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What is a “Geronimo” Amulet?

We had such fun our last season in Atlantis, too bad about the little accident, eh?

I thought it’d be nice to explore something besides the constant news from the White House, but it’s impossible to ignore the very clear and very present danger from many sides — North Korea, Russia, Syria, Iran, Washington D.C., and of course the UFO Menace, to mention only a few.

Easiest way out?

There’s only one answer. The original Atlantean Bug-Out Amulet, which I call the “Geronimo” Ammy, because that’s what you’ll yell when it operates. It works only the once, and only when activated by radiation. I’ll tell you more at the end of this little dissertation.

There is no local safety net, nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, and even if you succeed in escaping Trump Amerika, being an Amerikan Refugee will not earn you a gold star in the years to come, when you’ve landed elsewhere where “Amerika” is just a myth out of the long-lost distant past, as it is in the 37th century, where I have to present this as a term paper, and they’re gonna think I made all this shit up, but nobody could.

I’m bringing some proof in the form of selfies, and I’ve left stuff at various locations to dig up later when I get back to the 37th century and out of this Mickey-Mouse Sim. Continue reading

Easy Steps to Remote Viewing Mastery


Here are the first beginning easy level-by-level steps to Remote Viewing Mastery. Remote Reading will be easy for you if you follow the step by step procedures:

  • PARK THE BODY — Learn how to Park the Body for a Remote Session.
  • READ THE TARGET — Learn the names & descriptions of the Training Targets.
  • DRAW THE TARGET — Learn how to draw each of the Training Targets.
  • PREDICT THE TARGET — Learn to scan for the correct Training Target & Name it.
  • GET THREE HITS IN A ROW TO PASS TO NEXT LEVEL — Self-Explanatory — do it.

This training can be given online, and could possibly be made available as a home study course or kit for the first level.

The placement of the Targets will become more occluded and occult — hidden — as one proceeds up the Levels.

Each “Pass” will require three correct “Remote Hits” in a row.

Once you have complete mastery on Training Targets, you can begin actual Remote Reading Sessions, starting with Atlantis, the easiest to reach and the brightest to see and definitely the most fun to visit.

Okay, it’s also productive on a spiritual level, but fun is definitely part of the picture.

You’ll need a number of personal tools for these experiments in spirit — notably, a bit of drawing skill that’s easy to learn and need not be terribly accurate. You’ll see what I mean when you start generating Remote Reading Sketches.

See You At The Top!!!



How to Set Up Your Charging Chamber SuperBeacon Layout

Charging Chamber Dome & Base on a SuperBeacon.

The incense bowl goes just ahead of the SuperBeacon, with the two grippers spread apart as shown. The double Rock Salt candle holders would be to the left and right of the SuperBeacon. Continue reading

Portable Portals StarGates & Gateways

New StarGate, thanks to Rocky! Can you find it? It’s somewhere in the Ashram.

Once you locate a StarGate, you can easily operate it with the Official Sigil of the Atlantean-Society, but where exactly IS the nearest StarGate? If you are having trouble finding a StarGate in or near your hometown, why not build your very own StarGate right in your own backyard?

It’s easy to put together in a single afternoon, with our incredible easy-to-follow STARGATE BUILDING PLANS. Buy the plans today, usually $1.4 million, but it’s on SALE today for only $6.99 per download, and we’ll include the following:

  • EASY TO FOLLOW PLANS for your very own personal “BACKYARD STARGATE”.
  • InterDimensional Holyiday Inn & Howerd Jackson Hotels DISCOUNT COUPON.
  • Official Atlantean-Society downloadable — you print it and have it laminated —  MEMBERSHIP CARD, identifying you as a former Atlantean Citizen.
  • ATLANTEAN SOCIETY NEWSLETTER in electronic format keeps you informed about recent developments and breakthroughs, gives you support in locating StarGates and operating your own backyard StarGate and tells you about upcoming workshops and clinics using Healing Stones,  Atlantean Sigils and other ancient magical items.

You might want to check out the new post on the Atlantean-Society webpage.

See You At The Top!!!



