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NEW YEAR’S EVE SPECIAL — Black Falcon Project Takes Off —

Captain LeslieAnn of Black Falcon Airways prepares the cabin to host passengers.

Are you ready for an AfterLife Adventure? On New Year’s Day, LeslieAnn will pilot the very first of many InterDimensional Expeditions into parallel worlds and past lives. You can sign up now for the event. Seating is very limited.

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Stop da Presses!!!

In newspaper parlance, “Stop da Presses!!!” means that the reporter is running to his or her desk with a “scooop” —  a news story that no other newspaper has got hold of yet. Well, that’s what this is. I’ll leave it to your imagination; dark, dank, cool subway tunnels with Old Gorby at your side, giving you kind, helpful instructions, such as “Watch it, meathead!” and “Is typing on a keyboard Kryptonite to your species???” and “Move it, Maggot, I haven’t got all darn day!!!”. Gives ya the willies to hear them drill sergeant commands, eh? “Gimme ten on the floor, mister!” There’s much more to this story…

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MAYA 3 Is Near Completion

Well, give me a few hundred more hours and I’ll have her ready to drive. I still haven’t put in some of the misty things and dank, murky, darkened tomb hallways and close, cramped low-ceilinged cut-stone corridors that must be lit by a small lantern, casting only a little circle of light. This level is inspired by a visit to a number of tombs in 1969. I didn’t have to use the photos I snapped — the experience was captured wholesale and put into these eight tough Pre-Columbian tomb settings. Is it retro? Not enough to suit me, but yes, it is — however, many of the effects could not have been produced Back In The Day, so it’s a blend of retro design and very advanced programming. It is a timed game, with timed adventures and puzzles to solve.

L@@K!!! Reincarnation Awareness Levels

These are just a few actual gameplay screenshots of some of 1100 different levels that we can go through together, during which you learn the correct responses to many difficult bardo situations, gather shamanic force, learn basic magic and learn the art of Magic-Find and Amulet Crafting.

You can use your Matrix and SuperBeacon to power your online journeys! Safaris leave the dock every day! Find out more! Don’t click here! Use the power of your mind to find out how YOU can participate in this incredible Real-Life online adventure! You can get the music at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/faxl