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Names, Names, Names

This ceramic design can easily be translated into embossed metal.
This ceramic design can easily be translated into embossed metal.

Gosh, I would never have believed it, but to my total surprise, PEOPLE’S NAMES are the most popular of any object, jewelry or otherwise, that I make or have ever made. A close “second place” to people’s names is — can you believe it ?? — DOG & CAT NAMES. I am flabbergasted.

If you’re not at all surprised, you’re one of the very few who actually understands what’s going on here, and you might be in a position to market to the few like yourself who don’t want any part of the local sex, drugs, rock n’ roll scene that permeates planet Earth while humans are temporarily in control.

So how can writing people’s, or a dog’s, a cat’s, a horse’s, a pig’s or a parakeet’s name on metal foil help you locate other potential workers for The Work who, like yourself, don’t related to, or belong to, the local robot population???

It’s not hard to attract off-worlders and higher plane inhabitants to your FREEHAND PSYCHEDELIC LETTERING NAME TAG booth, where you make handcrafted freehand-drawn embossed metal nametags encased in stunning acrylic capsules that comes to the customer in a gift presentation, making it the perfect stocking-stuffer or corporate party favor and, for only ten bucks, it beats most other corporate gifts by a long shot. Continue reading

Top Searchwords on eBay for Art & Artists

Graphite Drawing 1949, available as a 24″ x 36″ — spectacular fine art print on watercolor paper retail $950, new signed VERY limited edition of only 22 copies.

Read it and weep — we’re going to wade through a bit of negative news first, but I assure you that there’s GOOD NEWS at the end of the trail — here is a list of the top 14 eBay searchwords for ART, listed in the order of their relative importance, most-popular searchword in the first place, least popular searchword in last place, thus:

  1. Poster
  2. Wall Art
  3. Mondo
  4. Mondo Poster
  5. Antique Oil Painting
  6. Canvas Art
  7. Original Oil Painting
  8. Oil
  9. Canvas Painting
  10. Sculpture
  11. Etching
  12. Watercolor
  13. Metal Wall Art
  14. WPA (Work Progress Administration — Depression Era Art)
One of the less-objectionable Keith Haring “artworks” generated by the Warhol Marketing Plan, which was to rip off everyone mercilessly without regard for public safety, sanity or aesthetic.

Continue reading

My Old Straw Hat Has Seen Hundreds of Fairs & Festivals.

If you want to do a gig like the one we’re doing, and you want a crowd around your performance venue, you have merely to organize your song list from the Beatles tunes that are the longest-lasting pop music in history — in our booth, we got a half-and-half mix of young and old, all asking for Beatles tunes, the tunes with which they are most familiar and that they find the most singable. Here’s the song list I would use: Continue reading

Jewels of Ancient Lands Goes to the Fair

Old Gorby showing a customer some wrapped meteorite pendants which had attracted her attention.

We had a slowish day at the fair, but managed to squeak by with a total of $420 in sales, mostly from fellow vendors, with a few wandering shoppers here and there. Cost of the booth was $30. If you bring in ten times the booth fee, you’re doing well these days, they tell me. The beautiful display stands were hand-built by Wayne, and they fit four standard jeweler’s pads precisely. Continue reading

How To Trigger & View a Past Life Memory — PLM

NO PHOTO — nobody took shots at the fair.

In order to understand the phrase, “You’ve been around the block a billion times, and you’re still here to tell the tale”, you need a much bigger memory footprint than just one single lifetime or, more commonly, scattered random bits & pieces of unrecognized and unacknowledged memories, mostly semi-vivid recollections of events that took place in Safeway Supermarkets, Starbuck’s Drive-Throughs and assorted family events and birthday parties, although by no means all of them, your own included.

You’d have a very hard time constructing an abbreviated daily diary of last week, let alone the whole of your life. As a matter of fact, I’ll bet dollars to donuts that you can’t reconstruct your activites on a year-by-year basis from the time you were 3 years old (more than enough time to notice your environment) to the present time. Continue reading