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One Day Is All You Get

Della appeared at the gallery as we set up the small booths.

Living life, you only get one day at a time, no matter how it may seem. The illusions of passages and connectivity and coincidence control create a condition of deep, deep sleep.

Waking up from that zombie sleep can be tricky and difficult, if you don’t know exactly how to go about stimulating the waking state — there isn’t any other way.

Banging the Waking State on the head won’t open the door.

Get the job done right. Join the Gallery Group and take a bite of responsibility and right action.

Your first job is to get with the group, the POG — Pack Of Green.

If you have no experience in our D2 Safaris, get some. Everything you do in the gallery space will depend largely on your spiritual growth through the interactions experienced in the Safari runs.

The Gallery is a common space where many dimensions intersect.

You are expected to develop a working wormhole from your home universe or dimension — that’s “where you live”, which may be defined as: “Where you park your cell phone”.

Think of your Cubby, Cubicle, Divider Wall or Jewelry Booth as your face. Continue reading

Past Life Portal Time Machines

The Ancient World has never been so accessible!!!

Exquisitely tiny, meticulously crafted wearable Miniature Time Machines are now available on this planet, but not for the first time — they were around thousands of years ago, and were in common usage for lucid dreaming and the prevention of the appearance of drunkenness, an important issue in the ancient world, particularly Athens.

Wireless telegraphy was around as far back as 30,000 B.C., and you can take advantage of that fact to capture ancient radio signals that still circle the earth and can be decoded with the Detector in your CQR Amulet.

Tapping into the daily life of ancient cultures of Planet Earth is easy, with the Past Life Portal, a miniature EMO & ANCIENT Bead Pendant that can be worn as a charm or linked with other pendants into a full NECKLACE MALA or bracelet style WRIST MALA.

The mechanism is stunningly simple — a Steven Sax EMO Bead — handmade in California using State-of-the-Art Bio-Thermal Technology — is surrounded by two guaranteed authentic ancient ceramic, glass, metal or gem beads, interspersed with pure solid copper hand-cast & polished hedgehog beads, all on a solid 100% pure copper core with double induction helix rings, just like they do at the Fermi Lab. Continue reading