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Shut Down Victim Survival Kit

I’m watchin’ over yer shoulder, boy, you’re about to get a time-out!

Let the dancing asshole do his little Victory Dance. We all have to play our own little private parts, and his is no exception.

Don’t fret about it. He’s an idiot. He knows nothing, can’t remember what happened a second ago, and is totally unaware of anything beyond how much television time he gets per day.

He reacts, period.

The Senators are equally stupid, unaware that they have triggered a FULL-SCALE DEPRESSION — they have thoroughly and irreversibly tipped the balance of the ECONOMY to the degree that, even if the ShutDown were ended today, it’s too late to save the people — too many foreclosures, too many debts, too many broken promises.

It’s beyond repair and the slippery slope slide is starting today, right now, today — as in today.

You’ll see the economy literally crumbling before your eyes, and nobody can stop it. There’s a world-wide crash coming right now, this very year, and you’ll be lucky to live through it.

I have a solution, but you’re not going to like it.

Shutdown Victim Long-Sleeved V-Neck T-Shirt on Cafepress.com
click on image to buy this item.

You’ll need to hit the streets, looking for the rainbow, but it can be accomplished, it can be achieved.

You CAN survive those heartless bastards in Washington, but remember that they are miserable, greedy, mean and entirely without soul, although they go to church every Sunday and pray to their weird racist god, “Mister Jesus” — he’s the guy to which they aspire, with their “What Would Jesus Do?”.

Well, first of all, he’d raise the dead, cast out lepers, heal the sick and feed the poor, but not they way they tell it today.

The fact is that if the modern Christians are like Christ, he was a miserable, greedy, stingy, vindictive, salacious and pernicious creature, much like Donald John Trump used to be before he got religion.

You’ll enjoy the scene as the Western World crumbles into dust. The only pleasure the Senators get — this much is clear — is to observe without sympathy, the torment and misery, and to delight in the screams of pain and suffering from The People.

Don’t get mad. Get even! You CAN get even — it’s legal, moral and ethical — and here’s how you can do it right now, today! Continue reading

Doesn’t Our Goddam Government Just Plain Fucking Suck???

I Have Your Rockology Kits Ready to Ship — give me your order today!

I don’t ordinarily use language like that, but I’m learning from those folks who run the Federal Government, especially Anthony Scaramucci — “The Mooch” we used to call him, and of course Rashida Tlaib said it all … “We’re gonna go in there and impeach the motherfucker”, after a few high crimes & misdemeanors catch up with Trumpie-Poo.

Frankly, I wouldn’t impeach him and I hope he lives another twenty years. You wouldn’t want him to become a martyr to the Conspiracy Lobby.

Anyone who gives a shit about chemical trails or vapor trails coming out the tail end of your commercial jetliners is too weird to be allowed to walk the streets, and that’s mostly Trump’s much-touted “base”.

Trump is getting rich off the job of “President”. Frankly, I don’t care who profits.

I’m not AGAINST anyone in Washington, and I’m not FOR anyone, either. They’re all crooks, they’re all rotten to the core, they all lie, they all cheat, they all steal, and they all hate YOUR guts and they’re ALL out to get you, so duck & cover — it’s time to make a buck — that’s all the bastards will allow you to make — and maybe we’ll survive another winter without actual eviction onto the street. Continue reading

I’m Back From the Front!

I’m back from the front, ready for more blogging, after a month’s vacation from blogging and writing in general, although I have written a few new Protest Songs, to insure that when they do eventually come for me, I’ll have a protest song ready for them.

Besides the development of Hot Popcorn Spices for our popcorn machine vending business, I’ve been extremely busy developing a new Practice, that of “Rockology” and “Stone Magic”, and I’ve got a bunch of goodies just for you, all under the auspices of “Brane-Power” at brane-power.com, where you’ll find all my Tools for Transformation.

