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Worthless Coins For Sale!!!

This $2,200 1925-s was hiding in a pile of junk coins, looking worthless as hell, until I spotted it — it’s brown and blends in with the junk perfectly well.

“On the street, Hale could feel really successful. The bitter wind slashed at him; he had only seventy-six cents in his pocket and no place to sleep. At last, he was getting somewhere!”

That’s a quote from my Dad Horace’s fantasy novel, “None But Lucifer”, and it’s relevant to the practice I intend to introduce, the practice of Coinology, which starts out by learning to actually SEE what you’re looking at, which is the very essence of the Waking State and is the gate to higher consciousness and essence love.

When you send for Gorby’s Penny Prospecting Kit #1 at only $49.95, you will receive nothing but the very worst, I promise!

I personally guarantee that every single coin you receive in your Gorby’s Wheaties Loot Bag will be worthless, or as near worthless as I can arrange.

I personally search and destroy all value coins out of the pack, to be sold for exorbitant amounts to passers-by.


Because you’re learning to see VALUE and GRADE, and it’s invisible against similar grade, so it needs a contrasting background, hence the bag of crap coins intended to throw you off and confuse things as completely as possible.


Good versus evil, red versus blue, warm versus cold. It’s contrast that helps you see a thing, like spotting a dark meteorite on a field of snow or desert sand. It’s easy to see against a starkly contrasting background, but imagine finding that same meteorite in a jungle or amongst similar-looking rocks.

You wouldn’t stand a chance.

So, I gotta give you something to SEE the high value high grade coins against, and that’d be junk coins, all no better than GOOD to VERY GOOD, and that’s what I’ve spent hours and hours doing — scouring out all the quality down to crap.

Want perfect coins? Want to hit the JACKPOT COIN of all time? Want to be the hero on your block with a self-found MS-66 RD 1909-s VDB ready for third-party grading?

Well, don’t give it another thought. That’s not going to happen, at least not by searching junk coins. The real money is in the junk. What is someone else’s throwaway is your treasure, if you know how to SEE.

So forget about hitting The Big One, and concentrate on transmission of the Teaching.

Okay, so you’re not going to hit the Big One, the 1909-s VDB or 1922 No D, so what IS going to happen???

What IS going to happen is that you are going to train yourself to properly, efficiently and effectively search 1909-1939 Wheaties for value above what you paid.

You’ll be paying exactly what I pay — anywhere from 5 cents a coin for the 1930s coins to a dime for the 1920s coins and 20 cents a pop for the 1930s coins, for the bag of 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEED bag of junk coins, all G-4-6, not a bit higher, and certainly no lower.

Now, hidden deeply within the bag of junk “BASE” coins will be several “TARGET” COINS which you’ll try to pick out from the bagful of crap coins, which will cost you an average of a dime per junk coin. Continue reading

More Metal Embossing Craft Projects You Can Make & Sell


My Extra-Terrestrial Alien UFO Flying Saucer Spacecraft is typical of the smaller “Scout Ship” types you see around New Mexico and Arizona. They are piloted by greys, but the larger, flatter steel-gray crafts are from Orion and Sirius.

Of course, there are also trans-dimensionals and trans-time voyagers, plus thousands of species of reptilian and several worldsful of Arcturan visitors.

I’m including this little videoclip in the blog format, in order to underline the fact that I’m not a wild-eyed alien freak, or at least I’m among a growing number of former high ranking government and agency people who are finally starting to talk about the many visitors to Planet Earth, among whom are Canadian Minister of Defence Paul Hellyer, who testified before Parliament that there are more than 80 known species of aliens and that humans are in contact with at least four, and that this is being covered up by an international Cartel that hopes to take over the world with alien technology and with them as rulers. Continue reading

24k Truth

Gold is a product of a succession of stellar explosions and reformulations, yielding more and more complex atoms at each star reformation.

The 24k solid gold medallions are the most powerful CONTACT coins in the world. There is no metal exactly like gold, and gold is the key to opening and passing through dimensional portals.

Gold has “reach”. It “continues” in various dimensions, notably the Six Nirvanic Worlds, which cannot be reached with other metals. Gold is always gold. It never changes, and it has its own “constant”, which will someday be important to scientists. You can carve a simple visual “bumpy” message into PURE gold, and it can be read in the Higher Planes.

Gold Tokens can be made from scratch. They need not be altered coins and in fact, I don’t recommend altering gold coins at all. I work on a flat, hammered planchette or disk, fairly thin, at about 13mm in diameter, to fit into the 14k gold “U.S. $1 Gold Piece” Locket, which retails out at about $450-$650, depending on the artwork.

I wholesale those out at $112.50 apiece, which barely accommodates the cost of the metal and, in fact, at an art or crafts fair, I can make about $7,500 an hour just putting beads on strings and making someone’s name on a copper bracelet, but you couldn’t pay me enough to actually do that — I’m just making a point here about labor and art and what the art is worth.

I think the artwork that I engrave and etch into every single one of my little gold plaques is worth a whole lot more than fifty bucks, but I’m willing to let YOU take the profit. If you want to use some of your profit to assist the Sangha, it’s entirely up to you.

Those gold lockets should, and can, and DO, sell for hundreds of bucks, not because it’s gold, or because it’s magic or quantum, but because it’s a WORK OF ART by an actual working world-class listed American Official White House and IAJE Artist, not a mass-produced mechanical lump spat out of an all-too-common stamp-out machine somewhere overseas and off-shore, and I never said the word “China”. Continue reading

Brains in Giant Glassite Domes as Helpers

Angelic Healing Contact Glassite Dome.
Open up the channels with this Angelic Healing Contact Glassite Dome.

ANGELIC HEALING CONTACT DOME — Ever think of employing a couple of Living Stones as interdimensional contact helpers? Care & Feeding are minimal and the rewards are great and lasting. Here’s a partial list of Angelic Contact Living Stones in Glassite Domes, starting with the one pictured above, the Angelic HEALING Contact Dome, which features black tourmaline and tuned frequency Atlantean Sigil Waveform, plus the pass-through knob glassite dome on a router-grooved solid hardwood walnut base, for $450.00. Continue reading

What Secrets Did the Ancients Possess?

Clay Seal Stamp dated 1354 B.C. mentions the Triad in Register III — “MEM TA NEF”.

What Secrets did the Ancients possess? Quite a few that have yet to be rediscovered, but people are always rediscovering things they have forgotten how to do, how to make and how to use.

CULTURAL AMNESIA happens every time a large and imposing empire collapses from its own massive weight. Cultural Amnesia is the result of a Dark Age, an age of darkness, when the advances of the previous civilization have worn off and are no longer part of daily life.

Was there an Atlantis?

Yes, of course there was, although “Atlantis” in the Platonic sense is a combination of at least three civilizations from the long-distant past, in human reckoning. I have items from about 30,000 B.C. and they show clearly that technology was very much a part of ancient life as far back as 100,000 B.C. when they flew airplanes and dropped hydrogen bombs on each other, just as they do today.

People before Homo Sap were pretty smart, too, and then there were a surviving race of lizard men, Sauroman, that were encountered infrequently by humanoids. Also on Earth are a new breed of robot that’s being tested by the Grey II researchers on Mount … oops, almost threw that one away, but I’m careful to not violate the Prime Directive. I can give hints, but not actual data.

What I mean is, “somewhere at some undisclosed location”, don’t I??? Yes, of course. Let’s start that over … Somewhere, at some undisclosed location, there’s a Grey II research lab that uses human enzymes for various purposes. Hybrids are easier to make than metals, plastics are organic science, and flesh is so damned vulnerable to accident and illness.

Robots are the dominant higher life form just about everywhere. It takes several thousand years of civilization past the warring states stage to develop anything like Distortion Bubble InterSpace and InterDimensional Travel, as have so many civilizations before and after humans. Continue reading

Present Life Survey by LeslieAnn

How about your Present Life? Had any problems with that one?

Present Life Survey, PLS, is available right now, this very minute. Here’s how it works:

Let’s assume that you have no photographs of your life, none at all. Many folks are in that same situation and, until this invention, had no chance to experience the Present Life Survey that folks lucky enough to have retained photos of their childhood were able to have.

So what I’ve done is scan in thousands of personal photos, massage them into good art, and make them available to you. Each set of photos is isolated into decades, 1940-1949, 1950-1959, etc. all the way from 1900 to 2014. Here’s the information you need to give me in order to make this work for you: Continue reading

God World In My Pocket


I’ve been terrifically busy lately, doing several things; the first is finishing work on the lower levels of the Ashram, and this is going well. Secondly, development of the use of the marketplace for Shamanic Skill Expansion, and Thirdly, my plan for world domination and control through the marketing of God World in my Pocket stuff.


