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The Next Step

Now that you’ve joined the Ashram for $30 a month and gotten a place in the gallery — either a cubby at $100 per month or a booth for $200 a month or both — it’s time to look at the program.

You are now part of a team.

That team operates in the subtle plane, but manifests clearly and tangibly in the gallery as a group of artists and artisans.

The art varies widely, as does the crafting. Materials and methods are very much unique to each of the experienced artists of our Grass Valley Graphics Group, and that creates a lot of excitement in visitors to our space.

Because we specialize in miniature works of art, our walls are filled with lots of interesting things to see. People tend to stay longer in the gallery precisely because there are so many paintings, drawings, sketches, embossings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more, and the longer they linger the more likely they’ll shop, meaning you get the sale.

How the support boils down is that whenever we have some surplus, it can be applied to promotion and publicity, but keep in mind that money can’t buy you love, and you can quote me on that! Continue reading

Tom X Has Arrived in the Ashram BigTime!!!


There it is, behind me, on the corner of Street of Dreams and Fifth. The gallery rent is outrageous, but worth it for the exposure on this great well-traveled corner. You can buy Tom’s works on paper for your buildings, but you cannot resell them with the perms set as they are. If you want to be a Tom X dealer, contact any staff member at the Ashram. Actually, you can ask anyone. Surely someone at the docks will have a watch.

See You At The Top!!!