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Gallery Strategies

So you’ve found a great, natural wood-floor, well-lit gallery space, and you rented it. Now what are you going to fill it up with?

My first answer would normally be “Nothing”.

Me, I’d leave the gallery totally empty except for a few very large, very impressive celebrity art in the form of paintings or other types of hanging pieces, and maybe a few full-length sculptures, a meeting area on a luxury Persian carpet, and that’s it.

My preference is to make a few good sales a year, rather than keep the register going “ka-ching”, but that’s not how we’re going to run this gallery, because there’s a lot more at stake here than celebrity art and celebrity artists.

We have a work community. Continue reading

Yet More Stuff Already, Hey


Here are a few more goodies from my goodie-wagon, all of which are prime candidates for Remote Readings & Viewings (I explain the difference elsewhere):


Not a reproduction, this elegantly and intricately hand-carved & glazed ancient steatite stone amulet is from XXXth Dynasty Egypt. This carved “faience” can be found in museum treasures around the world.


Not a reproduction, this this large rather common copper coin was in circulation from Late Rome, around 350 A.D., through the Medieval Period in Europe.


Not a reproduction, this ancient original Hellenic Greek Bronze Coin was struck at the Syracuse Mint, and was in circulation around 433 B.C..


Not a reproduction, this rare Medieval bronze coin was found at a site known to have been held by the Knights Templar during the Crusades into the Holyland until around 1187 A.D. when Saladin defeated the Crusaders.


Not reproductions, guaranteed authentic ancient Sumerian steatite beads were found in Uruk in 1957, and have been in the U.S. since 1964.

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See You At The Top!!!


More Real Things For Makers, Shakers & Resellers

At the Sci-Fi & Fine Art sections of my new online bookstore.

Here are a few more choice goodies from my goodies factory:


Not a reproduction, 100% Guaranteed authentic original Donner Family Relic. The Donner Party Tragedy at Donner Pass is one of the three most famous events in California History, along with the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake & Fire, and the 1849 California Gold Rush.

This is offered by a Donner family descendant, and is part of a very limited number of found items, all dating from about 1830 to 1847. It was in the winter of 1846/47 that the Donner Party experienced the tragedy, as retold in vivid detail in the book written by one of the survivors, a daughter of George Donner, the leader of the party which ended in disaster.


Not a reproduction, this 100% guaranteed authentic ancient bead dates anywhere between 8,000 B.C. and 1200 B.C., and was laboriously drilled from both ends and ground on stone with sand and silica carbide, to cut and polish the stone. Continue reading

Incredible New Discovery — Radio Crystal EMO WaveForm Charms

Plowing a field into furrows, waveforms on the surface of a coherent polyhedron.

Yes, you read it right — radio crystal EMO WaveForm charms — and furthermore, I meant every word of it. I’ve been on the jewelry bench from about midnight, trying to work out the frequencies of my new radio crystal EMO charms, and damned if they don’t come out right on the money, at a high harmonic of the long low wave at 7.6 hz frequency.

Standing Waves are important to you, even if you never heard of them before, and what’s more, propelling and mutating waveforms and passing waves and waveforms in general are also vital for your work life. Waveforms are easy to understand, and there are plenty of experiments you can conduct personally for your own edification, so that you can finally understand what they are and how they can be used for your work on self. Continue reading

Come And Buy My Rainbow Beads — Updated

Mood Rings were so popular in the 1960s that absolutely everyone was wearing one.

Ever since Steve — who also created “Ocean in a Bottle”, the “Mood Organ” and the Rock Light-Show — invented the Mood Ring back in the Day, I’ve wanted the equivalent in beads, but it never happened, for two reasons, and the first reason was that the market wasn’t ready for them. They belong in the 21st century.

The second reason was the chemistry. The Psychedelic Mood Ring was sloooowwwwww to react to changes. The modern Rainbow Bead reacts quickly and accurately to changes of mood and temperament.

The most important difference between Mood Rings and Rainbow Beads is the extent and completeness of the color spectrum through which they will flow. The Rainbow Beads are capable of millions of colors, while ordinary “mood” items  have a very limited range of color variations.

My American-Made Rainbow Beads are actually rainbows. You will see literally millions of colors in a spreading halo of interacting colors, creating a spectacular effect that can only be fully appreciated in full sunlight.

The basic Quantum Effect behind the Rainbow Bead is that it reacts with color in accord with the Chakras and the Aura, reflecting the color or colors that you are manifesting at this very moment. Continue reading

EMO MALAS Are Here at Last!!!


In this past life, I wore a SPIRIT-SEEKING MALA under my chemise, circa 1899.

ALL MALAS CAN BE BUILT AS KITS or purchased ready-made as described below.

This is to announce the introduction of the EMO Mala. It is a long Victorian-Style necklace which goes over the head to wear, and hangs down about to mid-chest. It is handcrafted by E.J. Gold with alternate pulses of EMO beads and solid copper Bali-Style Hedgehog beads, with a core of heavyweight solid copper wire. There is no clasp. The MALA is long, Victorian length, and is generally placed over the head, like a Hawaiian lei, although a shorter necklace version with a clasp is available.

