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Paint All Over Me Update


Yes, it’s true — I’ve posted over 2,000 items on PAOM over the past three days, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. My basic aim — strategy, if you will — is to organize my designs into groupings of single items, such as “Cotton Bathrobe” or “Gold Movements Performance Costume” or “Foggy Day Trenchcoat”, then I show typically either 8 across in two rows with a total of three pages to cover all 24 print patterns.


There are mitigating circumstances where I emphatically don’t do that — examples are the Sumerian grouping, which is basically everything they offer, with a single pattern on all of them. There are 16 pages of this stuff, each page is full of things, so it’s hundreds of items in all, with a common theme, the same print design on all of them. This gives you a chance to compare the silhouettes of all the items they offer — I don’t expect to actually sell from this grouping, but you never know. Continue reading

Dangerous Times

Maybe you should buy your own HIND 24 attack chopper???

NOW do you believe what I’ve been telling you for the past six months?

Some folks just don’t take the hint until it’s right in their eyeballs. Well, you’ve got your wish, a bunch of White Supremacists are threatening YOU, and they will get you if you let them do it to you!!!

If you can possibly leave the U.S. without harm to yourself, your family, your business, this is the time to get out while you still can. There’s a lot more misery in store for us soft liberal targets, unless we prepare right now to fight for our very lives, against people who hate us for just being what we are — immigrants and laborers.

There are a number of White Supremacists in the West Wing, and they’ve been driving Trump for all this time, and now, finally, thanks to the rioting in the streets, which I accurately predicted, the White Supremacists in the White House have all been revealed, including Donald J. Trump, the Supreme White Leader of Fascist Amerika.

Trump has, as I’ve been saying since I first heard of him around election time, has no agenda, no plan, no clue. He is mentally incompetent, and his handlers know it, but he is equally uncontrollable, as are most folks with paranoid schizophrenic issues, which is why he goes crazy tweeting and yelling and attacking and firing people.

He has to have the excitement, and his handlers know this and feed it very cleverly. Continue reading

Cloak Up For Health

“Cloak Up For Health”

Cloaking Up is more important than what it is you’re protecting yourself against. Wear a Cloak to protect & serve. Attributes of Cloaks are the usual Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma.

All other attributes are added by accessories, so the motto is, “Cloak Up & Accessorize”, sort of a magical spiritual variation of “Okay, laddies, lock and load!”, a carryover from the days of flintlocks.

I have here in hand a bunch of “Cloaking for Health” items I’ve made for folks who either want to add to their normal healthcare efforts, or replace them entirely with affordable health care of a different kind, if they have no other resources or benefits.

I’m just now adding a bunch of new departments in my tattoo-fashions shops, and if you know how to find them, you’ll be interested to note perhaps that the emphasis is really very strongly on Cloaking.

Cloaks are very basic equipment. You can’t possibly want to walk out onto the street stark naked, and so you want to “Cloak Up”, which means wear some clothing, which can be anything from pajamas to chain-mail, then modulate and moderate the effects with accessories, such as charms, rings, helm or hat, gloves or mitts, shoes or boots, belt or suspenders, badge, bracelets, wallet, watch and a variety of add-ons for the home, office or workspace, and even on the sports field.

I offer “unmissable” golf balls, which means if they land in the rough, you’ll never miss them. They’re cheap, only $18 for three, which is more than enough to get me through a game — I can shoot my own age, which is 75, almost 76, and that’s considered not bad for an old duffer.

Heck, I don’t even play golf, and I’m not that great, but once in a while, like I say, I can drive a good score. I did even better on the second hole.

All my Cloaks do essential the same thing, but on different levels. You will be able to wear a stronger Cloak with more Experience Points — there are a total of 7 levels of Cloaking that you can attain on Planet Earth while in a human incarnation, and it pays to remember that fact.

Sure, those bastards in Washington are raping the country, so of course you should “Get Mad”, but to REALLY get even, STAY HEALTHY and IGNORE THE BUMS!

If you have no medical coverage, no medical plan, zero health benefits, zero help with medicines and health issues, YOUR ONLY ALTERNATIVE IS MAGIC.

Hey, that’s where I come in. I have powerful shamanic magic at my disposal.

I can show you how the universe actually works, not just how it seems to work. Magic is merely the science of the SIM applied from in-game sources. No biggie, it’s basic sorcery, and you can do it, too. Just don’t use it for bad things, like revenge.

There’s no money in revenge. Get power. You want some power, to be able to rise above the misery created by Trump and his minions.

Continue reading

What is a “Geronimo” Amulet?

We had such fun our last season in Atlantis, too bad about the little accident, eh?

I thought it’d be nice to explore something besides the constant news from the White House, but it’s impossible to ignore the very clear and very present danger from many sides — North Korea, Russia, Syria, Iran, Washington D.C., and of course the UFO Menace, to mention only a few.

Easiest way out?

There’s only one answer. The original Atlantean Bug-Out Amulet, which I call the “Geronimo” Ammy, because that’s what you’ll yell when it operates. It works only the once, and only when activated by radiation. I’ll tell you more at the end of this little dissertation.

There is no local safety net, nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, and even if you succeed in escaping Trump Amerika, being an Amerikan Refugee will not earn you a gold star in the years to come, when you’ve landed elsewhere where “Amerika” is just a myth out of the long-lost distant past, as it is in the 37th century, where I have to present this as a term paper, and they’re gonna think I made all this shit up, but nobody could.