Tonight, I’ll be working on the teaching methodology that goes along with the Practice, beginning with Mandala Magic Stones, the easiest to produce and the exercise providing the best beginning moves for the novice rock artist.

In the meanwhile, I’m also preparing for the big Studio Tour event that happens two weekends in a row, in the middle of this month of October, as is.

Featured in that particular annual art event will be Tom X., Kelly Rivera and E.J. Gold. That’s the total lineup, and that’s what we’ll exhibit — Kelly and I will host the event at ej gallery, and Tommy will be there for autographs & pictures, accessible through our FREE SuperBeacon setup and, yes, he really is available for contact, but he’s already busy with art projects and commissions at your Next Stop.

In fact, we’re all due there, in the not too distant future, and as Tom Lehrer says, “We Will All Go Together When We Go…” but in the meantime, Let’s Make a Buck!!! Continue reading

The Art of Voluntary Identification

My Level 47 Druid hasn’t died once, and has killed Baal twice.

If my TSCC Security Clearance hasn’t already long-expired, as I expect it has, since 1968 — the last time I used it — as a former member of the Intelligence Community, PFC Clerk-Typist Trainee 006″ with the AIS/ASA, following which I served with the “Arlington Witches Remote Viewers Group” under the title “Div44”, I hereby Self-Revoke any shred or vestige of my own Security Clearance, whatever it may be, and like I said, it’s probably already long gone, especially after my “sheep-dipping” in 1964 to allow me to operate as “Control” for Billy Byars and Billy Byars Jr., both close friends of President Johnson.

Please note that my MOS — Military Occupational Specialty — was only one digit away from James Bond’s “007” designation. My sanction was slightly more limited than was the notorious but completely invented novel-character, the British Secret Agent “James Bond” who was licensed to kill, I was also licensed, but only to seriously offend.

Hence, my standup career after the Army.

Hey, anyone with good taste and values will want to leave the Untied Snakes of Arnica real soon, especially if it turns into a military dictatorship, which is now very possible, so much so that even those in denial can see clearly what lies up ahead, if Congress fails to do its job, to limit the power of the President, so the President can never become a King — that was the whole point of the Constitution & Bill of Rights.

Trump is Power-Mad, and he’s in fact angling himself to be in position to fire people by taking away their security clearances, which means they can’t work at their jobs.

He’s also just on the verge of declaring a military emergency, so he can direct his troops to shoot down innocent civilians, because that’s what Strong Rulers do!

With a Power-Hungry would-be dictator in control of your life at the moment, It’s totally understandable that you’d want to escape, but what if your financial status says “no”? What can you do with little money and little hope?

If you’ve got medical issues, it’s even less likely that you’ll grab up a Bugout Pack and escape into the high country, and if you’re just barely stable and unable to withstand a change in environment, you’re just plain out of luck.

So maybe you CAN’T load up the car and drive off into the sunset, but never fear — you CAN escape into sanity by learning how to dive headfirst into a fabulous BETA-BRAIN WAVE BLOCKER called “Diablo 2”, and STAY THERE forever, or for at least a couple of hours.

Wow, can you imagine getting two SOLID hours of PAIN RELIEF from Trumpian howling, raging and torment, without ONCE thinking about TRUMP???

How you you spell “Relief”??? Not T-R-U-M-P, that’s for sure, and about R-E-S-P-E-C-T he knows nothing. Get outta town! Take yourself off the planet! Get away for the whole week, never mind the weekend!

Played in the ordinary way, DIABLO 2 is just a game, just a very ordinary videogame of the vintage variety, a definite legacy game that belongs properly in the 80s and 90s, but when activated with Objective Gameplay, it comes alive and becomes a transformational experience as well as an escape from the insanity that is Amerika today. Continue reading

Defending Yourself Against Trump

I am a very outspoken critic of Trump, yet he cannot silence me. I have taken steps to prevent it, and the more he tries to silence me, the louder my voice will become.

