Stop da Presses!!!

In newspaper parlance, “Stop da Presses!!!” means that the reporter is running to his or her desk with a “scooop” —  a news story that no other newspaper has got hold of yet. Well, that’s what this is. I’ll leave it to your imagination; dark, dank, cool subway tunnels with Old Gorby at your side, giving you kind, helpful instructions, such as “Watch it, meathead!” and “Is typing on a keyboard Kryptonite to your species???” and “Move it, Maggot, I haven’t got all darn day!!!”. Gives ya the willies to hear them drill sergeant commands, eh? “Gimme ten on the floor, mister!” There’s much more to this story…

Years ago, we added a text to speech voice for the players in online multiplayer games, but never reworked it for the single-player mode. Now that single-player is our primary mode, this has changed, and we have it; what that means is that you can hear yourself speak your typed messages to the coach.

It also means that I recorded soundbytes so that I could personally coach some runs — not the public ones, but the Bardo runs, the ones I made for you, if you’re reading this.

If you’re not, disregard this comment.

Anyhoo, there’s a lot to this Orb, and more coming; I’ve completed “Dear Diary” and it’s out there in The Barn for testing, as is “My Secrets”, both with Rachel as Coach. I’m personally coaching “Amarna”, a romp through an 18th dynasty setting, circa 1351 B.C. — the idea is to trigger memories of that prior life. If you’re reading this, you were there.

I’ll get these out as soon as I can; when they’re ready for prime time, you’ll see them on the downloads page — give it a few days.

See You At The Top!!!

— gorby