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My Trump Model behaves pretty much as the original does, including “KMB” poses.


At one end of the Ballroom, you’ll note a small closet, within which is tucked a skeleton. How proverbial is that? Can you think of another word for “Thesaurus”? What if there were no rhetorical questions? If a cat and a banana traveled East on a train from Chicago to New York at an average of 90 mph in a stiff wind, how many chickens were left at the end of the run?

And that’s the kind of polite chatter you’d be likely to expect from the Washington crowd, most of whom are lawyers without a practice. You can’t come across a band of worse thugs than that, and when they get together, it’s called “Congress” — aptly named, I think, for the kind of thing they do to the country.

The Ballroom is very valuable as a venue for speakers, poets, protest songsters and theater and dance presentations, all of which are Spiritual Enlightenment Technology directed at the leader and leadership of this once-great nation.

If you didn’t used to be, but now you are ashamed to be an American, it’s time to take some positive action, and this is it. Get into the Ashram and start pushing those vibes out at the Washington politicians who aren’t listening on any other level. Continue reading

How Can You Tell It’s a Real Meteorite???


From whence do meteorites originate?
Meteorites mostly come from the asteroid belt that’s all that remains of Zorgon, the now-disintegrated planet that lies between Mars and Jupiter. These aggregate rocks date from the very beginning of the Solar System, about four and a half billion years ago.  The asteroid fragments were knocked off their parent bodies. They migrated into the Earth’s gravitational field and crash-landed on Earth, where they were found in a coherent pattern called a “Strewn Field”.

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Change Your DNA Today!!!

Influence comes from outer space & time
Influence comes from outer space & time with these Carbonaceous Chondrites.

Just holding or carrying a meteorite — even a small one — around has an effect on the carrier or wearer; quite a profound one. It influences the DNA, sometimes in a remarkable way that is observable by friends and family, much to the good.

The right kind of meteorite can create change in the Spiritual DNA, causing a subtle re-arrangement of the instructions to allow a super-charged spiritual awakening. This is why you like to visit museums, observatories and planetariums — or is it planetaria?

Some folks who received an Awakening Call did so through the action and influence of a nearby meteorite.

The most effective are the NWA, North-West Africa stony chondrites that stand out starkly against the whiteness of the surrounding rock and sand, much as they are found quite easily in the ice-pack of Antarctica, where the most famous meteorite of all was found — the Martian meteorite that appeared to contain microbial fossils.

Of course there’s life everywhere in the galaxy, and in fact in every galaxy there are billions of inhabitable planets, most of which spawn life that is very similar to life on Earth, not all of which build and use radios — intelligent species tend to be telepathic. Continue reading

THE ART OF BELIEVING — “Trans-Dimensional Voyaging” — SCRIPT #3

Ancient Chinese Trans-Dimensional Device shown onstage, Dresden, 1899.

That’s us, in the photo above, just before we respawned to build and operate the Golden Lion in San Francisco from 1922-1939. I respawned in 1941 to attend this party. Here, below, is the script for the Fifth Wave Quantum Distortion Demonstration:

What’sa matter?  Are you stuck in time? Do you belong to another time and place? Is your world cold, empty and futile? Well, fret no more, bunky, help is on the way. Thanks to several advancements in science that have already been leaked to the public, I am at last able to make my “Wayback Machine” Voyages into the far distant past and into an unknown future.


Step aboard the FIFTH WAVE QUANTUM DISTORTION DEVICE and take a journey into time and space, into the past and into the future. See for yourself the world of the Future!!!

Let’s take a LIFE-REPAIRING SPIRITUAL HEALING Time-Travel Expedition right now, this very minute, but before we embark on our journey into time, we ought to have a little spending money, right? (PICKS UP DOWSING RODS, SHOWS BOXES & GOLD SAMPLE.) Continue reading

What’s Happening Today???

You’ll appreciate the diversity of the images provided in the Parallel Life Survey Kit.

If you were wondering what ever became of gorebagg, here’s what’s happening: I’m in the middle of writing a book that you can read as I write it, almost hour-by-hour, which, if you’re a creative writing student, you’ll appreciate doublefold.

At the same time, I’m separating family photos that I won’t be using for my own book, and I’m making them available for the upcoming Parallel Life Survey Workshop.

Originally, I had intended that you would use your own photos, and we will indeed be using them, but using my prepared photos is far superior, for several reasons.

Everyone will use the same photos in the same sequence or order. You may not rearrange them to suit yourself or anyone else. Leave them in the ordination in which they come to you and are numbered, 1 to 100. Continue reading

Have I Got a WormHole For You!!!

Have I Got a WormHole For YOU!!!
Have I Got a WormHole For YOU!!!

Have I got a Wormhole for you!!! Here are my Tribal Style Space-Bender TempTats. Well, not all of them — they now number in the high hundreds, and I’m working hard to get them up online so you can see them and order them. The ones I’m showing can be worn just about anywhere from lower back or tummy to arms, inner thigh, spine, shoulder, and even face or as a choker necklace tat. All of the positions work, and each position has its very own unique Quantum Effect.

Which tattoo is best? Which position on which body part should I wear it??? Continue reading

How do the PTP Grades Work???


I’ve set up the PTP classes pretty much along very simple lines. Practical Work on Self Training Program is what PTP stands for. It’s a series of personal experiments which are called PTP Projects. If you’re interested and have a lot of spare energy and attention, you’ll receive as your first Mission Pack a group of ten (10) assorted handmade greeting cards that I put together for you to get rid of.

