Holiday Shopping Ideas


We all want to find that perfect Xmas present — the one that packs small but plays big, that looks like a million and costs like a candy bar. Well, bunkie, you’ve come to the right Huckster Booth!

So let’s build a Holiday Gifting List a little differently this year. I’ll post a few of my personal favorites from my collections on zazzle. Lemme show ya a couple of cheapie stocking-stuffers that will blow your mind:

Chocolate Obsessions Double Dutch Belgian Premium Hot Chocolate Drink Mix

Chocolate Obsessions Double Dutch Belgian Premium Hot Chocolate Drink Mix

by prosperitypath

You’ll pay what I’d pay — about six bucks a pop, and you have to buy at least six of them when you order on Zazzle.


When you order from me directly, you get the same price, but you can order any of 50 different drinks and blends of coffee, tea and chocolate.LRS Labyrinth Readers Society Denim Wallet Purse

LRS Labyrinth Readers Society Denim Wallet Purse

by prosperitypath

The only catch there is that you have to order 24 tins at a time, which is four cases of six tins each, get it?

Four cases of six tins of the 3 ounce round tin — perfect stocking stuffer, hot chocolate on Christmas Morning — comes to 24 tins at a total of $144, and I think they pay the shipping over $100, but I can’t swear to it, although apparently you can swear to anything these days and never have to come up with a single fact.

Do you want your kids and grandkids growing up thinking that they can make up facts and smash those fake facts in people’s faces and get away with it?

Don’t worry, there’s such a thing as “karma” and, guess what will happen to those creeps?

In the meantime — “Chocolate!!!” — that should be your war-cry. Never mind the millions of dead, you put on the kettle and we’ll have a nice cup of hot chocolate.

At the sounding of the Magic Mantra, “Chocolate”, all will be re-centered.

It isn’t necessary to actually consume the chocolate in order to fulfill the spirit-command, “Chocolate”, but you should attempt at least a reconstruction of a chocolate-consuming event in your recent past, by conjuring up the taste, consistency and aftertaste of the aforesaid “chocolate” which you have so summarily invoked.

In short, when the Spirit of Chocolate arises, strength and wisdom ensue.

Frankly, I wouldn’t go to the bank on that — I think I just made it up. If I did, it still doesn’t mean automatically that it’s wrong.


On the other hand, it also doesn’t guarantee that it’s right.

Maybe it’s neither. Perhaps the whole thing is totally irrelevant. What I mean is, could you repeat the question?

Taking the matter of the previously indicated subject, that of “Christmas List”, or whatever you call it in your household, take a moment to examine the possibilities.

For instance, you could make something yourself and give those things as gifts.

You might have some stuff left over from last year. It pays to go through it again, but not on the evening of the 24th of December — that’s a shopping day strictly for dummies.


If it’s the morning of December 25, and you still haven’t gotten around to shopping for Christmas, you’ll have to leave the warmth of your home and brave the stormy weather to get to the only place open that day, the local convenience store.

So you settle on a six-pack of something and ask the clerk to gift-wrap it.

When they get through laughing, you leave the store, still without a clue. Someday, you might learn the secret — why they laughed.

If you do happen to learn that secret, please pass it on.

You might discover as you gift these items that they have a definite effect in the spirit-plane, and that passing them along brings them closer to their fulfillment, which is to carry the essence of The Teaching, the Dharma, out to those who need its strength and guidance.

Okay, I guess a game table isn’t exactly a stocking-stuffer, but you have to admit that it’s a great holiday gift — the whole family can play Atlantis, Tournament Style, and you can all sink together!

“Chocolate” returns you to center.

In short, when you plant the seed of chocolate blessings, you do SOME of your possible part in The Work.

When you get someone ELSE to buy a six-pack and give it away, NOW you’re talking — that’s what I call Working in the Work!

These are just a few of the thousands of items I’ve posted on, and you can browse the collections once you get there, which you can do at the touch of a button.

Merely click on any of the images to be transported to my shops on zazzle.

From then on, it’s strictly a matter of navigation.

You’ll find many hundreds of items posted at wholesale — you pay the same as I pay for my own stuff.

Those are up there as a public service.

If you know someone who has a shop, show them the wholesale pages, willya???

We get no money from those sales — actually about a dollar and a quarter per order — but the “handshake” is well worth the time and effort.

Nothing makes a better impression than a gift.

When you give a Work Gift, you give more than just the gift.

See You At The Top!!!