MALA KITS — $189

YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN MALA and save $$$$. Each EMO MALA KIT comes with everything you need to build the MALA except the .16 gauge wire, which you provide. No tools are included with this jewelry crafting kit, and you will only need a jewelry-style round needle-nosed pliers and a flush-cutter to make ANY of these EMO MALAS.

The following EMO MALAS are all available as kits. They are described as handbuilt by E.J. Gold as completed pieces, with a price listed for completed piece and a lower price for the u-built-it kit.

The HEDGEHOG bead is the key to the Quantum Effect. The Hedgehog has since the dawn of time been used to splay energy patterns over a curved surface, creating L-waves and Coldwave Antenna Effects crucial for any q-effect. Continue reading

Take the Copper Challenge

Normal Blue Emo-Indicators are sparked by Ancient Style Copper Hedgehog Beads.


The EMO INDICATOR beads turn colors when worn. Many years ago, a primitive version of this bead was called a “Mood Ring”. The space-age materials used now are very much lighter and more resistant to wear. NORMAL BLUE is a meditation device attuned to the Schumann Harmonic. Keep in the Blue and enjoy Deep Meditation & Infinite Harmony. Here’s how to construct your Normal Blue Meditation Bracelet:

  1. Cut FIVE 4″ lengths of .20 gauge copper wire, which will form the cores of the bracelet. No need to flush cut these at this time.
  2. About 1″ from one tip of one of the wires, FORM A LARGE, GENEROUS LOOP and THREAD the wire through the SMALL HOLE of the LARGE ROUND PART of the bracelet clasp that came with the kit.
  3. WRAP the wire tail around the core wire to keep the loop stable and to hold the clasp firmly, as shown in the photo.
  4. THREAD ON one of the 4mm solid copper rounds that come with the kit, and let it fall against the wire you wrapped to make a small coil. Refer to photo.
  5. Now THREAD on one of the 9mm copper Hedgehog beads.
  6. Next THREAD on one of your NORMAL BLUE Emo beads.
  7. Now THREAD on another 9mm copper Hedgehog bead.
  8. ADD a final 4mm copper round bead, to complete the stack.
  9. At a distance of about 3mm or 4mm from the stacked beads, FORM A LOOP, leaving enough wire “tail” to wrap the end 2 1/2 times, then FLUSH CUT the end tight to the wrappings.
  10. TUCK both wire ends deep inside the wrap so no sharp points or edges stick out.
  11. START another 5-STACK ELEMENT by threading the next element’s CORE WIRE through the LOOP in the first element.
  12. Complete the LOOP by wrapping the wire around itself 2 1/2 times.
  13. FLUSH CUT the wire at the end of the wrap and tuck it down in so it has no sharp points or edges.
  14. MAKE and link FOUR MORE of these elements, a total of FIVE ELEMENTS in all.
  15. THE LAST ELEMENT should LINK DIRECTLY onto the LOCKING END of the BALI STYLE FANCY CLASP, included in the kit.
  16. CHECK and TUCK IN all remaining ends and bits to assure nothing sharp or catchy is on the bracelet. Any problems MUST be addressed NOW, not later, when the customer throws the bracelet on the counter and demands satisfaction.

And that’s all there is to it! NOTE that the beads should be TIGHT in the packed stack of beads, not loose, not wiggly, not waggly, TIGHT but not under pressure. This is very important when setting GLASS or delicate gemstones. How to get that special tightness is a matter of time, dedication and rapidly developing skills. Continue reading

How to Handle the Elements


Rare 19th century British Victorian crystal beads in a variety of settings — note the different bead caps.

All jewelry, in fact all engineered structures, have one thing in common; they are made up of a collection of elements. What is an element? It is a single repeatable item — in the case of JAL jewelry, this consists of a series of beads on a wire, to wit:

  1.    Form a loop at one end of the 4″ long .20 gauge copper wire.
  2.    Wrap the end of the wire to finish the loop.
  3.    Press the cut end of the wire deeply into the wrapping so it doesn’t catch on anything.
  4.   Thread on a 4mm round copper bead.
  5.    Add a spacer bead.
  6.    Add a bead cap if wanted, with the hollow side toward the main bead.
  7.    Add the gemstone or main bead.
  8.    Add a bead cap rotated opposite the first cap.
  9.    Add another spacer bead.
  10.    Add another 4mm round copper bead.
  11.    Make a loop to close off and finish the element.

Continue reading

JAL Chapter 1 — Psychometry & Time Travel with Ancient Beads

Mill Street Gallery featured thousands of ancient and medieval beads back in the day.

If you’ve ever wanted to contact a past life, ancient beads are a great and inexpensive way to make solid and powerful quantum connections. Since I acquired my ancient beads, which was from 1960-1989, I’ve been salting them away for psychometric use.

Many of the more expensive beads went into Jewels of Ancient Lands productions, sold many years ago in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, New York & Atlanta jewelry boutiques for many thousands of dollars.

Those fabulous ancient and medieval glass and stone beads are long-gone, and cannot be repeated. The bead market that came out of Mali, Africa, has vanished forever — all you’ll find at that once-great international bead market are beads coming out of other places, notably Pakistan, China and Ethiopia. Continue reading