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Single Action vs Double Action Revolver

single vs double action revolver

If you’re going to take the hands-on Reincarnation Awareness (RA) Program, you’ll have to pick up a gun sooner or later, realizing that no matter what your feelings and attitudes about guns might be at the moment, in the past, you carried a gun because there were no police, and the army didn’t give a damn about civilians — their attitude was that it was none of their business, anyway.

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Gunslinger Guru

Gunslinger Guru EJ Gold

I guess that’s me. Ever since I reincarnated as a gunslinger back in the Post-Civil-War period, what they now call the “Indian Wars” and “Range Wars”, I’ve been trying to get people to give the fast-draw fat-burner a shot — hey, I made a pun. I’m drawing a bead on a target with a non-firing replica of the 1851 Nickel-plated revolver with simulated ivory checkered embossed grips, carried by Wild Bill Hickock — he strode about town with them, tucked into twin-rig very fast holsters. You can get a framed deluxe replica like mine, complete with a Winged U.S. Marshall’s hat-pin, brass plaque and special replica bullet hangars which allow the revolver to be removed from the frame for fast-draw and twirling practice. The framed set is only $130 and comes in light or dark wood.

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Hands-On Reincarnation Awareness


"Skeletons I Have Known & Loved" -- sculpture by EJ Gold

Have you ever “just known” something that happened so long ago your present body wasn’t even born yet?

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My Hollywood Days


EJ Gold and Director Joe Pevney 1967-68 -- Courtesy Universal Studios

Since I’ve been posting on the subject of my Hollywood career in coaching fast-draw and gun-twirling — said career spanning well over six months, not necessarily in a row — I guess I should give you a short version of my Hollywood Entertainment Industry background:

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The Gun That Killed Lincoln


This is an exact museum-grade replica of the pistol that was used by John Wilkes Booth to assassinate Abraham Lincoln on the night of April 14, 1865, the end of the Civil War. I had the idea that this, and other famous and infamous weapons, could be sold out of a small shop somewhere. I have civil war, revolutionary war, modern and wild western replicas, all of which are exact weight, size and balance of the original. They are the remainder of a quick-draw school I ran back in the ’60s. I’d like to train someone to take the business over. The entire shop is available, or I can make ten times as much by selling the items one at a time on eBay — or YOU could!!! My plan is to offer a demo of the exact use of each of the weapons. I was a Trainfire cadre at Ford Ord and I have the photos somewhere to prove it…

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