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Good Angels, Bad Angels


I’ve installed a PC on Norton Street. It’s equipped with a 17″ monitor and Creative speaker Bass Reflex system, along with a logitech 3 button mouse that will literally last forever. As you see, there’s also a set of crystals plugged into an experimental Model 7 SuperBeacon “Beamer”. You’ll also note a Matrix on the left wing of the desk, a bronze Buddha and ceramic candleholder on the right, and two new bookshelves offering entry into hundreds more Orbs than before, actually 1100 of them, newly made here on Urth this time around.

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Hands-On Reincarnation Awareness


"Skeletons I Have Known & Loved" -- sculpture by EJ Gold

Have you ever “just known” something that happened so long ago your present body wasn’t even born yet?

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