Metal Wall Art
  14. WPA (Work Progress Administration — Depression Era Art)
One of the less-objectionable Keith Haring “artworks” generated by the Warhol Marketing Plan, which was to rip off everyone mercilessly without regard for public safety, sanity or aesthetic.

Continue reading

Raving About the New Embossing Metals

DSC_1220 copy_800px

In the course of making several dozen Cornflower Mandalas yesterday, I happened upon a disk made of the embossing metal I’ve been using for decades, now, and duly made a Cornfield Mandala upon it and packed it into a dollar-sized cardboard “flip” coin holder, so-called because to look at the other side of a coin, you flip the flip over with an easy practiced move.

Boy, the key word there is surely “practiced”, and “practiced moves” is what metal embossing and coin-carving is all about, and that goes double for gem-setting and ring-making and painting and sculpting and video gaming and hopscotch and just about anything else you endeavor to do well.

The “right moves” is a Big Number in Buddhism, meaning that it’s important.

“Right Action” means making the right moves at the right time in the right place with the right intention, nice and smooth, making no sudden moves, no ripples in the Firmament or Force.

In short, “Right Action” is grace and movement in relating to the universe and other Beings, and is and was a big subject with Picasso, Matisse, Dali and Stravinski. Continue reading

For Your Convenience…

“Country Road Along Canal, Amsterdam 1645” comes out differently every time.

I’ve given my sources for my metal embossing projects, so that you can bring your prices down, down, down, to the level where there’s some profit in it and it’s worth your while to devote time, energy and talent to the thing.

But what if you DON’T intend to quit the day job and sell your embossed metal artwork to thousands of satisfied customers??? What if you don’t intend to order and await shipments of industrial foil, huge cartons of coin-flips and enormous quantities of sales tags? For you, there is a VERY good answer.

I make kits that are attuned to specific projects. You get all the materials and supplies you need to make 21 finished disks mounted in “flip” coin-frames for sale — that’s one to wear in a bezel or carry as a pocket-pal or purse-pal in an acrylic capsule, if you decide to use those items.

ALL MY DESIGNS COME IN ONLY ONE SIZE, made especially for the dollar-sized disk & bezel. You can re-size them as you wish. You will do better by just sort of roughly and generally copying the lines rather than trying to trace them, but some folks won’t have it any other way, so for them, you’ll have to shrink the thing down on photoshop and print it out on a TRANSFER paper, I suppose.

If you work this system rightly, you’ll develop your own “iconographics” and get them into the metal form. The whole point here is to utilize “reductionism” in order to simplify the form, as Cangialosi would have said it. You can also understand the concept in the following Matisse-ian way:


Metal Embossing Made Easy

Handmade by Local Artisan, only $3 bucks each, come and get it!!!
Handmade Metal Embossings by Local Artisan! Only $3 bucks apiece!!! Look Here!

“Hi, I need some cash fast, and I’m on the street selling these things for which I usually ask fifty bucks, but like I said, I need some cash, so I’m selling them for only $3 bucks apiece, metal ebmossings mounted in a coin flip, like you see here. Can you help me out? How many would you like?”

Metal Embossing? It’s cheap, and it’s a total cinch to make ’em, and a total cinch to sell ’em, when you know a few tricks of the trade. Metal embossing is a terrific way for a new artist of ANY age and persuasion to get out there with their artwork, and it’s a great way to get your art into multimedia without a lot of fuss and horrible expenses.

For an established artist, it’s a no-brainer. It puts your art into an affordable category for an original work of art. Usually it’ll be a signed and numbered multiple, which this isn’t. It’s a total original, and an established artist can ask the moon for these things.

Doubt it? Imagine what the price would be for a coin-sized embossed metal piece if you could PROVE that it was made and signed by Picasso? How about Rosenquist, or Lichtenstein, or Warhol, or Basquiat?

I think you get the picture. Continue reading

24k Truth

Gold is a product of a succession of stellar explosions and reformulations, yielding more and more complex atoms at each star reformation.

The 24k solid gold medallions are the most powerful CONTACT coins in the world. There is no metal exactly like gold, and gold is the key to opening and passing through dimensional portals.

Gold has “reach”. It “continues” in various dimensions, notably the Six Nirvanic Worlds, which cannot be reached with other metals. Gold is always gold. It never changes, and it has its own “constant”, which will someday be important to scientists. You can carve a simple visual “bumpy” message into PURE gold, and it can be read in the Higher Planes.

Gold Tokens can be made from scratch. They need not be altered coins and in fact, I don’t recommend altering gold coins at all. I work on a flat, hammered planchette or disk, fairly thin, at about 13mm in diameter, to fit into the 14k gold “U.S. $1 Gold Piece” Locket, which retails out at about $450-$650, depending on the artwork.

I wholesale those out at $112.50 apiece, which barely accommodates the cost of the metal and, in fact, at an art or crafts fair, I can make about $7,500 an hour just putting beads on strings and making someone’s name on a copper bracelet, but you couldn’t pay me enough to actually do that — I’m just making a point here about labor and art and what the art is worth.

I think the artwork that I engrave and etch into every single one of my little gold plaques is worth a whole lot more than fifty bucks, but I’m willing to let YOU take the profit. If you want to use some of your profit to assist the Sangha, it’s entirely up to you.

