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Video Marketing

Here are some examples of video marketing, in this case, on youtube, which provides a FREE outlet for your economic frustrations!

This video has only been up since yesterday, and the auction closes this morning, so the number of views won’t be significant in this case, but it is a good example of direct video marketing, where the video is actually a sales presentation in full sound and color, giving you a chance to make your case for persuasion. Continue reading

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Want to Take a Selfie in Atlantis?

You can do it right now, if you’re a member of our Prosperity Path Ashram, but there’s no hotlink to it from here — you’ll have to actually ASK someone, interact socially, in order to find out more about it, or you can try to do some research online in the blogs and things.

You’d do better to just ask, and that’s entirely my point. Social media allows you to ask me ANYTHING, and you’ll probably get an answer.

More than that, following me on IG puts you in my radar for Blessings and Protection, and in this day of ICE Raids and Children Locked Up in Cages and Crooked Politicians, and Lying Attorneys General, and Race Riots and Anti-Semitism and White Supremacy and Criminal Injustices and Border Crises, and all those other Trump-Engendered threats, you’re going to need Protection and lots of it.

I have several protection “Trump Neutralizer” pendants available now, but the very best protection from Trump and Trumpies and the Trump Gestapo ICE Squads is the Godd™ Particle Pendant and the Bardo Band Slapband wrist bracelet with the Four Lines in gold on the band, and a powerful flash drive containing the 49 Days Orb, the LRS Orb, the Clear Light Orb and the entire American Book of the Dead, with all graphics and prayers, and a few extra bonuses as well.

Those two things are the best protection you can get on Planet Earth.

In this Age of Trump, you need all the help, and magic and protection you can get. Follow me on IG for an additional Blessings boost! Continue reading