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Bob & Ray Explain the Komodo Dragon — early radio broadcast

Betcha you can’t listen and not laugh, but this is what most human conversations actually sound like, if you listen really carefully.

Had not Stan Freberg done this “Broadway show without a stage” — meaning that it might have had a chance as a stage show, but it never made the grade or found the sponsorship, I suspect, as it was wildly advanced thinking for its day — you’d never know the real stories behind the United States. At last, you can hear the truth, as only Freberg can tell it, and there’s adequate and funny music, too. As a matter of fact, there’s tap-dancing, and considering that this is a record, not an actual show, it might be the first time someone danced on an audio-only product. We did it on KVMR a number of years back, with sacred dance and music on radio only, no tv, but we did have a live audience of over 350 that day.

There are AT LEAST 11 parts from this first volume of Stan Freberg’s United States of America on youtube. Find out more about Freberg…who was he? What did he do? Why did he do it? Then what happened?

See You At The Top!!!