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A Short Photo-History of Atlantis

Atlantis was the foundation of the later Egyptian & Mesopotamian cultures.

Who was I?

To which Family and Clan did I belong? What was my favorite Cult in ancient times, and who my favorite God or Goddess?

What was my livelihood? What did I achieve in ancient lives? Where did I live? What did I wear? What did I eat? How did I care for my young? What education existed then? What sports? What games? What drugs? What sex was I and what did I do with it? How many children and grandkids did I have, and in which lifetime?

Can I trace my steps through 24,000 years of the Atlantean Civilization?

Take a Moment —

You’re at a psychic fair or Celtic Festival or craft fair — possibly even in the sense of “Fair of the Wise” — and you see this booth, which proclaims it as “Atlantean-Society”, so you walk over, and you’re shown how to trace your ancestry and existence in Atlantis, over 14,600 years ago.

You can find out about your lifetimes, your multi-lives genealogy, and you can see your own life-charts across the great civilizations of the distant past.

You can regain your ancient skills and knowledge, and with the help of a Past-Lives Coach, you will be able to study and evaluate your contributions and your achievements within the framework of the Atlantean Kingdom from about 40,000 B.C. until the Second Great Deluge in 12,443 B.C.

What was the chronology?

The Atlantean Kingdom became the Global Atlantean Empire, which was lost during The Great Flood — the world-drowning flood recorded in the cuneiform brick libraries of the Sumerians, leaving people back in the stone age, culturally speaking.

This early time period was, of course, the root-beginnings of the first oral tradition Creation Story Myths, stories kept alive from one generation to the next through verbal transmission.

This was the first raw beginnings of what later was collected from a variety of original sources and, when bound together in a single volume or set of scrolls, became known as “The Old Testament” — as opposed to the testaments that appeared around the time of Jesus, most of which were dumped out by the Second Council of Nicea because they were downright embarrassing and denied their right to rule and dominate and control all nice believers — okay they made a slight error in judgment. Make one lousy little mistake, like blotting out the sun, and they never let you forget. Continue reading