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Mindfulness And High Attention — MaHa

$45,000 page from Mint State Lincoln Set.

“Maha” means “Mindfulness And High Attention in my book, but in the Hindu scriptures it means “Great” or “Big”, as in “Big Ruler” or “Big Spiritual Guy”, as in “Mahabharata” and “Mahatma”, respectively, not to mention “Matahari”, which has absolutely nothing to do with the subject, anyway — besides, she was framed.

Okay, forget about Matahari. So what is “MaHa”, and how does it affect you?

MaHa is Mindfulness And High Attention. It is a spiritual technology that uses Special Directed Attention to accomplish its goals, which is to make you more aware, more conscious, more enlightened, more awake, more sensing and feeling and more dedicated to life beyond the box.

You will instantly FEEL BETTER and more centered, more poised, more assured and more certain. A profound CALM and SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT and SERENITY will come over you and stay around you in a protective bubble of peace and harmony.

You will experience a freedom from the time-binding of space-time, due to the time-bending properties of the coinage you are handling, with the quantum-entanglement connection to the time-frame of the coin.

My “MS-63 RED GEM” vintage Wheat-Backed Lincoln Cents are called “Clear-Channel Time-Benders”. The sense of freedom from the time-frame gives you a certainty on your soul-travel through ENDLESS time and space.

You will feel an INSTANT sense of SPIRITUAL FREEDOM from the confines of the organic world, or your money back. Come to think of it, you’re buying money, so you already HAVE your money back!

Jeez, you get a refund even if you’re satisfied??? You bet you do, and there’s even more payoff than that.

If you carry out your Coinology Course Assignments correctly, you will see a “feedback effect” — a definite visible and spendable result of your efforts, mainly in the form of money, specifically an income derived from the sale and trade of coins garnered through the skill-building exercises of Coinology, plus all the other invisible benefits of the practice, including just feeling better about yourself and your life and the world in which you find yourself living and surviving. Continue reading

Bob & Ray Explain the Komodo Dragon — early radio broadcast

Betcha you can’t listen and not laugh, but this is what most human conversations actually sound like, if you listen really carefully.

Had not Stan Freberg done this “Broadway show without a stage” — meaning that it might have had a chance as a stage show, but it never made the grade or found the sponsorship, I suspect, as it was wildly advanced thinking for its day — you’d never know the real stories behind the United States. At last, you can hear the truth, as only Freberg can tell it, and there’s adequate and funny music, too. As a matter of fact, there’s tap-dancing, and considering that this is a record, not an actual show, it might be the first time someone danced on an audio-only product. We did it on KVMR a number of years back, with sacred dance and music on radio only, no tv, but we did have a live audience of over 350 that day.

There are AT LEAST 11 parts from this first volume of Stan Freberg’s United States of America on youtube. Find out more about Freberg…who was he? What did he do? Why did he do it? Then what happened?

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Don’t Make Me Think!!!

Don’t Make Me Think!!! The battle-cry of the Great Unwashed. They’ll pay absolutely any price to avoid making decisions, finding out about things, going places off their cattle-path life-tracks and in general, doing anything with that brain Great Nature gave them as a sort of practical joke on a gigantic scale. What you’re doing with coin collections is merely sorting the coins, grading the coins and organizing the coins, all at once, meanwhile cherry-picking the hot high-end items out of the general bash. Give the GP (general public) a bag with only the needed coins in it, and they’ll still have the bag, untouched, in a closet somewhere, at the end of their lives. Why? Because it’s not what they do. They don’t HAVE to learn coin stuff in order to collect it. All they have to do is look for the word “Collectible” or, if they happen to live in England or on eBay, it’s “Collectable”. Where’s the payoff for the in-circulation coin dealer? Why, in the marketing, dummy. Where else? Certainly not in the coin!

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Overcome Fear, Anger, Anxiety

7 Attentions Coin Search will work to reduce fear, anger and anxiety, simply because you cannot possibly remain in fear, anger and/or anxiety when you engage in this activity; if done correctly, the negative emotions will vanish. It works because when you handle the coins, they automatically quantum-connect you up with their time-line and emotional phrase — a packet of emotion carried strictly on the sub-awareness quantum level. 7-Attention Coin Search uses these emotional time-triggers to widen and expand your “AQ”, Attention-Quotient. This expanded time view gives the Bigger Picture, and makes local time/space events look a lot smaller than they look from inside.

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Back to School Week

It’s almost Back to School Week, time to download my newest releases for Early Education & Fun Learning Games. In my games, no one gets hurt! Nothing bad will ever happen to you in Prosperity Path Games. Only good things will happen to you! Try Experiential Learning Games today! You can order your Attention Bunny, Self-Esteem Bear and Cow of Learning on the Prosperity Path Rewards Page.