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Secret Tarot Decks News Leak


Zen Garden Photo by ej gold — from “Zen Garden Re-Collections” — available soon.

This is an Official News Leak. None of that crap Hollywood hands out, this is the straight stuff from the horse’s mouth: I am about to release the ding-dangest tarot deck ever put on the face of the Urth, and you’ll know about it when I announce it this morning at 6:45 AM on today’s ICW. How do you sign on for the ICW? How do you get there? What’s the password? That’s the First Initiation in this particular gig: find out. This isn’t one of those places where everything is a Hot Link to something for sale. Find yer own way there. Nope, I ain’t gonna tell ya.

See You At The Top!!!


Don’t Stray From The Path

Don’t stray from The Path; it’s not just a Good Idea, it’s The Law. I recommend such signs along a path in your garden, which I highly advise you to plant. I also recommend Water Features, Strange Rocks, Peculiar Bamboo Things and Bizarre Succulents, all of which I’m producing here, and putting onto video, so you can do it there. Setting up your home environment magically is called “Feng-Shui” and is both an art and a science. A Garden and Water Features such as indoor fountains are important parts of your New Life on the Prosperity Path. That decision to Take the Prosperity Path is an important Turning Point, a definite and profound Crossroad; dare to make that turn away from the Delirium of Fog in which you’ve found yourself living. Prosperity is a Path of Abundance, and if you’re not prepared to endure Prosperity, you won’t like Life as a Source of Abundance — that is the goal, may I remind one? Without sharing, of what use is Prosperity???

See You At The Top!!!

— gorby

You Asked, I’m Answering. “What’s the Next Workshop???”

Movements "Passing Trans-Dimensional Portal"

What’s the next workshop??? Hmmm… Fair enough question. Here’s my written plan for the Summer Solstice Festival, scheduled to begin at 5:30 pm, June 22nd, through until 12:00 noon on Sunday, June the 24th:

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Dance & Movement — The Unlocking Postures

Here’s a sample of the upcoming Dance & Movement Workshop, which will also combine fountain-making, Feng-Shui Zen Gardening, classes in Hollywood Fast-Draw and of course there will be lots of unusual dessert offerings from the Sacred Kitchen!!!

With luck, you can find out more about the Dance & Movement Workshop by contacting someone here. I don’t do windows.