Those gold lockets should, and can, and DO, sell for hundreds of bucks, not because it’s gold, or because it’s magic or quantum, but because it’s a WORK OF ART by an actual working world-class listed American Official White House and IAJE Artist, not a mass-produced mechanical lump spat out of an all-too-common stamp-out machine somewhere overseas and off-shore, and I never said the word “China”. Continue reading

Take the Copper Challenge

Normal Blue Emo-Indicators are sparked by Ancient Style Copper Hedgehog Beads.


The EMO INDICATOR beads turn colors when worn. Many years ago, a primitive version of this bead was called a “Mood Ring”. The space-age materials used now are very much lighter and more resistant to wear. NORMAL BLUE is a meditation device attuned to the Schumann Harmonic. Keep in the Blue and enjoy Deep Meditation & Infinite Harmony. Here’s how to construct your Normal Blue Meditation Bracelet:

  1. Cut FIVE 4″ lengths of .20 gauge copper wire, which will form the cores of the bracelet. No need to flush cut these at this time.
  2. About 1″ from one tip of one of the wires, FORM A LARGE, GENEROUS LOOP and THREAD the wire through the SMALL HOLE of the LARGE ROUND PART of the bracelet clasp that came with the kit.
  3. WRAP the wire tail around the core wire to keep the loop stable and to hold the clasp firmly, as shown in the photo.
  4. THREAD ON one of the 4mm solid copper rounds that come with the kit, and let it fall against the wire you wrapped to make a small coil. Refer to photo.
  5. Now THREAD on one of the 9mm copper Hedgehog beads.
  6. Next THREAD on one of your NORMAL BLUE Emo beads.
  7. Now THREAD on another 9mm copper Hedgehog bead.
  8. ADD a final 4mm copper round bead, to complete the stack.
  9. At a distance of about 3mm or 4mm from the stacked beads, FORM A LOOP, leaving enough wire “tail” to wrap the end 2 1/2 times, then FLUSH CUT the end tight to the wrappings.
  10. TUCK both wire ends deep inside the wrap so no sharp points or edges stick out.
  11. START another 5-STACK ELEMENT by threading the next element’s CORE WIRE through the LOOP in the first element.
  12. Complete the LOOP by wrapping the wire around itself 2 1/2 times.
  13. FLUSH CUT the wire at the end of the wrap and tuck it down in so it has no sharp points or edges.
  14. MAKE and link FOUR MORE of these elements, a total of FIVE ELEMENTS in all.
  15. THE LAST ELEMENT should LINK DIRECTLY onto the LOCKING END of the BALI STYLE FANCY CLASP, included in the kit.
  16. CHECK and TUCK IN all remaining ends and bits to assure nothing sharp or catchy is on the bracelet. Any problems MUST be addressed NOW, not later, when the customer throws the bracelet on the counter and demands satisfaction.

And that’s all there is to it! NOTE that the beads should be TIGHT in the packed stack of beads, not loose, not wiggly, not waggly, TIGHT but not under pressure. This is very important when setting GLASS or delicate gemstones. How to get that special tightness is a matter of time, dedication and rapidly developing skills. Continue reading

Gain Mastery Over Copper

Wooden beads are cheap and make experimentation fun.
  1. If you happen to have a roll of .16 gauge copper wire handy, you’ll appreciate this beginner’s project, the Bead Curtain. Make some WOUND WIRE RONDELS on your large miniature screwdriver, and be sure to cut them FLUSH ON BOTH ENDS.
  2. Cut some 3″ long .16 gauge CORE WIRES, and be sure to FLUSH CUT ON BOTH ENDS.
  3. Now make a GENEROUS loop on one end of your core wire, and bring the end ALL THE WAY to close it against itself.
  4. TUG BACK on the main body of the core wire so that the loop is a perfect lollipop shape.
  5. Drop one or two WIRE RONDELS onto the core wire, then your wooden bead or beads, then one or two more wire rondels. If you used one, then use one again. If you used two, then use two to match on the other side of the main bead, as show in photo. You can combine any colors, shapes and sizes of wooden beads you want to have on there, the crazier and more random, the better. Make sure the beads don’t weigh too much, because the earring mustn’t be too heavy to actually wear.
  6. Now make a CLOSING LOOP on the other end of the core wire, and you have a complete ELEMENT, which can be combined with other ELEMENT DROPS, as shown in photo.

    Side view of simple beginner’s .16 gauge Tribal Earring project.
  7. You can open the loop TO THE SIDE to preserve the loop’s perfect lollipop shape, and slip it onto another element.
  8. Make the HOOP, the main body of the earring, by making a LOLLIPOP LOOP at one end of a 3″ long .16 gauge wire, FLUSH CUT ON BOTH ENDS, making sure to roll the closing loop over the first loop, as shown in photo.
  9. Feed a WOODEN SEPARATOR BEAD of whatever size you like onto the HOOP, then add one wire drop element, then another separator bead, another element, another separator bead, another element, another separator bead, until you have THREE WIRE DROPS and FOUR WOODEN BEAD SEPARATORS on your HOOP.
  10. Now make two .20 gauge ancient-style ear wires as shown, and attach them by opening the .16 gauge loops, ALWAYS TO THE SIDE. Never open a loop by making it bigger. Continue reading