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Gallery Strategies

So you’ve found a great, natural wood-floor, well-lit gallery space, and you rented it. Now what are you going to fill it up with?

My first answer would normally be “Nothing”.

Me, I’d leave the gallery totally empty except for a few very large, very impressive celebrity art in the form of paintings or other types of hanging pieces, and maybe a few full-length sculptures, a meeting area on a luxury Persian carpet, and that’s it.

My preference is to make a few good sales a year, rather than keep the register going “ka-ching”, but that’s not how we’re going to run this gallery, because there’s a lot more at stake here than celebrity art and celebrity artists.

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So You Think Checkers is for Chumps???


Most people have the impression that checkers is a simple game, while chess is a horrifically complicated game. Actually, both games have extraordinary levels of deepness if you are inclined to pursue the craft at all. I’m posting a few examples of just how incredibly complex the game can be, and how extraordinarily sophisticated the analytical and theoretical levels really are, in the “simple” game of checkers — you know, the cracker or whiskey barrel variety of slow countrified game between two players too lazy to see if it’s rainin’, so they send the dog out and see if it comes back in wet. Continue reading