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More Metal Embossing Craft Projects You Can Make & Sell


My Extra-Terrestrial Alien UFO Flying Saucer Spacecraft is typical of the smaller “Scout Ship” types you see around New Mexico and Arizona. They are piloted by greys, but the larger, flatter steel-gray crafts are from Orion and Sirius.

Of course, there are also trans-dimensionals and trans-time voyagers, plus thousands of species of reptilian and several worldsful of Arcturan visitors.

I’m including this little videoclip in the blog format, in order to underline the fact that I’m not a wild-eyed alien freak, or at least I’m among a growing number of former high ranking government and agency people who are finally starting to talk about the many visitors to Planet Earth, among whom are Canadian Minister of Defence Paul Hellyer, who testified before Parliament that there are more than 80 known species of aliens and that humans are in contact with at least four, and that this is being covered up by an international Cartel that hopes to take over the world with alien technology and with them as rulers. Continue reading

Heisnerize Your World!!!


Heisnerize Your World with this amazing technique.
Heisnerize Your World with this amazing technique.

It’s very simple to keep your prices fair to you and to the customer, but you’ll notice that people will try to beat you down just to see if you’ll give way, and most jewelry crafters do give way and lower their prices down to almost nothing, just to see the customer smile and nod and walk away, knowing they’ve had you.

The thing to do to prevent being beaten down for a bargain price is to establish your prices in the first place, and keep them rigid — HARDEN your price list, and KEEP THE FAITH.

What I mean is, look at the sign that announces your prices, point to the sign, say to the customer, “Those are my prices. I’ll give you ten percent off if you buy this today.”

Special fair prices are okay, but PRINT THEM, don’t tell the prices verbally, because then they can change — the customer sees vulnerability there and moves in for the kill, so you must anticipate this by PRINTING your price list and if possible, photographing a few models with your creations and using them in a flyer, announcing your great SALE prices, but that’s as low as you go.

If you leave yourself wide open as a target for bargaining and discussion and rationale and mental one-ups and emotional jumps, you won’t have a good experience. “It ain’t me that decides the price” is the concept that you hold in your mind as the sale proceeds. Never be the one who determines price, or you’ll lose the ballgame.

FEAR of REJECTION is what causes you to lower your prices when you KNOW you shouldn’t, and it’s a fact that lowering your price won’t change the sale. It’ll happen if it’s going to happen, and it won’t if it isn’t. If the sale isn’t “Meant to Happen”, it won’t happen, and if it is MEANT to happen, it will. Stay confident, even if you aren’t. Never let them see you sweat.

Sounds horribly Existential, but it isn’t, and that’s not the right interpretation of Existentialism anyway. It’s impossible to believe it, but there’s nothing YOU can do to alter the FACT of the sale, determining whether the sale happens or not … but wait … there IS something you CAN DO, if you’re ABLE to do it, which is doubtful.

HEISNERIZE IT. Continue reading

He’ll Change. He Promised He’ll Change.


Dale Morse Photo Session by LeslieAnn
Photomontage of Dale’s First Fashion Photo Shoot on Wednesday — Photos by LeslieAnn

“He’ll Change”, women say about their boyfriend or husband, they all tell me that he promised to change, and even enrolled in a therapy group, but they don’t change — they never do. They never have to find continual accommodation to the spoken and unspoken demands of their “life partner”, although relationships these days seldom run into anywhere like “life”.

Women change readily and rapidly, from lover to lover, adjusting to every whim and mood of a new boyfriend, and they have no problem doing so, but they can’t easily end a relationship.

A woman can learn to serve just about any man, and most women are more than willing to be a Man Pleaser, but as pleasing as you might be, the guy eventually tires of you, generally during the first minute of contact. Man-Pleasing is an easy way to earn a living, and if you can keep it up (joke intended) you can maintain The Nest at least until the kids leave home.

Woman all know that after that first smashing boiling ripping roiling minute of “First Contact”, things roll downhill, entropy sets in, and the relationship goes numb. You have to constantly remind the man that he’s in a relationship, and it’s a constant battle between you and the hundreds of younger women he encounters every day.

If you want to maintain Peace In The Household, you’re going to teach yourself to overlook certain things, like the smell of perfume on his shorts, or the stubborn stain on the fly of his pants.

The only thing keeping most relationships going is the cost of lawyers and the threat of joint custody. Continue reading

Street of Dreams is Starting to Take Shape & Update


On this side of The Shift, the Street of Dreams is a complete range of Temple environments created by me; each leading to a profoundly different world with a different set of work regulations and work conditions.

My wondrous shops and Jazz Club are gone, alas, as are those of Space and XxaxX, sigh, but we gotta have bypasses, and it’s up to us Vogons to put them in, and that’s what I did.


I’ve managed to buy and put up two more temples tonight, and I want to hasten to add that SpaceBuddhaa has an enormous multi-story gallery & shops boutique, housing many of her wonderful decorating items and other wondrous goodies. It’s on The Strip, at 3201 Meters, along with my Fashionista Shop, right next door to hers.

Bottom line, Spacebuddhaa, XxaxX and Leslie Ann are deluged by tons of stuff coming back into our inventories, but it does make room for the Temple items necessary for their function, and shops are not the primary purpose of the Ashram. Continue reading

PWoS is Here at last!!!

I began working on Practical Work on Self back in the summer of 1973 at New House. It then consisted of a series of practical work exercises that one could perform alone and at home, meaning in one’s hometown, not necessarily within the walls of one’s house. I had 5 really topnotch goof-proof exercises ready for market by 1975, but that was when we moved from Crestline to Grass Valley, and there was no time to experiment or start new projects.

Since that time, many work projects have come into the picture, but always there was the PWoS Exercise Series waiting in the background for completion. Well, I’ve done it. There are a total of seven levels, each level consisting of seven exercises, conforming in the same configuration as the 49 day reading cycle, to which these exercises are fundamentally attached. Continue reading