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Holiday Shopping Ideas


We all want to find that perfect Xmas present — the one that packs small but plays big, that looks like a million and costs like a candy bar. Well, bunkie, you’ve come to the right Huckster Booth!

So let’s build a Holiday Gifting List a little differently this year. I’ll post a few of my personal favorites from my collections on zazzle. Lemme show ya a couple of cheapie stocking-stuffers that will blow your mind:

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Virtual Ashram Birthday Celebrations!


 — Vishnu Guru in the Aspect of Birthday Celebrations at Prosperity Virtual Ashram —

Hey, why not have Vishnu host your next Birthday Celebration at Prosperity Virtual Ashram? Would you like to book FAXL for your Wedding, Bar-Mitzvah or Birthday Party? You can! FAXL can appear LIVE at your event, and with TWO FULL SIMS, we can host as many as 200 avatars at a single event. Let me tell you the benefits to you and the ashram:

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