There’s no better way to publicize a book than to have it be a White House Hate Object.

This is a very different world from the one in which you were born, the ones in which you traveled through a variety of experiences, all leading to HERE and NOW.

In this very different world, a would-be world dictator is attempting to overthrow our government.

It’s still legal at the time of this writing to criticize Trump, but that won’t be the case if he gets his way in court and on the political battlefield — the Senate.

The HOUSE is just a bunch of poor Democratic idealists, and they don’t count for anything, unless impeachment is in the offing.

There used to be a time when both parties were united on one issue —  limit the power of the President.

That’s not what’s happening now. They’re defending Trump. He’s attacking US, and they’re defending HIM.

Republicans are not Republicans anymore. They’re stacking the deck with Jerrymandering so that YOUR vote doesn’t count, CAN’T count, because of the “RED” loaded district in which you voted.

Trump has sold us out to the Russians. Putin promised him that he could still stay in power after the takeover and dismissal of Congress forever.

This all happens, unless YOU motivate yourself to VOTE the bastards out of office, and then get busy helping EVERYONE defend the Constitution.

But while we’re waiting for the inevitable end of all dictators, how can you defend yourself and your family and home from Trump? Continue reading

Block That Bitch!

Trump spent HOURS in front of the mirror, practicing this Hitlerian grimace.

Have you totally had it with organic world reality? Tired of the Hell World and Brute World invading your territory and keeping you awake nights waiting for the nuclear flash? Has it come to this, that your afternoon nap is the best part of the day?

When you find a hair in your fruitcake, you’ve found the best part of that fruitcake, and that goes double for Trump, Trump’s Minions and Trump’s World of Hate and Fear.

How would you like to escape from Planet Trump?

I have the answer, and it’s so easy to do.

All you need is a distraction that is compelling enough to draw your attention away from the news media screen for a few hours of relief, and I have just the distractions for you! Continue reading

Zombie Family Picnic Fun


Forget about the evacuation plans — there’s a good chance we can make a powerful jump, but we’ll have to use several magical methods to make it work.

You can set up a Zombie Family Booth and a Lucky Rodney Display anywhere.

You’ll need to set up at least minimally as a zombie family salesperson, but you won’t actually have to sell anything if you don’t want to, or just plain can’t, and there’s nobody else in your family who can or will do it for you.

One single small order of hot sauce is all you need to actually get started, but you’ll soon want to get the whole store and set it up on the side of the road or at a local fair, because this stuff sells, and what’s more, it may keep you off the government “roundup” rolls.

You need money, a lot of it, to get past this Trump Blockade in this Time Zone, and it can be done, but you’ll need lots of luck to make it through.

Speaking of luck, no matter what else you do, you need to buy, sell, trade and give away Lucky Rodneys, which has a powerful effect in itself.

Zombie Family Hot Sauces include BBQ sauces, steak sauces, marinades and more, and they’re all carefully made in a small family style kitchen, all fully licensed everywhere in the USA, so you can sell these products anywhere.

All our zomfam products carry Sacred Blessings, but nobody has to know that — they bring peace and harmony and good wishes for continued prosperity.

You get a selection of sauces in your first order, but most of those products will not sell — you’ll sell a TON of our “Habenero From Hell”, made with Red Savina Peppers, the hottest known EDIBLE hot sauce in the world!

You could set up a small outlet with just the hottest selling hot sauce, the Habenero, or you might want to include the most popular and not quite so hot “Chipotle Adobo”.

If you really want to go whole-hog, you can order all our sauces AND chocolates AND cappuccino mixes AND tea mixes and blends and all sorts of zomfam products that are ready to go out there on YOUR countertop to earn you money & Merit!

I’ve got the whole deal ready for YOU to sell up a storm, including the booth, which is nothing more than a canopy & table & chair.

