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The Quantum Experience

You need not perform the magic effects to get the benefit of The Quantum Experience, which is basically a series of magic shows that feature examples that look like quantum effects, things that can’t happen in this universe, things that appear to break natural laws, laws of physics, math and biological life, things that we are taught by schooling and experience, are impossible.

The Quantum Experience is to experience the impossible.

It’s unlike any experience you’ve ever had in this universe. Imagine being alive and able to navigate around inside the Quantum World itself, watching with no harm or danger, all those amazing weird, strange effects you’ve heard about but, until you experience The Quantum Experience, you’ve never actually seen for yourself. Continue reading

MetaProgramming the Human Biocomputer

EMO DEVICES such as GUIDE RINGS, GUIDE BRACELETS, GUIDE EARRINGS & GUIDE NECKLACES are only useful as GUIDES to BLUE SPACE when they are activated by the Movements.

The Movements can be viewed as a series of postures connected by specific transitions. They can be linked together into Kathas, or Forms, creating chains or strings of powerful invocational “passes” or moves.

This can in turn be linked to space-time, creating a Causal Plane Effect, if the system is turned on.

Turning on the system requires triggering actions, which are initiated by wearing the specific amulet, EMO gear, within a radius of 9 meters or less from the SuperBeacon & Matrix Altar Area. Continue reading

Android Can Do & Can’t Do

View of BardoTown on the Android Phone App

We’re at the end of the very first week of our new Android Godd Engine and in our third decade in the GODD Engine. The Android engine, which I have dubbed “AndyGoDD” has accepted BardoTown without groaning too much, so I’m ready to prepare a map for release, and the very first map we’re trying to bring out into the Android app store is BardoTown, my largest and most complex map. Why the toughest, most demanding and most likely map to go wrong, for our very first Android effort? Think about it.

We need to know what parts break down first, if any, and I have to know for sure that most of the folks who download it will be able to use it on their Android smartphone. Continue reading

Be It Ever So Humble…


Here it is…Home Sweet Home, YoyoDyne Industries — that’s me, standing by the far lamppost; my associate, Gnaro the Assumak, is on the left side of the photo. You can find our website here. We’re going through a transitional growth phase at the moment, expanding our manufacturing plant, putting in a number of labor-saving bots on the assembly line, and in general cleaning up our act; we even have a brand-new shipping department that can handle freight from almost any nearby galaxy, nebula or cluster, except of course, the Danebian System. We refuse to trade with any Danebian offworlders, and we all know the reason why. I’ll be posting a walkthrough of YoyoDyne soon, with all sorts of opportunities to examine the products we manufacture here in the 8th Dimension.

See You At The Top!!!


Matrix-SuperBeacon Array Layout — Here it is!!!

I could easily have just taken a photo of my Galaxy desk; it’s the one my Dad Horace used when editing Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine from 1950 through 1959. Instead, what I decided to do was to use the replica desk I made back about 15 years ago in a special Orb called “BardoTown”, which is about to be re-issued as a Prosperity Path level. So here are a few snapshots of my desk as it is presently; fitted out with a Matrix Cube on the left, fast-processing desktop computer in the center, Buddha and candle on the right. Along with the SuperBeacon on the right of the computer, I’ve placed the original model of the very first Dunwoody  Crystal Receiver I ever built, back in 1949. You’ll note on the desk copies of the American Book of the Dead, BlueLiner Manual and, of course, the computer is fully loaded with Prosperity Path Orbs, Levels and Rewards.

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L@@K!!! Reincarnation Awareness Levels

These are just a few actual gameplay screenshots of some of 1100 different levels that we can go through together, during which you learn the correct responses to many difficult bardo situations, gather shamanic force, learn basic magic and learn the art of Magic-Find and Amulet Crafting.

You can use your Matrix and SuperBeacon to power your online journeys! Safaris leave the dock every day! Find out more! Don’t click here! Use the power of your mind to find out how YOU can participate in this incredible Real-Life online adventure! You can get the music at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/faxl

Hands-On Reincarnation Awareness


"Skeletons I Have Known & Loved" -- sculpture by EJ Gold

Have you ever “just known” something that happened so long ago your present body wasn’t even born yet?

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You Asked, I’m Answering. “What’s the Next Workshop???”

Movements "Passing Trans-Dimensional Portal"

What’s the next workshop??? Hmmm… Fair enough question. Here’s my written plan for the Summer Solstice Festival, scheduled to begin at 5:30 pm, June 22nd, through until 12:00 noon on Sunday, June the 24th:

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Breakthrough Tonight!

Wow! What a night! What a breakthrough! You can use your ammies, matrix and superbeacon to exponentially expand the quantum effect, but you can also use it as a plain app on a smartphone. If you don’t have a smartphone yet, you can play it from this page on your cellphone’s browser. Many cellphones don’t browse the internet very well, which is why this must be issued as an app.

Here is this week’s Matrix Modification: