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Even Yet More Exotica!!!


LeslieAnn dresses down for the workshops. Learn to craft a dress!

This continues the exotica grouping, all of which are shown with only the single “Winter Solstice” fabric design. Later on, I’ll show the various winter season designs, at the end of this catalog.


“Winter Solstice” 100% Cotton Pajama Pants Bottoms, $189 Continue reading

LeslieAnn’s Winter Exotica Fashions

This group includes many silk and linen items, plus lots of formal and high-fashion gear, so let’s get started right away. Please note that at the end of the listings you will find a group of samples of each of my fabric types for winter.

You can use seemingly ordinary clothing that has been specially designed and prepared as a fully-charged “Cloaking Device” that protects the wearer from unwanted psychic influences, such as Trump and other annoying and equally dangerous interruptions in what would otherwise be a beautiful life.

Protect yourself with shield-garments and cloaking raiment by LeslieAnn! Why wear uncomfortable steel plate and ring armor, when a fashionable garment will suffice?

Do remember as you look through these that they are ALL custom hand-tailored in single-garment lots, meaning it’s a studio, not a factory. Continue reading

LeslieAnn’s “Current Edition” Winter Fashions

Check out LeslieAnn’s Latest Creations for Winter!

The best way to order these is to tell me which items you want, then we’ll order from here and have them shipped here so we can photograph them, then ship them on to you. If you do not wish a nice, clean, friendly model to model the thing, just say you refuse to cooperate, and we’ll just drop ship direct to you, along with six de-merits, haw, haw.

Okay, here is yet another grouping of great designs, on which almost any artistic textile pattern looks terrific. I’m including a sample of every single item that is CURRENTLY in the “Current Edition” of paol.com, for easy comparison and casual shopping. I am not certain that the summer items will remain available — I’m betting they don’t take them down, but I’ve been wrong twice before.

The second time I was wrong, was the time I thought I was wrong. Anyhow, seriously, things could change radically from season to season, or they simply decided that it’s summer somewhere, and they’re right. Global marketing to match the Global Warming.

I hope you like my latest creations — they are so fun to make! I’m hoping you catch the bug and start doing some designer items of your very own! This is a great addition to the women’s creative workshop, because you can do it anywhere — you don’t need a sewing machine, just a computer and a place to sit!

Keep in mind as you look at these items that the prices reflect the perfect tailoring, double-needle stitching and fine cotton, linen and silk fabrics from which they are custom created just for you, one item at a time, not factory-style, but studio-style. Continue reading

You Asked, I’m Answering. “What’s the Next Workshop???”

Movements "Passing Trans-Dimensional Portal"

What’s the next workshop??? Hmmm… Fair enough question. Here’s my written plan for the Summer Solstice Festival, scheduled to begin at 5:30 pm, June 22nd, through until 12:00 noon on Sunday, June the 24th:

Continue reading