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Matrix-SuperBeacon Array Layout — Here it is!!!

I could easily have just taken a photo of my Galaxy desk; it’s the one my Dad Horace used when editing Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine from 1950 through 1959. Instead, what I decided to do was to use the replica desk I made back about 15 years ago in a special Orb called “BardoTown”, which is about to be re-issued as a Prosperity Path level. So here are a few snapshots of my desk as it is presently; fitted out with a Matrix Cube on the left, fast-processing desktop computer in the center, Buddha and candle on the right. Along with the SuperBeacon on the right of the computer, I’ve placed the original model of the very first Dunwoody  Crystal Receiver I ever built, back in 1949. You’ll note on the desk copies of the American Book of the Dead, BlueLiner Manual and, of course, the computer is fully loaded with Prosperity Path Orbs, Levels and Rewards.

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The World of UrthGame

Well, it’s time to unveil my plans for UrthGame, the next level up from Prosperity Path. The Levels are intended to function as Level 2 of the Prosperity Path. UrthGame Levels are definitely ideal Coaches and Guides. I’m currently working on the first 3 levels for the beginning of the UrthGame  Matrix; there’s a Coaching Report Form which I’ll be working to complete, and I’ll keep you informed as it goes along. I’m anywhere from a few days to a few weeks away from release of the first UrthGame Levels, if that helps any. You’re welcome to discuss UrthGame on the Forum — those who know about it should tell those who don’t. I’ll post more on this exciting development in the next few days.

See You At The Top!!!



Let’s Talk Angels

Actual LIVE screenshot of Archangel Metatron in midair flight with Holy Sword..

In my world, it happens all the time. Mike is a frequent flyer in my Home Dimension, and so am I. You’ll now find a plethora of Angelic Intervention and easy Angelic Callings in future Orbs, starting with Addiction. Modern medicine takes no notice of the value of Angelic Intervention; they pay lip service, which is fine — we don’t need more than that to operate. You don’t want to dismiss professional intervention in crisis cases, that’s for sure. But add something like Prosperity Path, and do a run or two. Like chicken soup, it can’t hurt.

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