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Addiction, you say???

DISCLAIMER: Okay, under the pressure of tons of requests for it, I’m blasting away at “Addiction”. It’s a bit of a bear, however, I think I have a handle on it at the moment. I’ll be producing the custom soundbytes for the Addiction Orb tonight, and should have it ready for testing here in the Barn by tomorrow sometime in the afternoon. After that, it’s about 8 hours before it’s bundled into its installer and all that. In the meantime, it suddenly occurs to me that you might not know exactly how the Addiction Orb works and what it’s meant to do …

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Find True Happiness, True Love & Perfected Liberation in Less Than 15 Minutes!

Tried many times to find True Happiness, True Love and/or Perfected Liberation, and failed miserably every time, right? So what makes me think you can find True Happiness now all of a sudden? I don’t only think it, I KNOW it, and I can — and will — prove it to you. But first I want you to consider — if you could have ANYTHING YOU WANTED, what precisely would it be? I have a method that helps you decide on a goal, any goal, and helps you achieve it within minutes of setting the goal.

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Word of Web

Now that I have your attention…

Word of Mouth has been the primary cause of sales of product and services, for at least for as long as I’ve seen it in action, which is something on the order of just under 8,000 years of human history, along with a few dozen centuries of “othernesses,” who came along just before homo sap took over the planet…temporarily, according to the predictions of some of my “not from around here” friends. Men in Black had it almost right, but the alien plot is even more dastardly and fiendish than anyone thought possible. I’ll explain… Continue reading