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How to Order Medicine Wheel Choker Necklaces


Museum Reconstruction of a 4500 B.C. Sumerian Lapis necklace.

The necklace in the photo above looks deceptively easy to acquire, but it isn’t. You can’t buy this necklace at any price. It is a “School Artifact”. Relics like these can be reconstructed from ancient materials. In this case, note that the maker of all the lapis beads is the same, from the same workshop. This is not the case with beads acquired through the ordinary marketplace. Matched sets of ancient beads is exceedingly rare.

The wonderful Hand-Crafted Bali Style Copper Beads available to me now makes an authentic reconstruction of ancient pieces more possible than ever before, although how long those handmades will be available is anybody’s guess in this mechanized world.

Copper and bronze were the Metals of Choice in antiquity, but they, along with silver, tend to corrode rapidly, oxidizing into oblivion in the wet soils of time-soaked earth. Gold doesn’t oxidize, at least pure or nearly pure gold doesn’t, so it tends to survive where the silver, bronze or copper items of daily use don’t.

I prefer to use copper in the reconstruction process for two reasons. Firstly, it is more like the ancient piece than the occasional royal piece produced for the ruling class. Secondly, it is less likely to get melted down for the metal than pure gold.

Reconstructed ancient necklaces are not as expensive as you might think, starting at a very affordable $450 for a Roman Glass Necklace powered by EMO beads, to $35,000 for a stunning Egyptian Broadcollar, up to $350,000 (how much I need to buy my 70-homesite  Ashram, fully licensed for community living and ready for occupancy now) for the incredible Ancient Eye Bead Necklace of Protection & Power, reconstructed with some of the very first glass beads ever made, dating to around 1200 B.C. in Western Asia, making it unique in the field of privately-held ancient magical devices. Continue reading

SongBirds in Asparagus Sauce…

FOOD - Authentic for ancient RP - Garlic roast chicken x 1

Songbirds were a favorite in the Ancient World, and some folks still eat birds even today… We live and work in Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and Planet Ten by way of the 8th Dimension here at the Ashram, so how about a feast dinner with Nefer-Ah and friends at her newly rebuilt Palace of Exile? Jedrik has the food for the feast already in the oven. Here’s the menu:

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Stop da Presses!!!

In newspaper parlance, “Stop da Presses!!!” means that the reporter is running to his or her desk with a “scooop” —¬† a news story that no other newspaper has got hold of yet. Well, that’s what this is. I’ll leave it to your imagination; dark, dank, cool subway tunnels with Old Gorby at your side, giving you kind, helpful instructions, such as “Watch it, meathead!” and “Is typing on a keyboard Kryptonite to your species???” and “Move it, Maggot, I haven’t got all darn day!!!”. Gives ya the willies to hear them drill sergeant commands, eh? “Gimme ten on the floor, mister!” There’s much more to this story…

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