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Holiday Shopping Ideas


We all want to find that perfect Xmas present — the one that packs small but plays big, that looks like a million and costs like a candy bar. Well, bunkie, you’ve come to the right Huckster Booth!

So let’s build a Holiday Gifting List a little differently this year. I’ll post a few of my personal favorites from my collections on zazzle. Lemme show ya a couple of cheapie stocking-stuffers that will blow your mind:

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Your One-Stop Christmas Shop

Widow’s Mites of Mark 12-41

Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a fraction of a penny. Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, this poor widow put more into the treasury than all the others. For all of them have contributed out of their abundance; but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on.”

These coins are bronze lepta and prutot of Alexander Jannaeus, the Hasmonean King of Judaea from 103 to 76 B.C. Although these coins were minted long before Christ’s lifetime, they were still in circulation during the first century A.D. They were the lowest denomination coins circulated at the time of Jesus.

I’m making Christmas/Chanukah Gift Packets with these incredible 2,000 year-old genuine ancient Judean coins that were in circulation during the time of Jesus, and some dating to the time of the Macabees, and they’re only $35 a pop!

These are NOT replicas or reproductions. They are the Real Thing, and there are NOT that many around now, due to the war in that area of the world, and there’s no sign of it letting up anytime soon. Continue reading

My Roman Holiday Pocket Mission by LeslieAnn

Roman Holiday is a series of 78 images of LeslieAnn walking about Ancient Rome, 43 B.C.

These are a series of screenshots, a walkabout through Ancient Rome. I’ll be shooting a “My Roman Holiday” for YOU, with 30 Screenshots for you to describe or to which you might decide to write poetry — it’s up to you. Continue reading

Donner Collection Notecards & Postcards

historycard28 copy

It suddenly occurred to me the other day that trading cards are a very limited market…but the same images that produced those little trading cards could be used to produce larger items, such as greeting cards, notecards and postcards, all featuring real antique photos.

My notecard and postcard series are printed in full color, even though many of the photos are black & white, because the effect is that of seeing the original. Black-ink printing simply does not carry off this effect. In addition, most of the so-called “black & white” photographs are actually brown, sepiatone and some hand-colored with oil paints or watercolor tinting.

The notecards and postcards relate specifically to the Donner Party, Donner family, Nevada County residents, a few notorious Old West characters, and some very rare photos of world-famous Old West Lawmen.

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Decrypting the Cross-Harp Harmonica Code

did you read this blog?

I know what you’re wondering … what has overstuffed boobs to do with cross-harp harmonica? Beats me, but it does get the hits. Cross-Harp is easy to understand, if you know what happens when you blow or draw on a harmonica. Drawing produces opportunities for note-bending and other expressive and dynamic tricks that just won’t happen or won’t happen as well on the outbreath. Yes, we’re talking inbreath and outbreath here, and it’s all very esoteric, but that’s not enough to get us over the Sinister Barrier of incompetence…make that “rank incompetence”. Okay, so what IS cross-harping, anyway? Simply put, it’s playing the opposite side of the main guys. For instance, if the song is in the Key of A, let’s say, a 12-bar blues in A, then the harp player would want to play in D, to take the most advantage of the outbreath. Of course, one could hold onto an A and a D, one over the other, and take both sides, the straight key, and the cross-key; this can be very effective, but tends to create havoc in the new player. Look for my Cross-Harp Breakdown for more exact info on what harp to play across what, but here’s the gist of it:

G/C, A/D, Bb/Eb, B/E, C/F, D/G, Eb/Ab, E/A, F/Bb, F#/B, Db or C#/F#¬† — and don’t hoc me in chaynekh that I included the F# — it’s a guitarist favorite, and you will eventually have to deal with it. I have a whole package in process for very, very advanced blues harp practice at home with my special “Lookin’ Good” Backing Tracks¬†so stay tuned for most recent announcements…it’s happening hourly! I invented the backing track concept, and it makes you sound 1000 times better than you actually are!!! You will not believe how good you will sound on blues harp, the very first minute you play it, against my special backing tracks. Lookin’ Good ain’t the half of it. Pwn the Holidays with Gorby’s Lookin’ Good Backing Tracks for flute, harmonica, guitar, zen flute, recorder, horns and more!!!

See You At The Top!!!


Don’t Change How You Play


ej at red house 1971 — photo by T. Jones

I’ve developed a method for playing guitar that allows you to play very sophisticated and difficult scales without having to learn new chords or retrain your fingers. You’ll use the following chords: E, Em, E7, A, Am, A7, B7, to play in almost all the keys. You will instantly be able to fake solo leads using my simple lead chart. You can’t make a mistake, there’s nothing to go wrong. Total simplicity is the key to this easy to learn guitar cheat. In addition, I’ve developed backing tracks that allow you to remain at your present undeveloped skill level while still sounding absolutely pro. You can use this for holiday gatherings, and blow the minds of friends and family with your apparent skills at blues, jazz, hip-hop, ballad, pop, dance, rock, r&b, latin, reggae, folk, bluegrass, fusion, country and more!!! Each backing track CD has an entire show of about a dozen tunes, and you’ll sound incredible on ALL of them, I guarantee it! You can order the CDs now — see the titles above to order. The CDs will be available in a few days. Download options are being explored even as we speak. Oh, I almost forgot to mention it, but I have a set of backing tracks that will make you sound like the greatest jazz and blues flute player on the planet. Coming soon, a set of backing tracks that will make you sound like the greatest blues harp player in the Western Rim of the Galaxy Milky Way (strictly a local name — we Outer Limits Folks (OLFs) refer to your galaxy as “Shnarg”. I won’t translate, for fear of reprisals.

See You At The Top!!!