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Tried many times to find True Happiness, True Love and/or Perfected Liberation, and failed miserably every time, right? So what makes me think you can find True Happiness now all of a sudden? I don’t only think it, I KNOW it, and I can — and will — prove it to you. But first I want you to consider — if you could have ANYTHING YOU WANTED, what precisely would it be? I have a method that helps you decide on a goal, any goal, and helps you achieve it within minutes of setting the goal.

Now, imagine a world in which you could find anything you wanted to find — True Love, True Happiness, Total Wellness, Balanced Life, Success, Money, Fame, Fortune, Ultimate Sexual Experience, Soul Mate, Social Acceptance, Parental Acceptance, Self-Acceptance, Analyst Acceptance, Rocking Self-Esteem, Aura Intensity, Charisma, Strength, Dexterity, Artistic License — there are hundreds more, and you can suggest your own goals or goals you think might be of interest to someone, somewhere.

Remember that what goes on the internet becomes permeable through membranes, which means that electronic variations passing through dimensional walls create a form of informational traffic and sometimes more than merely informational; it can be transitional, catalytic and/or direct control.

A layman’s way of saying that is, “As Above, So Below.” The professional secret is the second line, almost always omitted: “As Below, So Above.” You can affect the player from within the game, just as the player can affect YOU, inside the unimaginably huge super-game called The Universe — actually just one of uncountably many, far beyond the human comprehension of infinity.

THE NAME OF A THING IS THE THING ITSELF. Remember that as we go along. It is a primary principle of spiritual evolution, a Prime Instrument in the realm of Real Magic — not sorcery, but sourcery. When you know the Real Name of a thing, you pwn it, and that’s a fact, Jack.

We’ll talk more about that as we go along. Learning HOW TO USE PROSPERITY is how you can make YOUR LIFE The Ultimate Success Story on every level from material to the highest spiritual attainments. My Prosperity Method is the perfect and most usable spiritual tool for you to use to achieve your life and spiritual goals right now, today, this very minute!

Yes, you can also find Satori, Enlightenment, Transcendence, Perfection, your Soul Mate, your Guru and much, much more, when you use Prosperity.

Prosperity is a very powerful form of affirmation, in which you act out the affirmation in cyberspace, thus sending it directly into the Spirit World as well as the Profane.

You will feel the effects immediately. This work is the culmination of all my work in video gaming. It is the epitome of spiritual success in this field of spiritual game dynamics. Try it and you will agree instantly that this is IT, the Life-Training and Afterlife Training and Extra-Dimensional Shamanic Training and Success Story that you’ve been waiting for!

Most Gurus offer long and difficult practices over a long period of time, many years, in order to someday possibly maybe achieve some ungraspable, nebulous, shimmeringly tantalizing  goal like Satori or Nirvana, Ascended Master, Knowledge, Illumination, Understanding, Brotherhood, Universal Peace, Buddhahood, Heaven, Splendour or Perfected Liberation. Just Maybe it Might Happen To You.

Hell, I guarantee it, hands down, or your money back!

FREEDOM FROM FEAR is the most desired of all the goals. You’ll want that right away. Don’t forget, PROSPERITY is FREE and always will be!!!

PROSPERITY — It’s NEW, it’s just been invented, and it’s AVAILABLE NOW! I’ll be uploading the first quest paks on Monday or Tuesday for testing. Quest! Goals Achieved!

PROSPERITY IS FREE FOR ALL!!! I will never charge the $60 that it’s worth! It is FREE and always will be FREE — all you pay is the download service fee of .99 cents, so we can pay the service for your download.

Updates, additional mission paks, t-shirts and hoodies will be available on a special website. Watch this page for updates every day on this amazing Life Skills Breakthrough!