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One Day Is All You Get

Della appeared at the gallery as we set up the small booths.

Living life, you only get one day at a time, no matter how it may seem. The illusions of passages and connectivity and coincidence control create a condition of deep, deep sleep.

Waking up from that zombie sleep can be tricky and difficult, if you don’t know exactly how to go about stimulating the waking state — there isn’t any other way.

Banging the Waking State on the head won’t open the door.

Get the job done right. Join the Gallery Group and take a bite of responsibility and right action.

Your first job is to get with the group, the POG — Pack Of Green.

If you have no experience in our D2 Safaris, get some. Everything you do in the gallery space will depend largely on your spiritual growth through the interactions experienced in the Safari runs.

The Gallery is a common space where many dimensions intersect.

You are expected to develop a working wormhole from your home universe or dimension — that’s “where you live”, which may be defined as: “Where you park your cell phone”.

Think of your Cubby, Cubicle, Divider Wall or Jewelry Booth as your face. Continue reading

Crazy Nut Job Trump

MIrror Mimicry Works Wonders to Penetrate the Veil & Unmasking of the SIM

“Crazy Nut-Job Trump” is what they’re gonna call him when he gets taken away in a strait-jacket, and he more than deserves the name. All his wounds are self-inflicted. Nothing would have happened had he not gone on the attack and fired Comey, haw, haw — pardon me, Clarence, while I laugh.

And the most precious moment in the unfolding reality-show, “POTUS” came when we learned that the President of the United States actually confessed on camera to what looks like a high crime and misdemeanor to the casual observer.

I won’t go into details here, just suffice it to say that THE EXPERIMENT is going well. I’ll give you an important new exercise — new for you, if you’re not among the Initiates in our Order of High Dudgeon — which will help you to achieve the First Goal,

Unmasking The Sim

The Unmasking Process can be triggered by a simple application of an age-old mime and stage comedy technique called “Doubling”. I’ll explain how it’s done: Continue reading

What is the Nature of a Game?

Faces of War original pastel by ej gold

Try to imagine what it’s like to be in the Void. There is no passage of time, no way to mark the passage of time. There is no space. No objects, no particles of matter, no energy, no nothing. It’s not necessary to imagine the state of the Void; you can enter it any time you wish to delve into the Void.

The Void has no properties. No height, no width, no depth, no color, no form, no shape, and in fact anything you can think of, just put a “no” in front of it, and that’s a good description of the indescribable Void.

In the Relative World, there is Life, and Life is Pain.

Sure, life hurts, and it hurts bad. It has its ups and downs, its good times, and its bad times, and life is pain, so it’s no wonder that anyone would want to crawl out of there, get off the wheel, and have a pain-free eternal existence in the Land of Pure Bliss.

So you spend thousands of lifetimes fighting, clawing your way out of Samsaric Illusion, and finally, you find yourself “Off the Wheel”, free at last, free at last!

You have achieved the Eternal Bliss of the Void. Wow. What a relief, like taking a huge dump after hours and hours of sweat, anxiety, and discomfort. Here it is, The Void.

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Astrology For The Dozens

I sold 14 Victorian Pocket Missions at $10 bucks over 3 decades.

Years ago, my friend Mel Powers — an incredible marketing genius who was also the publisher of the famous “For the Millions” book series — said that if I ever wrote a book on Astrology, he would title it “Astrology For The Dozens”.

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Stay in Touch

This ancient aircraft at Area 51 was built and flown some 32,000 years ago.

Did you know that you can use a Quantum Entanglement Charm to stay in touch with a loved one? It can be used by anyone, including the dead, and can work absolutely anywhere in any universe and across universes, including what is quaintly referred to as”The Afterlife”, as if there were only one way to get across the Quantum Ocean.

Quantum Entanglement Charms are electro-magnetic, but need no batteries or other outside electrical energy in order to work. They feed directly off the energy transmitted within the radio waves that bombard the Earth from the most distant stars and galaxies, as far back as Population III stars, just after what humans of Planet Earth so incorrectly call “The Big Bang”.

“Big Bang” is easy to say and easy to remember, at least in English, but it’s dead wrong, like free energy. Energy isn’t ever free — it has to come from somewhere, even if that “somewhere” is the Void. Continue reading

Come And Buy My Rainbow Beads — Updated

Mood Rings were so popular in the 1960s that absolutely everyone was wearing one.

Ever since Steve — who also created “Ocean in a Bottle”, the “Mood Organ” and the Rock Light-Show — invented the Mood Ring back in the Day, I’ve wanted the equivalent in beads, but it never happened, for two reasons, and the first reason was that the market wasn’t ready for them. They belong in the 21st century.

The second reason was the chemistry. The Psychedelic Mood Ring was sloooowwwwww to react to changes. The modern Rainbow Bead reacts quickly and accurately to changes of mood and temperament.

The most important difference between Mood Rings and Rainbow Beads is the extent and completeness of the color spectrum through which they will flow. The Rainbow Beads are capable of millions of colors, while ordinary “mood” itemsĀ  have a very limited range of color variations.

My American-Made Rainbow Beads are actually rainbows. You will see literally millions of colors in a spreading halo of interacting colors, creating a spectacular effect that can only be fully appreciated in full sunlight.

The basic Quantum Effect behind the Rainbow Bead is that it reacts with color in accord with the Chakras and the Aura, reflecting the color or colors that you are manifesting at this very moment. Continue reading


Pictured above, you’ll note my personal favorite CQR amulet, the Quantum Witch. There’s a lot to it, and it’s a bitch to make — squeezing the electrolytic capacitor into the crystals is just about impossible, and the double-inductance wire-wound coil is outrageously tough to produce, but there it is, ceramic nc foil & all. Most amazing thing about this particular ammy is that it’s quite useful, although all the ammies WILL work in this function, for IDR research.

“What, exactly, is IDR Research?”, you ask. IDR=Inter-Dimensional Radio. “Never heard of it,” you respond, quite rightly, because those working in this area really don’t want you to know about it. As a matter of fact, they’ll tell you that you’re crazy to think that such a thing is going on, right under the noses of the Popular Masses, meaning us.

The Big Guys in Washington and Moscow actually WANT you to think that UFOs are piloted by interstellar greenies with teensy antennae waving about their big bald heads.

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The Crystal People



















Something about crystals fascinates and attracts people. You probably know this already, and crystals do have an attraction for you, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts you don’t know why. It’s no secret unless you don’t happen to know it or grow up around folks who do know the secret of crystals. Secrets remain secret only until they’re published on Facebook. It is a Big Secret only because The Secret Keeps Itself, but hey — I’ll be only too happy to reveal it to you forthwith:

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How to Run a Prosperity Path Level

If you’re wondering how to run a Prosperity Path Level, nothing could be simpler. I’ll give you a total step by step rundown, and here it is:

Download and install the level, as per instructions and prompts. It’s fast and easy and it actually does itself, all you do is click “okay”.

Next, invoke the level you’ve selected to run. Let’s say “True Love Forever” — not actually a random selection … I happen to have dozens of actual in-level screenshots of that, so it’s an easy time-saving decision to make.

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