Ancient Triad Reconstructions Offers

In response to many requests, I’ve posted the photos that Dokk took of the GENUINE ANCIENT Carnelian and Cobalt GlassTriads that are offered for sale. The Triads listed below are categorically each $450. Some of them, I’m very aware, are worth far more than that, but to save confusion, I’ve priced them all the same and no, I won’t tell you which ones are the more valuable, because it’s not about value, it’s about bonding with a quantum instrument, like bonding with a didge, guitar or harp. It’s a feeling thing, not a calculation.

All the Triad reconstructions below were made using strictly Paleo jewelry crafting techniques — pliers, blowpipe, charcoal block, small hammer, cutter & fingers — those are the tools I use to create these reconstructions of ancient Triads. Everything is made by hand, every move and every technical application is by hand, no machines, except for the drawing of the wire, which was accomplished with draw plates rather than hammering.

I hereby assert and LIFETIME guarantee the utter authenticity of every antiquity listed below, and assure the utmost quality and care in the rebuilding of these incredibly beautiful and useful ancient devices.

Ancient Carnelian Triad rebuilt with modern copper wire & findings.

You’ll note that the copper windings are tight, very tight. The hedgehog spacer beads are very spiky and wonderfully active quantumly speaking. The ends of each core wire are bent into loops, making “Induction Rings”, an important aspect of any quantum device. Continue reading

Atlantis Cheats & Codes

Opening Screen for Bardo Station Atlantis, a world of iron and water.

You enter a blackout state after Mortuary, and when you awaken from this deep, deep sleep, you find yourself on an island in an endless ocean. There is a tall metal building ahead of you, which seems to be your only option. Continue reading

Atlantean Machine Pendants — NEW NEW NEW —

Double-Focusing and Polaroid Rotation are used with these ancient Triads.

My original ancient Triads are being housed in a permanent collection, after photography for posting in my ancient museum of Atlantean artifacts on the internet. All my present-day models are based upon the original designs, fashioned over 7,500 years ago.

Today, I use the fabulous color-shifting Steven Sax EMO bead and the incredible solid copper Hedgehog spacer or the Pewterized Copper Hedgehog for companion Triads, and only the very best purest heavy-gauge copper wire I can get. Continue reading

Ancient Triad Reconstructions & Modern Triad Reproductions of Ancient Triads


CLASSIC Modern Atlantean Machine Triad with solid 24k gold focusing discs come in a beautiful genuine blue velvet gift box.

The CLASSIC Triad is made with Normal Blue Mermaid EMO color-changing beads for the focus points, Floral EMO Tubes and solid handmade pure copper HEDGEHOG beads, formed on a solid .16 gauge pure copper CORE wire, joined at the corners to form a powerful triangular focusing device used by the ancients in almost every early civilization.

This reconstructed Triad features Ancient Cobalt Glass & solid Electrum Gold Beads. Electrum is a natural amalgam of gold with some silver, in this case about .850 fine.

While they were used mostly for healing, the ancients had other purposes to which they put the Triad and other Atlantean Machines. The solid gold discs are hand-artisaned with the Atlantean symbol, and are used in the acrylic capsules for focusing the particle beam from the Triad to the target area.

In ancient times, gold coins were used, and genuine ancient gold coins from about 450 B.C. are available for about $4,000 apiece — you’ll need three of them to begin with. Ancient gold coins are so expensive that it’s just not worth it. The sold 24k gold discs I make are inexpensive and contain enough gold in them to interact with the energy beam. Continue reading

Atlantean Machines Are Here!!!

Operating an activated Atlantean Machine is simple, easy and easily mastered.

Cadiz in south-eastern Spain was once a small resort town near the capital city of Atlantis. Sometime in the ancient past, a tsunami destroyed everything in its path for sixty miles or more inland from the coast, leaving the present coastline, more or less, which could easily have been interpreted by ancient peoples as the submergence of an entire continent.

The same building styles and town layouts occur on the mud flats inland of the catastrophe, and settlements just outside that circle show the same building styles and layouts of the lost cities of Atlantis. Underwater exploration will soon yield artifacts and other supporting evidence that this is, at last, the true Atlantis about which Plato spoke.

Some of those artifacts that come out of the Atlantis excavations in the near future will be devices such as the one I’m introducing to modern, you should pardon the expression, “civilization”. Continue reading