That’s right, I didn’t say “sell”, and the reason for that is because the exercise does NOT specify selling as an action you need to take, although unless you’re independently wealthy, the economics of the situation will eventually create an overburden of financial crush that can only be relieved by selling something.


As you are undoubtedly aware, people don’t tend to do anything they don’t absolutely have to do in order to survive at the most basic level.

Well, that’s true, but people will take action if they believe they can personally and instantly benefit immediately and greatly as a result of that action, even if the probability against is very, very high, such as a lottery ticked or a horse race, and naturally, the greater the odds against, the greater the reward if your horse should happen to beat the odds, which is called a “long shot”.

Frankly, I know what will inevitably happen to your project, unless you do something to overcome your inertness (not “intertia”, the correct word is “inertness”, the quality of standing still, being “not-in-motion” with no hope of energizing oneself into action).

Getting a bit too technical? Okay, I’ll cut right to chase:

I send you 10 handmade “Vintage Postcard Notecards” — made by cementing down a genuine vintage postcard onto a brand-new stationary card with a matching envelope. It’s then wrapped in a protective sleeve, ready for market. You can add your own price tag or use mine.

There’s your necessity in a nutshell — you’re stuck with those 10 greeting cards unless you can figure out a way to get rid of them, and that DOES answer the exercise, because your only instruction is:

“You have 10 greeting cards in your possession.  Get rid of them any way you can.”

That’s the whole of it, no gimmicks, no extras, nothing deep to understand. Get rid of them any (legal and ethical) way you can. I thought I’d mention those two items, ethical and legal, because they might not be “understoods” — I’m taking nothing for granted here.

Obviously if you don’t generate some cash from the sale of these horrid “in-your-face” greeting cards, you’ll soon be up to your eyeballs in greeting cards. They’ll be tumbling out of every closet and cupboard door if you’re not attentive and ready to take action to get them out of your house as if they were tribbles, and they are.

Tribbles are from a Star Trek episode, “Trouble With Tribbles”, writtten by one of my Galaxy Magazine authors, David Gerrold. You can easily find the very amusing episode on youtube, I’m sure. You won’t check it out unless I put the link in right here for you? Has it come to that, already? (SOUND: Deep Sigh, MUSIC up & out)

One of the other things I’m not taking for granted is your ability to create greeting cards of your own, on your own. I’ll be giving you the basics all along on the course, so you’ll be ready for each stage of increasing difficulty as it comes.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry for the Cockatrice, Basilisk, Familiar and the Big Four Elementals. You’ll meet them plenty fast enough — the learning curve is very easy in the PTP Course, and you can complete it in just a few months if you push yourself a bit.

I’ll be posting some blogs about the Basilisk and his friends, so stay tuned and tell a friend to tune in, too. I assure you that it will be of interest to anyone engaged in XD communication and travel — it’s like having a comparative travel agency help you with your voyaging bookings.

Lesson 1 of the PTP Course is just $35 away from happening! Send for it today! Supplies of vintage cards are not inexhaustible — get yours now! 10 handmade greeting cards for $35, which includes the course material. The video will help you get started right away, and in spite of the fact that it’s “just a school exercise”, it can actually help you to finance your workshops and retreats with enough extra cash to provide you with the ever-popular “wherewithal” to do the things you want to do.

Hopefully, one of those things you want to do is to learn how to be smart, courageous and kind. The PTP Course will not only take you there, it’ll take you back again, so you can turn around and help others up the ladder of consciousness.

“Bodhisattva” is not just a cute New Age buzz-word for a terrific new yuppy-seducing self-help weekend workshop. Bodhisattva is a Way of Life.

Sacrifice of Comfort is the game at hand. Wanna Play???

See You At The Top!!!






Pictured above, you’ll note my personal favorite CQR amulet, the Quantum Witch. There’s a lot to it, and it’s a bitch to make — squeezing the electrolytic capacitor into the crystals is just about impossible, and the double-inductance wire-wound coil is outrageously tough to produce, but there it is, ceramic nc foil & all. Most amazing thing about this particular ammy is that it’s quite useful, although all the ammies WILL work in this function, for IDR research.

“What, exactly, is IDR Research?”, you ask. IDR=Inter-Dimensional Radio. “Never heard of it,” you respond, quite rightly, because those working in this area really don’t want you to know about it. As a matter of fact, they’ll tell you that you’re crazy to think that such a thing is going on, right under the noses of the Popular Masses, meaning us.

The Big Guys in Washington and Moscow actually WANT you to think that UFOs are piloted by interstellar greenies with teensy antennae waving about their big bald heads.

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Not From Around Here

I hesitate to sign the name I first assumed when I landed on Earth. My UFO crashed, as you probably already know if we’ve met and you asked me about the antennae that extend, from time to time, out the top of my head. My first identity, which I thought blended perfectly with the environment of the time was “Joe Green”. These days it would’ve been perfect, but to the Sumerians, it didn’t make any sense, and they weren’t into Italian opera. Anyhow, so many folks have asked me this, I might as well give a straight answer:

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Creepy Bardo Space With Song

Notice the people walking by from right to left on the stairs behind the girls. Note the sounds of monkey-chatter all around. Note the feeling that you’re attending your own wake.  That’s the feeling that this scene should evoke in you.

And another thing … How would you like to perform under these circumstances??? These kids are worth a lot more and deserve a lot better!