Hands-On Reincarnation Awareness


"Skeletons I Have Known & Loved" -- sculpture by EJ Gold

Have you ever “just known” something that happened so long ago your present body wasn’t even born yet?

Has it ever happened to you that, when someone asked you “When were you born?” you were actually stuck for an answer, because so many images came rushing up at that stimulus-question. Of course, in the end, you answered what would be correct for that particular body you’re wearing at the moment.

Ever touch or pick up or worn an object, doorknob or vintage felt hat that gave you the weird impression that that very item used to belong to you in some distant past…but how could that be? You weren’t even born yet, remember?

Have you ever picked up an instrument and suddenly you “just know” somehow that you can play it, and play it expertly, with flourish and sensitivity???

Did you walk into a house that you’d never been to before, but you knew everything about it, absolutely every detail???

Wouldn’t it help just a little with your daily life, your trials and triumphs, your fear of death, your worry that your life will pass by in total meaningless futility, hopelessness and despair, if you could do something about that horrible feeling of “Is this all there is???”

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche & EJ Gold

It would be very different if you could actually experience that you have lived across many countless lives, in many different universes and realms of reality, beyond anything humans can conjure up brain-wise.

Thing is, I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know — I couldn’t do that; you’ve been around long enough to have some sense of what I’m talking about here. I mean a “Bigger Footprint”, with one foot in this lifetime and the other in another.

Want to make it easy on yourself the first time? Plunk the “other foot” down in the lifetime two lifetimes back, not the most recent, the most sensitive. No matter how you died, it’s never actually pleasant. Go back two lives, which would take you to the Arizona, New Mexico and other territories of the Old West, from about 1831 to 1878, if you’re reading this. This message is targeted to you specifically.

If you are reading this message, you were part of a group of voyagers who travel in a PoG, Pack of Green, from our Bardo Safari Practices. Find out more about this if you don’t already know. All you need do is ask — but this is not an online marketing thingy… it’s about Life Being Real When You Are, dig it? So I require that you initiate the first step in your work effort with the tools I offer.

Pyramid Builder Amen-Ej-Tep IVth Dynasty Egypt

Count yourself lucky; you could have run into Vic James, my door guardian and classroom supervisor at Cosmo Street and Red House. If you arrived one minute late, you didn’t get in. He just smiled at you, waved and went about his business — on the other side of the barred brass door of the vintage Markham Building on the corner of Cosmo Street and Hollywood Boulevard, just one block West of Hollywood & Vine!


Group One at Cosmo Street circa 1968

It was worse than that; you had to call on your meeting night to find out where the meeting was being held that night. It changed every night, so you couldn’t forget to call and figure out where we were and show up anyhow.

Kinda forces one to take responsibility, eh? A singularity: HYPNOSIS is the giving away of responsibility. Taking responsibility in deep trance is very different — it is called “Induction”, and is in itself a form of Waking Up. This is why so many folks have written me about the Super-Beacon — merely following directions forces the Waking State, doesn’t it?

One of the things you’ve noticed, if you’re in the Advanced Beacon Users Group (aBuG), is that you get some PuPs that don’t seem to be in another dimension or slag-system; they seem to be past incarnations in this root universe, isn’t that so?

Okay, how to get hold of this? If it’s in the distant past, there’s no way to check your details and Verify a past life — at least not yet. You need to awaken the memories — not all of them, just enough to get Verification, and the easiest to handle and to prod open is the lifetime prior to the previous life. I hope that’s clear.

If you’re in the PoG, then you can place yourself in the lifetime to which you once belonged, and it should be fairly easy, because we were pretty much centered around four important locations, and we all lived during about the same time, give or take 20 years either way, typically. Untypically, accidents happen and parachutes don’t always open, static lines get snarled, things happen. In that case, you could have been off by as much as 30 years, but no more than that, to the Landing Spot, usually around some major historical event, such as the Civil War, the Indian Wars, oh, hey…how about the Lincoln County Range Wars? And that’s exactly where we all were…yes, you, too.

So one way to awaken the memories is obvious; return “home”. But there’s a cheaper, easier and more repeatable way to stimulate those vintage memories.

Ever play “dress-up” as a kid? How about Hallowe’en??? (That’s short for “All Hallows Evening”, hence the apostrophe, that little thingy between the lower-case “e” and the other lower case “e”.).

Dress-up, sure, but play Dress-up with knowledge and foresight. Dress-up with the precise items needed for Past Life Stimulation.

Can’t afford the whole rig? That’d be hat or bonnet or cap or slouch, plus a vest or weskit, a frock coat perhaps, or a high-plains duster, or maybe a worn-out Union or Confederate tunic, or a fringed suede bib-shirt, white lace blouse and go-to-meetin’ satin skirt, boots or lace-up shoes, gloves and of course, a pair of shootin’ irons, which is what my Galactic Gunslinger is all about.

Spiritual Shootouts are no novelty; they exist for as long as Dark and Light have been at war, which is forever. Here’s an easy-to-take example, the fight between Egg-Shen and David Lo-Pan:

So what are you waiting for? Strap on your six-guns and get out there on Main Street where the Bad Guys are! (Please…don’t do anything weird. I mean that figuratively.)

Here’s a popular glimpse into the Art of Reincarnation Awareness — The Reincarnation of Peter Proud — I don’t believe it’s available at all, but someone posted this from a VHS copy. One value, it shows how to Verify a Prior Life.