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Become Instantly Rich Right Now!!!

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Prosperity Path Country Club Bumper Sticker

Prosperity Path Country Club Bumper Sticker

by prosperitypath

When you buy a bumper sticker or any other product sporting the “Prosperity Path Country Club” label or designation, you AUTOMATICALLY become a Member of “We’re More Famous Than Trump” Virtual Golf Tour. You just became a member of the Greatest, Richest and Most Important Virtual Country Club in the World, and you can prove it, NOW!


Sporting a “Prosperity Path Country Club” Bumper Sticker on your car is a Magical Act which will make you automatically rich beyond your wildest imagination. You will be a member of the most powerful, rich and influential clubs in the Quantum World, and that can wash over into what you laughingly call “The Real World”.


Very very rich people don’t need to impress anyone.

Read the above statement several times through, speaking the words aloud. Get this really into your understanding. Dig it deeply. Grok it fully. Get it, just totally get it. Continue reading

My Flight to Solaria

aboard the transdimensional airline Flight L315a bound for Solaria.
Here I am, aboard the transdimensional airline Flight L315a bound for Solaria.

Gosh, it’s all so exciting, having trans-dimensional privileges and a travel pass all at once like this. So I got on board the transdimensional airliner Flight L315a, bound for Solaria, and we got to a gigantic island out in the middle, and it was too dark to take anything but a selfie, so okay, here it is anyway. Continue reading

Have You Missed The Boat???

E.J. Gold Acrylic on Canvas “Red Sky Sun” in the collection of King Hussein & Queen Noor of Jordan.

If you’re reading this, there’s still a chance to jump on board. I’m planning a full-frontal economic surge this spring, just to illustrate how it can be done with no money and just a little of your time. My goal is to raise an unspecified amount of funds — which means I haven’t got a specific target or a specific amount as a money-goal. The money is irrelevant. I’m just doing this to prove it can be done and, if you took the time and spent the energy, YOU could be doing it just as easily as I. Continue reading

Atlantean-Society Membership Sigils

Large Gold Pendant in .999 fine gold is only $3,500.00, so why not order two?

Okay, I’ve done the research, and here’s the breakdown as of Friday’s gold market — the prices listed for .925 solid Sterling Silver, 14 karat filled gold, 18k solid gold, and 24k solid gold are what I have to get paid to send them out. IT TAKES A WEEK TO GET THE GOLD.


  • EARRINGS — .22 gauge — $35.00/pair
  • PENDANT SMALL — .20 gauge — $35.00 each
  • PENDANT LARGE — .14 gauge — $99.00 each


  • EARRINGS — .22 gauge — $35.00/pair
  • PENDANT SMALL — .20 gauge — $35.00 each
  • PENDANT LARGE — .14 gauge — $49.00 each
  • PENDANT X-LARGE — .12 gauge — $69.00 each


  • EARRINGS — .22 gauge — $69.95/pair
  • PENDANT SMALL — .20 gauge — $88.00 each


  • EARRINGS — .20 gauge — $1,250.00/pair
  • PENDANT SMALL — .20 gauge — $650 each
  • PENDANT LARGE — .14 gauge — $3,500.00 each

Those are the prices, based on what I have to pay to make them. As you know, I donate my time and skills to the project, so I don’t get paid for any of my time spent on making jewelry, which is my own choice, hoping the spirit of the thing will someday catch on. Continue reading

JAL Chapter 5 — How to Turn a Gold Mine into a Goldmine

Prosperity MIne 2014
Prosperity Mine 2014 — Paydirt area on the lower small stream — there are two on the 40 acre property.

First of all, you have to have a gold mine somewhere. This is a photo of the Prosperity Mining Claim in Nevada County, California. Note that it’s a nondescript general photo of the small stream on the property. There are no identifiable reference points in the photo — that’s because I don’t intend to give away the location of the mine, because I don’t want swarms of city folks blasting away at the bedrock out of sheer greed.

If you’re taking minerals out, notably gold, lead, silver and iron pyrites, along with several of the heavier gemstones such as garnet, which is used to make carborundum polishing compounds, you have two basic choices, once you’ve located an outcropping or gold ledge — go with heavy equipment and blasting powder, or take a little at a time.

Here’s the thing — gold mining by itself never pays more than survival and a tiny bit extra for sex, booze and camp supplies.

Oh, yes, when you mine full-time, you live there, either in a tent or an expensive home built right on the claim site. Of course, if you give up the claim, you lose the house, unless the claim is patented, and that’s a whole ball of wax right there. I’ll explain: Continue reading


Pictured above, you’ll note my personal favorite CQR amulet, the Quantum Witch. There’s a lot to it, and it’s a bitch to make — squeezing the electrolytic capacitor into the crystals is just about impossible, and the double-inductance wire-wound coil is outrageously tough to produce, but there it is, ceramic nc foil & all. Most amazing thing about this particular ammy is that it’s quite useful, although all the ammies WILL work in this function, for IDR research.

“What, exactly, is IDR Research?”, you ask. IDR=Inter-Dimensional Radio. “Never heard of it,” you respond, quite rightly, because those working in this area really don’t want you to know about it. As a matter of fact, they’ll tell you that you’re crazy to think that such a thing is going on, right under the noses of the Popular Masses, meaning us.

The Big Guys in Washington and Moscow actually WANT you to think that UFOs are piloted by interstellar greenies with teensy antennae waving about their big bald heads.

Continue reading



All aboard that train for Shangri-La, the All-Canada Prosperity Path Ashram! Of course, it’s just starting its life and work, so it’s not very concrete at the moment, but it soon will be very real, indeed. We take it in stages:

1.  FIRST YEAR — Solstice & Equinox Celebrations, tie-in workshop retreat in the Prosperity Ashram, with local & regional groups gathered together at Ashram Power Points (one of which is YOUR HOME, and I’m talking to YOU). Four Celebrations. Sounds like it won’t be enough, right? Wrong. That’s one celebration every three months, and believe me or don’t, 3 months goes by like a Lamborghini on a test run. It’s a lot of work to get a few folks at an event three months down the line, and you have to start motivating them early, as in six months to a year advance notice so they can make family plans, get time off from work, arrange travel and accommodations, raise money for the expense of the journey, etc.

Continue reading

An Art Show Every Month!!!


In the Organic World, an artist is lucky to have four shows a year, period. One gallery might show your work every year, others will have you wait three or four years between shows, not to eat up the market with overflow. In Prosperity Virtual Ashram, there’s no reason you can’t put up a new show every month, and if you’re totally beyond bizarre, a new art show every single day. Why not? You’re your own boss on your parcel! And speaking about parcels, don’t forget to learn how to promote your shop, gallery, hangout, club, showroom, chapel or whatever! You can find out more about this at this upcoming weekend’s WORK RELATIONSHIPS workshop. Don’t miss it if you can!!! We’ll be having live auctions inworld for items that are out of this world!

See You At The Top!!!


Do You Have a Plot of Land & a Wish to Work?


Do you have a plot of land somewhere? It can be anywhere in Rl — Real Life… I mean a plot of land, dirt, trees, you know… land. You can earn extra income without ever having to leave home. You’ll need a good internet connection and some property anywhere on the planet.

Here’s my plan: I’ll help you develop it into a Local or Regional Prosperity Ashram. That’s the whole plan. I took a photo back in the day — the photo above is what our Grass Valley Ashram looked like before we built on it. We did it, you can do it, too!

What a terrific way to earn extra income and at the same time earn a whole lot of extra Merit (Baraka). If you have a piece of land somewhere — anywhere — it can work for this project! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re game for this wild & crazy plan!

See You At The Top!!!