One Day Is All You Get

Della appeared at the gallery as we set up the small booths.

Living life, you only get one day at a time, no matter how it may seem. The illusions of passages and connectivity and coincidence control create a condition of deep, deep sleep.

Waking up from that zombie sleep can be tricky and difficult, if you don’t know exactly how to go about stimulating the waking state — there isn’t any other way.

Banging the Waking State on the head won’t open the door.

Get the job done right. Join the Gallery Group and take a bite of responsibility and right action.

Your first job is to get with the group, the POG — Pack Of Green.

If you have no experience in our D2 Safaris, get some. Everything you do in the gallery space will depend largely on your spiritual growth through the interactions experienced in the Safari runs.

The Gallery is a common space where many dimensions intersect.

You are expected to develop a working wormhole from your home universe or dimension — that’s “where you live”, which may be defined as: “Where you park your cell phone”.

Think of your Cubby, Cubicle, Divider Wall or Jewelry Booth as your face.

Yes, as your face. Come on, get hold of the concept and run with it, okay? So on your end of the wormhole, you stick your stuff into the space — you ship it to us and somebody willing and able to perform the function on your behalf will put that into your area, according to your placement preferences.

Hopefully, all will go well, and the gallery director who handles your stuff into your cubby will understand what you want, and get it right.

On the other hand, that might not happen, so you have an opportunity to correct the gallery manager or director to get the stuff properly placed in there.

Nothing is perfect from the get-go. Nothing. Every step in the gallery will be one slow but steady pace from zero information about the town and shopping conditions these horrible  days.

Even with a sane president, we’d be in serious economic trouble, and with bad news every single day without a day’s letup on the news cycles, everyone’s got the jitters, and you can’t blame them.

We never know what we’re going to wake up to, and that’s the same with the Waking State — you never know what you’re going to be right in the middle of when the Waking State strikes, so you need to be prepared for literally everything and anything, and that takes in a lot of territory.

When a customer walks in through that front or back door, they have no idea what we’re doing there, and our first job is to tell them what we’re doing there.

We look like a gallery, smell like a gallery and walk like a duck.

We’re less interested in selling art and more interested in getting kids excited about art and crafts.

Artists, craftspeople and musicians have an extra brain.

What happens is that, due to the unique pressures and challenges of art and music, the brain’s hemispheres begin to transfer data back and forth, thus provoking the growth and activity of intermediate cells.

Most of the information passed back and forth between the right brain and the left brain are blocked by the lack of a transformative transmitter and a clear path to travel.

Art and music open up those channels.

You get both hemispheres operating at the same time, and a better “weight” of information that has been balanced by both right-brain and left-brain perception.

In short, you think better.

This is exactly how Einstein’s brain worked, and yours can, too. It’s just a question of getting the transferase¬† patterns in motion, and all that takes is some serious artistic, crafty or musical challenge.

The intensity of the challenge is important.

What that means to you is how seriously you take the project, and that, of course, thoroughly depends upon your grasp of the situation.

What ARE we doing here?

Are you just a robot, sitting around, waiting to die? If so, you need do no more than nod and blink and keep on banging those rocks together.

If you are a soul struggling to awaken and work, you’ve come to the right place, meaning the Gallery Group.

It’s just starting out and it’s a totally NEW LADDER!!!

Again, if you’re not hip to Safari Talk, you’ll have no clue.

Okay, so New Ladder, New Char, New Stats, build ’em up as you go, don’t take any boosts no matter how tempting, just level up as you go, no sweat, no strain, let the merc do the work.

What the Hell could all that weird talk mean?

Level up as you go? It merely means not to take the easy way out, not ever.

No sweat, no strain means that things will evolve on their own, according to the unfoldment of the game.

Of course, this assumes that you’re “on the move”, venturing outside Rogue Encampment, maybe far beyond the pale, meaning “past the fence” and out into the wilds of Blood Moor and Cold Plains.

You can see from the game analogy that we’re not really out there that far, yet, and it’ll be a while before we get much past the outer perimeter of the Safe Space, working ourselves to the next Safe Space.

That’s not a clever way to go.

A mousey run, darting from cover to cover, will eventually get you on the recycle button, and you’ll be minus a couple of points and a few gold coins, as it were, even though we’re still playing on “Normal”.

This game was designed to be played in the Hell Levels, but mostly it’s played in “Normal” or even more casually and superficially stumbled-through by the locals.

Not my problem.

My problem is getting the whole gang through the Portal, and that means that YOU have to alter your universe.

Not just any old way. That’s the “change for the sake of change” approach, and it’s doomed to failure.

The Gallery Group is the Way.

Break on through to the Other Side. Go from the universe where you’re not in the Gallery Group to the universe in which you ARE in the Gallery Group in order to change life-streams.

Yes, it’s that stupidly simple.

It has to be stupidly simple to survive the math crunch of this very limited universe.

Yeah, it looks really complex, but if you examine the Periodic Table of Elements or look deeply into the equation “e=mc2”, you’ll find a world built of one actual thing, and a zillion mirrors.

I hate to be the one to tell you, but who else?

Yes, it’s all done with mirrors, and it’s time you got yourself one.

The Objective Mirror is Applied Spiritual Science.

Try painting, sculpting, drawing, dancing, playing instrument, singing, and note the improvement in your brain functions, especially along intuitive lines.

As an artist, I think you’ll appreciate the clarity.

As a spirit, you will definitely notice the improvement.

See You At The Top!!!