I’m bringing some proof in the form of selfies, and I’ve left stuff at various locations to dig up later when I get back to the 37th century and out of this Mickey-Mouse Sim. Continue reading

Get Hooked On Gaming!!!

Get the new Daytime Stalking Kit and get free from the crypt or tomb, only $19.95.


Yeah, instead of apologizing for wasting your time playing games, you ought to cultivate a gaming discipline, for the sake of health and happiness, a discipline in which you dedicate AT LEAST four hours a day to online gaming and the sooner you build it into a CONSCIOUS ADDICTION, the better. Notice that I did not tone it down by saying “Conscious Habit“, but that is of course what I mean — a deeply ingrained and unbreakable habit that one has acquired deliberately and intentionally, and that one has cultivated and deepened over the years. Continue reading

Dark Hours Remedies — Anxiety, Depression & Fear

“Bare Bulb”

It starts out bad and, second by second, it gets worse. You know the kind of night I’m talking about, where you’re so tired you want to lie down right where you are, where your legs are so heavy they feel like they’re sinking into quicksand, yet you can’t close your eyes, you’re so twitchy, anxious, worried about dozens of things that might not ever happen, but they could, and you’re just waiting for the axe to drop.

“Wired & Tired” they used to say after a music gig. “Wired and tired.”

There’s a thin film of sweat all over your body, and a general malaise, nothing definite, nothing you could point to, but SOMETHING is bothering you, making you tremble, sweat and shake.

A feeling of impending doom falls on your head, and you can’t shake the thought that something dreadful is about to happen or may be happening right now, just outside your circle of awareness.

Nothing seems to help. You lie there, waiting for sleep to come, but it never does, not when you’re like this, it doesn’t. Finally, in desperation and writhing discomfort, you struggle up out of bed and somehow dress yourself in something not too uncomfortable, but warm enough to help with the coldness, the biting chill, that eats at you from all sides.

Now comes the guilt, the worry about being anxious and depressed, the horrible fear that you might either be anxious, or you might BECOME anxious, the realization that you’re in a deep depression, and that nothing you do will bring you out of it anytime soon.

“I should not be anxious. I mustn’t be anxious. I have no reason to feel anxious.”

You’re quite right, the doctors will tell you that you mustn’t feel anxious, that anxiety is bad for you. There’s nothing bad happening, nothing horribly wrong, nothing going on that hasn’t been going on for some time, but now, tonight, at this hour, you’re anxious, and this makes you depressed.

Then you start thinking about all the reasons you might be depressed, trying to find some logic in it, some rational reason why depression is indicated, and somehow, you always manage to find at least one reason to be depressed, and you land on that, then zoom in on it and peer at it from all sides, which makes you even more depressed.

Things look awful, dreadful, horrible. All your efforts are futile, everything you do will someday crumble into dust, your friends are moving elsewhere, finding new interests or getting stuck in old ones, or simply dying off, leaving a “High School Reunion” effect on you, where you’re looking around the room, wondering where everybody has gone to.

Well, the fact is that most of them were never there in the first place, merely figments of your imagination, in the sense that what was really going on inside them was nothing like the picture you built up of them and robotically maintained, in the face of new data. Continue reading

JAL Stone Age Jewelry Factoids


Polychromed lid from one of my coffins, c. 1300 B.C.

The IDEAL Gemstone size-range for JAL Stone Age Jewelry is 5mm up to 10mm. Lightweight stones or beads can be as large as 14mm, but it’s not recommended. Can smaller stones be used?

Smaller high-grade expensive Gemstones can be used by doubling the stones in the vertical plane, or adding them as dependents, drops or loops. Two small stones add up to more visual impact than one larger stone, even at the same carat-weight, not sure why.

The ONLY acceptable drill-hole sizes for JAL Stone Age Jewelry is what can fit on a .16 gauge or .20 gauge COPPER wire. Larger drill-holes don’t necessarily help, and very large drill-holes can make the bead or the bead arrangement unstable and wobbly.

When you work in copper, it’s your work the customer is buying. When you work in silver or gold, you get the same pay for your work, but you must also sell the precious metals, and the customer NEVER understands that they are getting back a cash rebate in the form of precious metals easily exchanged for cash at the current melt-value.

So you become a metal salesperson. Continue reading

Overcome Fear, Anger, Anxiety

7 Attentions Coin Search will work to reduce fear, anger and anxiety, simply because you cannot possibly remain in fear, anger and/or anxiety when you engage in this activity; if done correctly, the negative emotions will vanish. It works because when you handle the coins, they automatically quantum-connect you up with their time-line and emotional phrase — a packet of emotion carried strictly on the sub-awareness quantum level. 7-Attention Coin Search uses these emotional time-triggers to widen and expand your “AQ”, Attention-Quotient. This expanded time view gives the Bigger Picture, and makes local time/space events look a lot smaller than they look from inside.

See You At The Top!!!


Am I a Boy or a Girl in my Alternate Worlds???

Notice I said “my” alternate worlds. It’s because you have your own unique set of alternate worlds. If you travel in a group or team, you share this set of alternate worlds in which you operate.

Note that I said “operate”.

It’s different. Very different. “Operating” doesn’t mean what you think it does.

I’ll explain:

Continue reading