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Bubble Magic is Easy to Do!!!



You probably already know a good deal about so-called “Bubble Magic”, where you use a snow-globe to active and project a prayer with some considerable force and usually to a very great effect, but did you know that I make those things?

Yep, I do.

And if you follow the links on the images below, you’ll find your way to a magical place where I make all manner of strange and unusual items for your usage and perusal and perhaps inspiration in the matter of making your own. Continue reading

Atlantis Cheats & Codes

Opening Screen for Bardo Station Atlantis, a world of iron and water.

You enter a blackout state after Mortuary, and when you awaken from this deep, deep sleep, you find yourself on an island in an endless ocean. There is a tall metal building ahead of you, which seems to be your only option. Continue reading

A Season in Hell…

Maya was completed yesterday morning. Tonight, we’ll be packing it up for download, and hopefully by the time you read this, the first of my new Adventure Orbs will be ready. Dragon 3D will be an updated version, with new combat and movement and a very advanced particle generator that’s so fast, you won’t feel the drag when you zip past it.

Things are going well in the Orb Department these days. I have a lot of time on my hands the past six months, and decided back in March that I’d try to complete some of the Orbs I started last year. Generally, it takes about a year to get an Orb ready for market.

Tonight, I think I’ll demonstrate the Power of GODD. Continue reading

What is a Training Orb???


The thing is, if you compare my Orbs with contemporary video games, you’ll quickly see a major difference, which is that my experience field is not packed with a lot of unnecessary detail. The game companies have to sell their games to kids, and kids demand a lot of detail, pyrotechnics and grippingly realistic bloodshed & gore-splatter.

With the present GODD Engine, I can do that. Continue reading

Invisible Helpers in Orbs


Hey, quit tryin’ ta break into the separated domains of Orbs, willya??? Those separated domains are the ones with the familiars, elementals, angels and other shamanic helpers. I’ve gone to all the trouble to put them away in spots you can’t get to, and don’t need to, so quit rummaging around where you’re not intended to go. Those guys do their job from where they are, and they neither need nor appreciate your totally unfeline interference. Continue reading

River Rafter


I’m working concurrently on 19 orbs, most of which are 99% done. I’m waiting for a stable water engine before releasing any that contain water journeys (gosh, just think; soon it will be “journey’s” and “journies”, and when TXT becomes the Official Language of Earth in just over a decade, the word “journeys” will have been swangled into the TXTWRD=JRNY.¬†Gee whillikers, is there no end to human ingenuity???

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Tonight’s Work Schedule


Very Special Good Wishes to Jedrik!!! (I built a prim sculpture that says “HI!” in the temple, will leave it up for the night. Interestingly I didn’t get bumped out until I’d completed the exclamation point, so my net connection is getting better.)

What I’m doing tonight… It’s almost 2 am (make that “well-past-2-am” now, and getting mysteriously later and later, all the time) and all I’ve done so far is categorize the orbs on which I’m working to get them ready for this weekend’s ICW if I can. Dick is working very hard to get the fixes in so my boat rides work correctly, which at the moment, they don’t. The slants are fixed on the boat, but not entirely sure they work on land. Some do, some don’t. Will be trying to debug that while I build boats out of prim type “rboxes”, which are what we call “prims” in the GODD engine.

Here are the orbs I’m working on concurrently:

RAFTER — Workout orb for boat and water problems and steering issues, etc.
SHIRE RAFT — Rafting Expedition through the Shire with lots of bulldozing & hills
RIVER BOAT — “Mark Twain” two-story Steamboat with passengers & lots of detail
00 RIVER — Steamboat paddle-wheeler — Really New Orleans style
BOATRIDE — Uncertain what the boat will look like atm, but the ride is beautiful)
CANAL ZONE — Canal boat ride similar to Team Fortress Canal Zone)
REBIRTH (a stunning variant of warftown that resembles actual rebirth events)
VENICE (waterworld version of HADRON — this will be the basis of some running orbs)
SEA RAFT (that’s the one in the video — this is a wide open space with tropical islands)


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Rollin’ on the River


Been really busy lately. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took a day and a half. Actually, I’m nowhere near finished with it. I have four more major palatial buildings to put in, then all the detail work; the streets of Ancient Rome were packed with every hustle imaginable. There were no police, no justice system, nothing like that at all. Every citizen was responsible for the safety of his home, and houses had no windows, for protection against intrusion — the only light and air came from the atrium. I’ve taken a break from Roman towers and fortifications at 3200 metres, in order to do a little work on the Grand Tour…

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A School Time-Line


A School Time-Line

I have in my sweaty little digits a rather aged piece of parchment; a yellowed typewriter sheet with very dated typing, done by an IBM Selectric with a sans-serif type-ball, sometime in 1975, and lost for all the intervening years until this very morning as is, when my hand landed on it, stuffed in amongst a pile of long-forgotten papers…. The paper has just dates and a few words of notation on the side. I’ll elaborate that with commentary. I have photos of all these events, and they’re free to see on ihddb.com…

JUN 1964 — BACK FROM THE WAR — There never was ASA in Vietnam. I was a PFC Clerk-Typist Trainee 006, stationed permanently at Fort Devens, Mass. Ignore the sripes I wore at Fort Ord where I was a weapons instructor.

You’ll note my MOS designation: “006”. That’s only one number away from the infamous James Bond, “007”!!!

Double O Six meant “Licensed To Seriously Annoy”. I returned to a civilian job as a Remote Reader, which I quickly abandoned in favor of author — I landed a job as a writer at a fabulous .25 a word!

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Our Practices In A Nutshell


“The King” at the Psychedelic Area of the Ashram. Behind him is the Sculpture Garden, Grampa Henry’s Diner — the home of Prosperity Path Poets — Hot Air Balloon Ride and the ever-popular Upper Crust Yacht Club, a jazz and blues venue.

Had a visit the other day from a longtime friend, who brought a friend with him to meet me. I was asked a commonly-asked question — what is it exactly that we do do???

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