You can get the USA flag canopy from K-Mart for under $40, the USA flag chair for less than $30, and the folding table for less than $50 while it’s still on sale — they’re already gearing up for back-to-school, so all the picnic stuff is on sale, up to 90% off, pretty much everywhere.

It’s going to be a tough year for any business that can’t go onto the street to earn a buck. Continue reading

A Rare Coin is a Lucky Coin

Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center with my painted “JazzArt” backdrops.

You can now buy almost any of my JazzArt backdrop paintings, even those used in performances with Nancy Wilson, Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock and many more world-class jazz musicians in concert around the world.

My JazzArt paintings must be safe, out of the hands and reach of those who would burn all art work that isn’t about Donald Trump, and that will happen soon enough, much sooner than you think.

Book burnings and art burnings are only the start — eventually it’s people burnings, and that’s when we want to be clear away from the source of pain that is Trump and his Minions.

I’m doing everything I can to get these paintings out of the Untied Snakes of Arnica, so the prices are absurdly low. Continue reading

Run For The Hills!!!

Resist the impulse to join in the violence. Remain calm, steady and peaceful.

Run for the hills? Not quite yet. We have yet to hear from the majority, which up until now has been notably silent, docile and willing to take it on the chin, but apparently, that’s about to change, with Resistance Demonstrations all over the United Snakes, and all over the planet, decrying the madness of Trump.

In my world, “Trump” is a scary and funny rubber kids’ Halloween mask, and part of the common phrase, “Trump You!”. Frankly, I don’t care, do you???

Like I’ve said billions of times before, that’s just local politics, in which off-worlders never get involved, both by ethical law and by personal experience.

So while the Athenians and the Spartans are battling it out, grunting and sweating in the baking sun and sand of the senate floor, let’s make a buck.

Sounds cynical? No, what sounds, and is, cynical is the bull-puckey coming from the Snake Party writhing around on the floor of the Senate, and the robotic applause for Trump that comes from the stink-hole of the House of Reprehensibles.

I used to think of Congress as “not a bad sort, not actually criminal”, but now I’m not so sure. The thing is, they’re now yanking us poor and minority folks around for their amusement and personal gain, when they steal our social security funds and our retirement funds and our medical benefits all for the sake of their personal enrichment, and then trample on all our American values and freedoms and then deny non-white Christians their vote, and destroy the democracy from the top down, heck-darn, that’s when I say “enough is enough”, whatever that means.

I can’t and won’t be driven into violent action, yet I’m obligated to protect my family and home, am I not?

But I have no voice, no power, no bully-pulpit and no money with which to fight, and I’m unable and unwilling to use a weapon of any kind, with the singular exception of comedy — so what can I really do to protect myself and my family from Trump and his Minions?

What can I do to stop the constant chatter of “Trump, Trump, Trump”??? Continue reading

Best Deal Ever!!!

First of all, let me inform you about a few important coin facts you might not know. Number one on the list is the growing popularity of State Quarters, which in fact includes Territories, State and Federal Parks and scenics from the series, “America the Beautiful”, which with the EPA totally gone, will be the only things left from that era of natural beauty which was the now-destroyed Obama Legacy.

Gosh, I’m waxing eloquent on the subject of local politics again, but it’s not politically motivated — I’m merely trying to establish the future scarcity of anything resembling natural beauty, and that includes U.S. Quarter Dollars prior to the Rule of Trump.

You might not know what’s coming, but I do, and it doesn’t include ANYTHING that wasn’t made in honor of Trump, and that means ALL currency that doesn’t have HIS picture on it.

Like I said, I’ve seen this a billion times before, and it never gets old, haw, haw haw!!!

Joking aside, this is a great chance to make a BUNDLE, enough to establish a getaway outside the United States, and the Bugout Pack that enables YOU to get to your safe harbor.

I’m looking into a Safe Harbor somewhere close to here, but always with the expectation that we might be forced to leave the continent, should Canada and Mexico fall prey to someone’s sense of destiny. Continue reading