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CREATE-A-STATE Crystal Emotional Controller

Neg2Pos EMOCON emotional controller.
Neg2Pos EMOCON emotional controller uses special crystals & spirals.

Ever wonder how an actor creates the emotional state of the character onstage or onscreen? Watch Gene Wilder going slowly crazy nuts and you’ll be amazed. Observe the easy emotional facility of a Jonathan Winters or Robin Williams. It’s not easy to learn, and it takes years and years of intense practice to MASTER, starting with SOME ACTUAL INNATE TALENT, add into the mix a great acting teacher and tons of luck & opportunity.

But what about the non-actor? Is it possible to learn how to create a specific emotional state in yourself, such as “Joy” or “Happiness”??? If so, is it illegal, immoral or fattening? Continue reading

What is Normality, Anyway???


EMO BEAD DETECTOR in the form of a Medieval Style Copper MEDITATION BRACELET.

When the EMO turns BLACK, it’s time to turn back.

When the EMO turns BLUE, you’ll know just what to do.

When the EMO turns RED, there’s trouble ahead.

When the EMO turns GREEN, you’re right on the scene.

When the EMO turns YELLOW, you’ll meet many fine fellows.

When the EMO turns WHITE, you’ll take action that’s right.

When the EMO turns BROWN, your world goes upside down.

When the EMO turns VIOLET, you’ll know just whom to smile at.

When the EMO turns ORANGE, the whole world looks schmorange.

When the EMO turns CLEAR, you will be out of here.

The combination of EMO BEAD and HEDGEHOG depend upon smaller devices, one of which is a hollow highly conductive sphere, and another is a wound-wire spiral donut-shaped bead, also made of a highly conductive metal, such as copper, silver or gold. Continue reading

Overcome Fear, Anger, Anxiety

7 Attentions Coin Search will work to reduce fear, anger and anxiety, simply because you cannot possibly remain in fear, anger and/or anxiety when you engage in this activity; if done correctly, the negative emotions will vanish. It works because when you handle the coins, they automatically quantum-connect you up with their time-line and emotional phrase — a packet of emotion carried strictly on the sub-awareness quantum level. 7-Attention Coin Search uses these emotional time-triggers to widen and expand your “AQ”, Attention-Quotient. This expanded time view gives the Bigger Picture, and makes local time/space events look a lot smaller than they look from inside.

See You At The Top!!!


Miracle of the 6 Eggs

I am currently working on the Egg Project. I will post announcements about it as we work with it.

It is intended both as a physical apparatus for the Waking State and as a possible cell app. It works by arousing the Higher Emotions and suppressing the lower ones. It works, but the issue is, “can everyone use it???” The answer will be found at today’s training session.

You will be able to use my Altar Layout as a guide. It is meant for use inside a Personal Chapel, but can be used outdoors as well. I intend to install one by the little waterfall stream that we’ll be rebuilding during the Festival of Ishtar Workshop during the coincidental Easter (gee, those words “Ishtar” and “Easter” sure sound alike, don’t they???) vacation.

Stay tuned to the gorebagg tv channel on justin.tv today to find out more. I’ll take a few breaks, and that’s when I’ll do my gorebagg’s tags and hapi hour shows.