I’ll explain how it works. Basically, you can stuff anything, however large and complex it might be, even a whole world, into one of my Magic Pouches, and it will not only stay there, it can be retrieved and if you’ve a place to rezz it, you can live in it, explore it, use it and so forth.


Each one of my God World in My Pocket items is a real place with its own time and lives. Remember in Hitch-Hiker’s Guide that mysterious satchel or bag that his aunt gave him that could hold absolutely anything, no matter how big??? Well, that’s what my Magic Pouch does! It can hold an entire universe, probably several billion of them, as a matter of fact, although the sorting and retrieval system would be nightmarishly slow at mere lightspeed.


My first experiment is with what you see in the screenshots — Norton Street West. It has everything and is lavish to the extreme, but it doesn’t matter, unless you try to manifest it in a sim, in which case, someone will complain. But in a Magic Pouch or Bag, it does no harm and has ZERO land impact!

In a sense, you are in the world, and yet you’re wearing it or carrying it, somewhat like theĀ  “Galaxy” amuletic necklace on the cat in the first Men in Black film, right??? The contact you will receive from this effect is absolutely staggering, mind-blowing, and guaranteed to work, and work so good you’ll be astonished from toe to crown, or your Lindens back!!!

If that isn’t Magic with a Capital M, what is???


The screenshots of Norton Street West say it all. It’ll be up for sale in just a few days, on my “EJ Gold Guru” shop, called The God Particle in Second Life Marketplace.

I’ll soon have Cosmo Street and my Dad, Horace L. Gold’s, creation — The Old Curiowsity Shoppe (from our collaboration sci-fi stories in Retro SF and other novels) ready for sale, and many more treasures. Be sure to ask about the Magic Pouch at the ICW tomorrow!!!

See You At The Top!!!


Gods Phone Home


What did the ancients know about Trans-Dimensional Voyagers and contact with Extra-Dimensional Beings? First of all, you can bet dollars to donuts they knew how to contact them, because they were given specific instructions. See, the CR, or Contact Ritual, has to be complex enough to signify to the receiving end that you really mean it, that it wasn’t a dumb accident of nature that set off the contact signal. Consequently, a rather complex set of ritual actions, sounds, aromas, emotional triggers, etc. which activate the Trans-D channel of choice, determined by type of ritual and significant changes in detail, such as copal incense instead of another plant-resin or herbal incense, or a significant alteration in costume, activities and time of day the ritual is conducted. All these details make a huge difference in whom you contact, why, and the outcome of said contact. In the case of the Egyptians, the contact was with the Orion Group, for the purpose of tribal welfare in exchange for the performance of certain rituals necessary for the Other Side’s welfare as well as the well-being of those on Our Side, as it were. The Work is a coop effort, and it takes help on the Other Side to accomplish anything at all anywhere. You need the direct help of Higher Beings, but you must earn it; one way to dig yourself into a Place in the Work is to be of use in a Trans-Dimensional Ritual Contact…but Egyptian Temples are sooooo expensive, and sooooo hard to come by these days…

Ah, wait, I have it…what about meeting in a Quantum Space Egyptian Temple? So, I’m building it now. Not the Second Life kind of temple, which doesn’t take into account a four-across march through the thing. I’m building Temples that have enough room and no odd collisions, barriers, or sticky places that push you backwards or sideways as you try to walk. These are temples for daily TDC (Trans-Dimensional Contact) usage, and they’re built to take the traffic. I’ve loaded them with a SuperBeacon Complex and Matrix System, so these are real XD and TD Bangers!!! Of course, you’ll get no local result without an ammy — the ammy of choice for this effort is the latest in our ammy offerings: The BiT Ammy. BiT — Upper Case “B”, Lower Case “i”, Upper Case “T”, stands for Bodhisattva-in-Training, and that’d be you, if you’ve read down this far. Each chamber has its own enactment, triggering a specific co-action at the receiving end of the Quantum Entanglement Connection established by the Temple design and usage. So, we’ll be talking about this stuff all through this weekend’s Contact Con, and I hope you’ll be there! If you can’t attend in person, you can attend online. If you can’t make all the training sessions, get there whenever you can make it, nobody’s keeping score! If you can’t afford the convention, talk to Yanesh and work something out! You do NOT want to miss this Urth-Shaking Event!!!

See You At The Top!!!