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Trump in Action!!!

Take a good look at the objects on Trumpenstein’s desk.

At first, I thought to take some screenshots of the Trumpenstein Avatar in various poses and facial expressions, and that’s what I did — at first.

Next, I plugged him into the T’ai Ch’i and Yoga Mat exercises, and took some snappers of those, as well.

Actually, it occurred to me that someone might volunteer to take him to a daily T’ai Ch’i practice, but we’d have to work out the timing for that.

I’m very aware that selfies are all the rage these days, and I’m always trying my darndest to come up with a few selfies, no matter what the subject matter.

Unfortunately, I take EXTREME closeups, so you generally can’t see the background, but I soon learned that nobody really cares about the subject matter or content of a photo — it’s all about colors and high definition, even if it’s only a highly defined nothing.

A few closeups of the T’ai Ch’i workout might classify as “selfies”. Continue reading



“Do You Want to Play a Game???”

The voice rings out in the video arcade. Of course you do. What else? Stand around while others play? Wander outside? Of COURSE I want to play a game.

After a few dozen Billenia in the Void, you’ll start to wonder what they’re DOING in there, in the CREATION, and you’ll downscale into the world just to cop a peek, take a quick look, but WARNING, there is a definite danger here — GRAVITY.

As you look into the world, you’re pulled down, down, down, into it, and the next thing you know, BANG! There you are, incarnated again. It’s that magnetic gravity pull that does it every dang time, and you’re sucker enough for that gimmick that you fall for it again and again and again. Continue reading

1 out of 1,000 — 2 out of 10,000 — What are the Odds???

Some dude back in the day told us the numbers — “One out of a thousand, two out of ten thousand.”

Take the time to click onto this “10,000 baal runs” video and look at the number of views that have accumulated on this now-famous youtube video of mine — at this date, it reads: “258,478”. More than a quarter-million hits.

Think about it. That means that A QUARTER MILLION viewers stopped by one of my channels, “gorebagdotcom”, to see this video, and most of them laughed at the punchline, just as you did or will do when you see it, and most of them forgot about it less than a second after the video ended and another one popped up. Out of a quarter of a million viewers, 350 liked it, 350 hated it. The other 258,000 were indifferent, or didn’t notice. Continue reading

New GoDD® Game Coming Soon — “Un Saison en Fer”, A Season in Hell…Want to know more???

“A Season in Hell” Cover will front the frustrating, almost impossible, walking tour of the Underworld.

Release date on this game is “Real Soon”. I’ve finished the new weapons, and I think you’ll favor the bombs, wep #3 slot, and the new grapple action, where you skywalk with the grapple pull, and can turn, arm yourself differently, latch onto a ceiling, and fire away down below.

“Sounds like a shooter,” I hear you say, and you’d be right, it IS a shooter, but not ordinary weapons, these are mostly magic, with a boomerang and grapple thrown in for sheer fun, and why shouldn’t Hell be fun?

You can’t make Hell just go away. Continue reading

Oh, Boy, Am I Excited!!!


Oh, boy, am I excited! More excited about anything in GODD since the invention of the Remedy Orb!!! Actually, I’m more excited about anything that’s happened in the past decade in the realm of GOOD GODD™ Orb Training Levels …

After more than 30 years in GODD™ Games development, I’ve brought my skills to the perfection of the ultimate group dungeon experience, and after thousands of constructive failures, I have my first Success. It’s called “Reality Shifter 1”, and is the first of nine Orbs created to train one to cross boundaries and recognize the shift through signs & portents.

That means “if you weren’t paying attention the first time through, no matter how good your memory is, you won’t notice any change.”

My Reality Shifter Orbs teach the Being to see, record & remember. You will gain the skill to see across boundaries of all kinds, including death and rebirth. All will be open to you.

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A Viral Video For Your Thoughts…


Viral Video department…how can i help you???

Oh, you want to know, without taking up your precious time and exerting all that effort and trouble to find out which are the most popular blues-rock and straight blues songs of the past 50 years?

Hey, i got nothin’ to do for the next 22 hours…. Hang loose, i’ll be right back…oops, this is the 21st century, isn’t it? So what i meant was, “brb”.

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8-Fold Noble Swath


This is the village of Kamantha after the attack by Zorons, led by the evil Lord Xantha. Our journey to rescue the planet Karmapa and rid them of this evil begins here…well, not exactly “here” here, but real close to here. Actually, it begins in the tiny Zon Encampment in the Hills of Exile. The storm broods on the horizon. Fires burn, fear is everywhere. You’re looking at Level II of my latest game dev: “Diabolical 3D”. It lives up to its name. Frankly, I don’t know of any way to win this game. Even the “normal” level is insanely wildly overrun in constant overwhelm. The monsters come in three character classes — “Annoying”, “Really Annoying” and “Goddam it, get the &O%^# away from me!!!”… You’ll be able to download it in various stages of completion; you can collect a complete set! Gotta go now, time for our 4PM music gig on justin.tv/gorebaggtv !!! I can’t help feeling just a little responsible for that huge heap of monster bodies over there by the pool. I know … let’s party!!!

See You At The Top!!! Bring Your Own! I mean it; I’m serious!


Bill Lucking


Bill Lucking, actor friend, starred in Lou Shaw’s production of Barbara Garson’s MacBird. He looked the Kennedy part and played it to the hilt, but he’s known for many acting milestones beyond MacBird. These photos are from a series of photo sessions with Bill and other actors of the Pasadena Playhouse, Player’s Ring Gallery, Moulin Rouge, and other L.A. live stage venues. I have many more shots with Bill in them, and will be rummaging about in my negative files to find them. The negs finally turned up after four decades of “missing in action”. They were discovered in storage, in a perfectly logical “Perfect” hiding spot. Here are a few shots from a session at Norton Street.

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