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The Next Step

Now that you’ve joined the Ashram for $30 a month and gotten a place in the gallery — either a cubby at $100 per month or a booth for $200 a month or both — it’s time to look at the program.

You are now part of a team.

That team operates in the subtle plane, but manifests clearly and tangibly in the gallery as a group of artists and artisans.

The art varies widely, as does the crafting. Materials and methods are very much unique to each of the experienced artists of our Grass Valley Graphics Group, and that creates a lot of excitement in visitors to our space.

Because we specialize in miniature works of art, our walls are filled with lots of interesting things to see. People tend to stay longer in the gallery precisely because there are so many paintings, drawings, sketches, embossings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more, and the longer they linger the more likely they’ll shop, meaning you get the sale.

How the support boils down is that whenever we have some surplus, it can be applied to promotion and publicity, but keep in mind that money can’t buy you love, and you can quote me on that! Continue reading

Astrology For The Dozens

I sold 14 Victorian Pocket Missions at $10 bucks over 3 decades.

Years ago, my friend Mel Powers — an incredible marketing genius who was also the publisher of the famous “For the Millions” book series — said that if I ever wrote a book on Astrology, he would title it “Astrology For The Dozens”.

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He’ll Change. He Promised He’ll Change.


Dale Morse Photo Session by LeslieAnn
Photomontage of Dale’s First Fashion Photo Shoot on Wednesday — Photos by LeslieAnn

“He’ll Change”, women say about their boyfriend or husband, they all tell me that he promised to change, and even enrolled in a therapy group, but they don’t change — they never do. They never have to find continual accommodation to the spoken and unspoken demands of their “life partner”, although relationships these days seldom run into anywhere like “life”.

Women change readily and rapidly, from lover to lover, adjusting to every whim and mood of a new boyfriend, and they have no problem doing so, but they can’t easily end a relationship.

A woman can learn to serve just about any man, and most women are more than willing to be a Man Pleaser, but as pleasing as you might be, the guy eventually tires of you, generally during the first minute of contact. Man-Pleasing is an easy way to earn a living, and if you can keep it up (joke intended) you can maintain The Nest at least until the kids leave home.

Woman all know that after that first smashing boiling ripping roiling minute of “First Contact”, things roll downhill, entropy sets in, and the relationship goes numb. You have to constantly remind the man that he’s in a relationship, and it’s a constant battle between you and the hundreds of younger women he encounters every day.

If you want to maintain Peace In The Household, you’re going to teach yourself to overlook certain things, like the smell of perfume on his shorts, or the stubborn stain on the fly of his pants.

The only thing keeping most relationships going is the cost of lawyers and the threat of joint custody. Continue reading

An Art Show Every Month!!!


In the Organic World, an artist is lucky to have four shows a year, period. One gallery might show your work every year, others will have you wait three or four years between shows, not to eat up the market with overflow. In Prosperity Virtual Ashram, there’s no reason you can’t put up a new show every month, and if you’re totally beyond bizarre, a new art show every single day. Why not? You’re your own boss on your parcel! And speaking about parcels, don’t forget to learn how to promote your shop, gallery, hangout, club, showroom, chapel or whatever! You can find out more about this at this upcoming weekend’s WORK RELATIONSHIPS workshop. Don’t miss it if you can!!! We’ll be having live auctions inworld for items that are out of this world!

See You At The Top!!!